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Mining ships are non-combat ships specialized in mining, ice harvesting, gas cloud mining, and/or logistical support of mining activities.

Specific mining ships:

  • Venture, the Tech I mining frigate
  • Expedition Frigates, Tech II mining frigates
    • Prospect, an expedition frigate specialized in gas cloud harvesting
    • Endurance, an expedition frigate specialized in ice harvesting
  • Mining Barges, Tech I cruiser-size ships specialized in resource gathering
    • Procurer, a mining barge with strong defensive capabilities
    • Covetor, a mining barge with high mining yield
    • Retriever, a mining barge with a large mining hold
  • Exhumers, Tech II mining barges
    • Skiff, an exhumer with above-average defensive capabilities
    • Hulk, an exhumer with very high mining yield
    • Mackinaw, an exhumer with a very large mining hold
  • Porpoise, an industrial command ship that is small and maneuverable
  • Orca, an industrial command ship with several large transport bays
  • Rorqual, the capital industrial ship