Mercium Experiments

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Mercium Experiments
ObjectiveMine 1,800 x Mercium (1080.0 m3)
ExtraNormal asteroid belt rats can spawn during this mission.
Mission briefing
To be part of the future you need to help build it first. That's what I'm asking you to do.

There's a rare ore called Mercium, similar to Omber, but it's much more difficult to reprocess. Current methods render the ore unusable. It's maddening to no end. I think I might have solved the problem, though. I can't tell you my whole theory, but it's a variant on the standard electrolysis method used by planetside miners. All I need is some Mercium to try it on.

There's a rich deposit of Mercium in this system. Bring me 1,800 units and we might both end up rich.

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