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|text = In YC108 a wealthy Gallente businessman died leaving behind a will with eleven riddles. Nine hours later Shin Ra and Heinky of Burn Eden had them solved. As a part of the deal the Caldari State erected a monument for the winners.
|text = In YC108 a wealthy Gallente businessman died leaving behind a will with eleven riddles. Nine hours later Shin Ra and Heinky of Burn Eden had them solved. As a part of the deal the Caldari State erected a monument for the winners.
|link= [https://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/world-news/billionaire-dies-leaves-unusual-request-in-will/ World news: Billionaire Dies, Leaves Unusual Request in Will], [https://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/world-news/riddles-solved-by-burn-eden/ World news: Riddles Solved by Burn Eden]
|link= [https://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/world-news/billionaire-dies-leaves-unusual-request-in-will/ World news: Billionaire Dies, Leaves Unusual Request in Will], [https://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/world-news/riddles-solved-by-burn-eden/ World news: Riddles Solved by Burn Eden]
|name = Gate Inside Of A Station
|system = Central Point, jumpgate to Dead End
|image =
|quote =
|text = [http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee370/Thanatos_nex/New%20Eden%20Tour%20Guide/Gateinsideastation.jpg Image]

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The galaxy that is EVE is a beautiful and amazing place, though often we don't take the time to see the beauty that it has to offer. The day to day grind of being a Capsuleer and trying to rule the galaxy can take its toll, both on the mind and on the spirit. If you find yourself in need of a vacation, the following destinations are guaranteed to strike awe into your daily routine.

Note that some of these locations show different name in system than in map. Some of them are also not named in game so a player given name may be used.

High security locations


Kyonoke Memorial Research Site Location: Postouvin
Kyonoke memorial research site.jpg The Kyonoke Research Center was the location where various entities poured their resources and found a cure to the Kyonoke plague on year YC119.


Mysterious Probe Location: Charmerout

Despite its familiar construction, this ancient probe is made from materials and electronics unlike anything you’ve ever seen in New Eden. It floats silently through space, seemingly dormant.

Moving Station Location: Algogille
Moving Station.png

Algogille Graveyard Location: Algogille
Algogille Graveyard.jpg

Luminaire Graveyard Location: Luminaire
Luminaire Graveyard.jpg

Caldari Monument Location: Luminaire
Caldari monument.jpg

Operation Highlander Battleground Location: Luminaire
Operation highlander battleground.jpg During the Caldari-Gallente unrest of YC115 the titan Shiigeru was destroyed on low orbit of Caldari Prime. The destruction of a titan class vessel crashin on the surface is visible even to this day.

Federation Grand Prix Location: Luminaire
Federation grand prix.jpg Federation Grand Prix was an in game event in YC120.
Federation Grand Prix


The Metropolis region contains several sites for Minmatar COSMOS. Only some of them are listed here.

The Forlorn Hope Location: Yrmori
Forlorn hope .jpg

Housed aboard a Ragnarok-class titan, the Forlorn Hope is a massive laboratory complex dedicated to finding a cure for former slaves infected with Vitoxin. It was built by Eifyr & Co. as a memorial to Dr. Mishkala Osnirdottir and her research team, who were killed when their research facility in this system was destroyed by sabotage. Some say her spirit haunts the new laboratory complex, protecting the scientists there and guiding them towards the cure she never found in her lifetime. Others say that’s superstitious nonsense, but there has never been an accident at The Forlorn Hope since the last.

This massive laboratory complex was once home to over 10,000 scientists, their staff and security personnel, working day and night to unravel the mysteries of Vitoc. Since the return of the Minmatar Elders and Otro Gariushi's bequest of Insorum to the Republic, the facility has largely fallen into disuse, but some few scientists cling on, pushing to finish what they started before they too seek more commercial roles.

For the most part, research continues inside the newer biodome nearby, but a few smaller laboratories and their staff still insist on basing out of the aging titan.

