Nation Commander Stronghold

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Forces Required

  • 10 - 20 pilots

Military Intelligence

Your objective is to locate the Nation commander and assassinate them. Once you have separated the commander from the rest of the Sansha fleet they will scatter and flee.


Assault Reward Payout Ratio
  • 26,000,000 ISK × ratio
  • 5,000 CONCORD LP × ratio

Background Intelligence

Intelligence and other supporting evidence have revealed that this facility is being used as a rally point for senior capsuleer commanders within Sansha’s Nation. When one of these leaders is killed in combat or their forces routed by capsuleer counterattack, this is where they are re-cloned, and where they retreat to.

In light of this functionality, the strategic value of these outposts must be considered. By directly attacking the nexus of pro-Nation leadership, capsuleers will be able to limit the level of coordination and efficiency amongst attack squads.

Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0079. DED Special Operations. Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.


Nation Commander Stronghold Encounter


  • Locate Nation Commander and assassinate them.
  • Once you have separated the commander from the rest of the Sansha fleet they will scatter and flee.


Initial Wave

Groups are numbered in order they spawn in pocket.

Group 1

Schmaeel Medulla x1 (web/warp disruptor frigate)
Auga Hypohysis x2 (web/warp disruptor cruiser)
Intaki Colliculus x2 (srr battleship)
Ostingele Tectum x2 (battleship)

Group 2

Mara Paleo x2 (srr cruiser)
Yulai Crus Cerebi x 4 (Battleship,100km sniper)

Group 3

Renyn Meten x2 (frigate)
Antem Neo x3 (cruiser, 100km sniper)

Group 4

Eystur Rhomben x2 (frigate)
Niarga Myelen x1 (neut/ecm frigate)
Romi Thalamus x4 (cruiser)
Arnon Epithalamus x1 (ecm cruiser)

Kill Order

This site can be very changeable, because some groups in the initial wave do not always spawn immediately, and can show up a fixed time later or in response to other ships being destroyed. Also, ships orbit at ranges of 20k, 30k, 40k, 60k and 100k, meaning different fit brawlers will only be able to hit some enemies and may need to wait for the snipers to finish to lend support on the further out ships (Mara Paleos and Intaki Colliculus in particular).

Generally speaking the kill order is:

  1. Arnon Epithalamus
  2. Niarja Myelen
    • Snipers: Yulai Crus Cerebi
    • Brawlers:
      1. Intaki Colliculus
      2. Ostingele Tectum
      3. Auga Hypophysis
      4. Romi Thalamus
  3. Mara Paleo
  4. Snipers: Antem Neo
  5. Slave <X> / Citizen <X>

After the commander's ship is destroyed all remaining ships will warp away and the site is complete, so as soon as it spawns drop what you're doing and primary it.

Hints and Tips