Myxhaut K8 - Waste Yard Location: Eurgrana
Myxhaut K8 - Waste Yard.jpg

Arek'Jaalan Site One: Antiquus, AJS1 Location: Lanngisi
Project Discovery Phase One Monument .jpg The Project Discovery Phase One was a success. To celebrate this a monument was erected. The monumenr also acts as the starting point for Project Discovery treasure hunt.

In YC118, the Sisters of EVE launched the Project Discovery citizen science platform to the capsuleer community through the GalNet.

Beginning on YC118.03.09, Project Discovery's Phase One work was aimed at achieving a comprehensive categorization and analysis of tissue samples acquired from the Drifters since their emergence in early YC117.

Led by Professor Emma Lundberg, Chief Scientist for the SOE advanced research division, Project Discovery Phase One was particularly successful in mapping out a comprehensive protein atlas from the Drifter tissue samples collected and analyzed during the term of the project.

Project Discovery Phase One came to an end on YC119.07.11, after 16 months of highly successful work. Project Discovery Phase Two is a new Exoplanets Hunting Program and is being operated under the guidance of CONCORD's Chief of Deep Space Research, Professor Michel Mayor.

Please query the Phase One Monument's database for records of those capsuleers who were elite research contributors to Project Discovery's tissue analysis work.


Technical Note: there appears to be an open Entosis Link port on this structure.

Arek'Jaalan Site One: Antiquus, AJS1 Location: Eram
Evelopedia: Arek'Jaalan: Site One (Archived)

Lord Bastion Location: Hjoramold
Lord Bastion.jpg This location is part of Minmatar COSMOS.

The Carnival Location: Barkrik
The Carnival.jpg This location is part of Minmatar COSMOS.

Hyperbole Nexus Location: Barkrik
Hyperbole Nexus.jpg This location is part of Minmatar COSMOS.

The Asylum Location: Lanngisi
The Asylum.jpg This location is part of Minmatar COSMOS.

Sing Laison

The Sing Laison region contains several locations for Gallente COSMOS. Only some of them are listed here.

Yan Jung Runis Location: Deltole
Yan Jung Ruins.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Yan Jung Relic Site Location: Deltole
Yan Jung Relic Site.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Municipal Junkyard Location: Deltole
Municipal Junkyard.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Central Administration Location: Fluekele
Central Administration.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Pend Insurance Storage Bin Location: Fluekele
Pend Insurance Storage Bin.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Roden Center Location: Iyen-Oursta
Roden Center.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Damaged Drone Mind Location: Parchanier
Damaged Drone Mind.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Ebony Tower Location: Barmalie
Ebony Tower.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Natura Seminary Location: Audaerne
Natura Seminary.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Nickel & Dime Store Location: Augnais
Nickel & Dime Store.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Survey Station Location: Colelie
Survey Station.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Arid Park Location: Alsottobier
Arid Park.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Infested Comet Remains Location: Alsottobier
Infested Comet Remains.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.

Wirykomi Engineering Outpost Location: Alsottobier
Wirykomi Engineering Outpost.jpg This location is part of Gallente COSMOS.


Mysterious Shuttle (True Immortal) Location: Geztic
Mysterious Shuttle.jpg If you entosis the shuttle you can get items for Project Discovery treasure hunt.

The only thing sensors can make out about this ship is that it has some kind of receiver that interacts with the star's natural magnetic field. There is one faint life sign, similar to a human in cryogenic stasis.

Capsuleer Cemetery Location: Molea
Capsuleer Cemetery.jpg


Impetus Studios Location: Tolle
Impetus Studios.jpg


The Kador region contains several locations for the Amarr COSMOS. Only some of them are listed here.

Imperial Administration Complex Location: Zimse
Imperial Administration Complex.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Carchatur Outpost Location: Nidupad
Carchatur Complex.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Imperial Palace Complex Location: Nidupad
Imperial Palace Complex.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Caor Korduin Location: Jakri
Caor Korduin.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Blood Raider Crypt Location: Garisas
Blood Raider Crypt.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Port Maphante Location: Garisas
Port Maphante.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Civic Court Plaza Location: Aphi
Civic Court Plaza.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

Governor’s Audience Chamber Location: Chanoun
Governor’s Audience Chamber.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS

The Bonfire Location: Munory
The Bonfire.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS


Eternal Torch Location: Pator
Eternal Torch.jpg

At a distance of 1.3 AU from Matar is a statue named the 'Eternal Torch.' Erected by the government shortly after the formation of the Republic, it is meant to symbolize the everlasting passion and resilient spirit of the Minmatar people.

The Forge

The Forge region contains several sites for Caldari COSMOS. Only some of them are listed here.

In honor of intrepid explorer Marcus Yeon Location: Jakanerva
In honor of intrepid explorer marcus yeon.jpg The landmark was erected by the winner of Sanctuary image contest in 2013.

This site stands as a quiet and somewhat unnerving mark of honor for the efforts of Marcus Yeon and all others who took Echelon Entertainment up on its exploration challenge. These capsuleers risked their ships, their clones and their crews on a perilous venture to capture some of the amazing sights of New Eden.

While those pilots who succeeded in the various stages of the challenge were rewarded with various material goods, Echelon Entertainment also commissioned a landmark to be created so that their fearless efforts would be remembered throughout history.

Echelon Entertainment also requested that the landmark be placed next to the scorched ruins of a quite astonishingly ill-fated secret experiment, in order to warn intrepid explorers that on a very few select occasions, discretion is very much the better part of valor. In an interesting quirk of fate, rumor has it that this experiment was being run by Yeon's own people - possibly a subtle warning from Echelon Entertainment not to get too boastful in the dangerous world of New Eden - and that the ghostly form of one of his past clones still haunts the place.

Dev blog: A New Live Event for July

Derelict Remains of a Long Time Ago (Derelict Ruins) Location: New Caldari
Derelict remains of a long time ago.jpg

Devil’s Dig Site Location: Otitoh
Devil’s Dig Site.jpg This site is part of Caldari COSMOS.

Bandit Outpost Location: Friggi
Bandit Outpost.jpg This site is part of Caldari COSMOS.

Clear Water Spring Location: Friggi
Clear Water Spring.jpg This site is part of Caldari COSMOS.

Red Rock Outpost Location: Otomainen
Red Rock Outpost.jpg This site is part of Caldari COSMOS.

Jita Memorial Location: Jita
New Jita Memorial.jpg After the monoclegate riots of YC113 the previous monument was destroyed and replaced with a new monument.

This was once a memorial to the winners of a riddle contest sponsored by the late entrepreneur Ruevo Aram. After standing proud for half a decade, it was destroyed in late YC 113 by capsuleers who were staging a mass uprising against an intolerable status quo of intergalactic affairs. Today, the ruins of this once-great work of art stand as a testament to the fact that change is the universe’s only constant.


Amarr Home Worlds Location: Amarr
Amarr homeworlds.jpg

Once, Amarr Prime was known as 'Athra', its name before the Amarr conquered the entire globe and began to carve out the greatest empire in New Eden. It is the original home world of the True Amarr, the Khanid, and the Udorians, a subject people long ago assimilated into Amarr society.

The Amarr Empire is so vast and ancient, however, that the oldest of its many settled planets have also come to be regarded as Amarr Home Worlds. Among these, perhaps the highest prestige is given to the 'Throne Worlds', those systems surrounding Amarr itself and the first to be connected in a newly-built gate network since the collapse of the EVE gate.

Nevertheless, the Amarr system remains at the centre of the Empire, with ancient Amarr Prime as the seat of an Imperial Throne, venerated by countless billions as holy ground.

Empress Catiz I Honor Guard Location: Amarr
Empress catiz honor guard .jpg

Amarr Mining Station Location: Ardishapur Prime
Amarr Mining Station.jpg

Choonka’s Ship-Wash Location: Ashab - Planet II, Moon 1
Choonka’s Ship-Wash.jpg

Amarrian Monument Location: Amarr
Amarrian monument.jpg

The Veldnaught Location: Amarr (may not be present)
The Veldnaught.jpg Chribba's mining Dreadnaught


Serpent's Coil Location: Vilinnon
Serpent’s Coil.jpg
Chronicle: Serpenti's Coil


Pashanai Bombing Monument Location: Pashanai III - Moon 9 - Ministry of War Bureau Offices
Pashanai bombing monument.jpg On 25.3.YC112 the Pashanai III - Moon 9 - Ministry of War Bureau Offices was bombed by Bloody Hands of Matar terrorists. For a long time the station exterior showed visible damage from the bombing but eventually the station was repaired. To keep the memory of the bombing visible there is now a memorial monument by the station.

This monument honors the thousands of martyrs who lost their lives in the brutal terrorist attack against this station in YC112, including esteemed high officials of both the Ministry of War and the Theology Council. These dedicated servants of the Empire were slain by a cowardly bombing orchestrated by the so-called "Bloody Hands of Matar" terrorist organization. Let this monument and the fully repaired Ministry of War station stand as testaments to the resilience of the Holy Amarr Empire and as a commitment to bring the Empress's justice to all those who would seek to harm the Empire and its subjects.

Yulai Graveyard and CONCORD Station Location: Yulai
Yulai Graveyard and CONCORD Station.jpg

This ship graveyard marks the site of perhaps the boldest—or barbaric—military feat in the recorded history of EVE. It was here where CONCORD, the protectorate of interstellar travel, was attacked preemptively by a Minmatar Elder armada. With the Thukker Tribe fighting at their side, the Minmatars fought with a fury not seen since the Rebellion, even sacrificing their own ships to accomplish their mission. With CONCORD’s rapid-reaction force incapacitated, the Elders then launched an invasion of Amarr space and freed untold numbers of slaves.


Guristas Scout Outpost Location: Erenta
Guristas Scout Outpost.jpg

Kyonoke Pit Location: Taisy
Transparent.png Kyonoke Pit was once a mining station. During the mining process a disease was released from the rock killing everyone on board. The mining installation has been under quarantine ever since.

Years later. In YC119 the Kyonoke plague spread out resulting in whole cities being quarantined and wide spread panic. Luckily a cure was found in Kyonoke Research Center in Postouvin.

Chronicle: Kyonoke Pit


City of God Location: Shastal
City of God.jpg

Built by the megalomaniac emperor Zaragram II some 2000 years ago, intended to be the home of the living god, namely himself. Zaragram set out to uproot and eradicate many of the most sacred traditions of the Amarrians, replacing them by his own mad ideas on divinity. He called his city Mezagorm, meaning Vision of God. Eventually, he was assassinated and later emperors, under pressure from the clergy, did their utmost to bury his memory. The ruins of Zaragram's city still exist, haunted by ghosts and pirates.

Lore: City of God


Kor-Azor Battle Site Location: Kor-Azor Prime
Kor-Azor Battle Site.jpg

Asteroid Mining Post Location: Imih on Liparer gate
Asteroid Mining Post.jpg

Low security locations

Black Rise

The Solitaire Location: Ienakkamon
Solitaire.jpg The remains of a Ragnarok-class Titan. It is unknown why the ship is in Caldari space. You can use entosis module on the ship to retrieve items for Project Discovery treasure hunt.

A ghost ship of enormous proportions, this Ragnarok-class Titan should be at the core of a Minmatar strike force or planetary defense, yet here it floats in silence. Its hull is airtight, yet all useful technology has been meticulously stripped from it, including weapons systems, propulsion, and electronics. There is no trace of its crew, despite all of its escape pods being present.


Hangman’s Hill Location: Ihakana


Ultra Premier Nebula Location: Elarel
Ultra Premier.jpg

Molden Heath

Alliance Barracks Location: Audesder

Amarr militarization of nearby Kenobanala has forced the Minmatar and their allies to hastily build up a defensive perimeter inside Audesder.

Alliance Defense Brigade Location: Audesder

Golgothan Fields Location: Ennur

The Minmatar Rebellion saw many battles, both on ground and in space. The largest of the space battles took place in the Ennur system a few weeks after the start of the rebellion. The main Amarr battle fleet had returned from Jove space and intended to break the power of the rebels once and for all by sweeping through their core systems. The Minmatar met the Amarr with everything they had. The battle was fierce and lasted for hours. In the end the Minmatar withdrew and the Amarr claimed a victory, but the Minmatar had succeeded in disabling or destroying the best capital ships in the Amarr fleet, thus reducing their offensive strength dramatically. Today the old battlefield, commonly known as Golgothan Fields, is littered with old shipwrecks and infested with pirates that have taken refuge in the giant hulks. They fiercely defend their base, but daring scavengers can still sneak in and rummage around.

Lore: Golgothan Fields


Fort Kumar Location: Kenobanala
FortKumar.jpg This location is part of Amarr COSMOS.

Krusual Mobile Library Location: Tanoo
Mobile library.jpg


The Black Monolith Location: Dead End
Black monolith.jpg

EVE Gate Location: New Eden
Eve gate.jpg

In the system of New Eden sits the impenetrable EVE Gate. Thousands of years ago the forefathers of all the human races used the gate to travel to the world of EVE. But the gate has been closed for a long time, a catastrophe that destroyed all planets in the New Eden system and plunged the fragile human settlements to the brink of extinction. Anyone foolish enough to get too close to the gate today will be ripped apart by the magnetic storms that still surround the massive gate.

Lore: EVE Gate

Hollow Asteroid Location: Djimame
Transparent.png Image


Traumark Installation Location: Saminer

The Traumark Installation, a massive fortress guarding the southern space territories of the vastly rich royal family, represents the proudest moment in the history of the Tash-Murkon family. Yet that proud moment came and went, for the fortress, once thought to be impregnable, fell into the hands of Sansha’s Nation. All efforts to retake the installation have failed, and today it stands as a thorn in the side of the proud, but humbled Tash-Murkons


Pandemic Legion Monument Location: Amamake, Osoggur gate
Transparent.png Image

Sinq Laison

Crielere Research Station Location: Crielere
Transparent.png Image
Lore: Ciere Research Laboratories

Children of Light Location: Iyen-Oursta
Children of light.jpg Children of Light is an extremely rare space phenomen that can manifest on the stargate in Iyen-Oursta.
Chronicle: Children of Light

The Bleak Lands

Blood Raider Crawler Location: Saidusairos
Transparent.png Image

Crimson Cathedral Location: Saidusairos
Transparent.png Image


Ancient Tomb Location: Oyeman IV, Moon 1

Myridian Strip Location: Ezzara

Several decades ago the Amarr Empire was desperate to improve their relations with the other empires, mainly to increase trade and tourism. One of the projects they embarked on was to build the Myridian Strip vacation resort, located above the plasma clouds in the Ezzara system. From an aesthetic point of view the location was perfect: stunningly beautiful and exotic. The resort itself was also a wonder of the world and for the first few years of its operation tourists from all over flocked to it. But the location had one fatal flaw, one that was to manifest itself less than 5 years after it opened: it was located too close to Blood Raider space. The Blood Raiders eagerly jumped on the opportunity presented to them on their doorstep and hundreds perished in their initial raid. Not long after the resort was permanently closed and since then only inhabitants it has had are Blood Raiders, reveling in their prized asset.


R55 Colonial Ruins Location: Isie

In the system of Isie the Lai Dai Corporation once ran the largest bio-chemical research facility in Caldari space. The facility was intended to establish Lai Dai as the main biotech company within the State. But only a few years into its operation an accident ruptured the storage tanks and the station had to be abandoned. The myriad chemical substances leaking from the storage tanks mingled in unexpected ways in the zero-g vacuum outside the station and in time formed a eerily beautiful, but highly toxic, gas cloud around the station. After the accident Lai Dai scuttled their biotech ambitions and the station remained vacant for years. Recently, Guristas pirates have started using it as an outpost.

Null security locations


Minecore Facilities Location: K-X5AX

A gold rush has stricken this constellation, as rumor has it that extremely valuable gas clouds were found in various systems in the area. Potential excavators from all over the Eve universe have come to I-3ODK in the search for the hidden treasure. Obviously this influx of people has caught the attention of the Angel Cartel, who already had a strong prescence in the area, and they have imposed high 'taxes' on any harvesters caught in their territory.

But the mainly Minmatar harvesters and pioneers are not the only outsiders the Cartel have had to deal with. The Sansha's Nation have also sent a fleet of worker-slaves escorted by an armada of warships to the constellation. Led by the brutal Sansha general Abufyr Joek, their task is to secure a supply route of booster regents to their headquarters.

When the Cartel leadership found out about Sansha's meddling in their territory, they sent in their own armada, spearheaded by the military genius Krur Tajar, to secure total domination of I-3ODK. He has set up camp in BJD4-E, claiming the mining outpost Freeboter's Haven for himself, from where he has launched repeated attacks against all those who refuse to pay the Cartel their due tribute.


T-IPZB Graveyard Location: T-IPZB

Cloud Ring

Assilot Location: PPG-XC


Pioneer’s Sanctuary Location: ZH3-BS

Settlers from the Caldari State and beyond took up residence in 09-4XW a few years back after incredibly valuable gas clouds were discovered in the constellation. They braved the Guristas territories to get there, but have now become embroiled in a bitter war with local racketeers and pirates. The migrant's force is vastly outnumbered and it is only a matter of time before the Guristas launch an attack on their outpost.


Serpentis Distribution Outpost Location: 8V-SJJ
Transparent.png Image

Vale Of The Silent

First Sergeant Hakiro’s Lookout Location: G5ED-Y


Steve Memorial Location: C9N-CC
SteveMemorial.jpg Memorial for Steve, the first titan that was killed.

Locations in wormhole space

Eyjafjallajokull II Location: J102834

Sisters of EVE Flotilla Location: Drifter wormholes
Sisters flotilla.jpg

Unknown Anomaly (violent wormhole) Location: J174618 (Drifter wormhole)
Unknown anomaly violent.jpg

Though the wormhole seems stable, the exotic radicals pouring from the tear imply that using it would be catastrophic.

Unknown Anomaly (Mysterious probe) Location: J174618 (Drifter wormhole)
Unknown anomaly probe.jpg

Despite its familiar construction, this ancient probe is made from materials and electronics unlike anything you've ever seen in New Eden. It floats silently through space, seemingly dormant.

Unknown Anomaly (Spatial rift) Location: J174618 (Drifter wormhole)
Unknown anomaly spatial.jpg

Superficially similar to natural phenomena observed throughout space, this spatial rift appears to be artificially generated by a Talocan static gate array. Observations have shown that large quantities of dangerous gamma radiation and x-rays are pouring out of the rift. If this tear in space-time leads anywhere it is likely to be very inhospitable.

Unknown Anomaly (Coral rock) Location: J174618 (Drifter wormhole)
Unknown anomaly coral.jpg

Locations in multiple places

Epicenter Location: Shattered wormholes
Epicenter.jpg Every shattered wormhole system has an epicenter near their sun. The area contains multiple Sleeper and Talocan structures and violent wormholes that can not be accessed.

Epicenter (Sansha's Nation) Location: J005299, J010556
Transparent.png This shattered wormhole is inhabited by the Sansha's Nation instead of the usual Sleepers. This is also reflected by the epicenter which shows remnants of a battle.

Caroline's Star Location: W477-P, visible everywhere
Carolines star.jpg Around 6000 years ago or earlier the Talocans built a dyson swarm around the star of W477-P solar system. The details of this construct are unknown but it was used for mass generating stable wormholes leading to Anoikis. The Syillin incident of YC111 damaged the lattice around the star opening unstable wormholes all over New Eden. Later in YC116 the star went supernova, possibnly due to Drifter or Sleeper inteference. The resulting explosion destroyed the stargrate network of Jove space, opened wormholes to a number of "shattered wormhole" systems and the explosion itself is visible in all of New Eden as the Caroline's Star.
Chronicle: Inheritance

Jove Observatory Location: Various
Jove observatory.jpg

Shattered Planet Location: Seyllin, IPZB, SL-YBS, Z8-81T, 3HQC-6, EAWE-2, 35-RK9, J115422, J164104, Thera
Shattered planet.jpg The shattered planets were formed during the Seyllin Incident. The same incident caused wormholes to appear and later the Caroline's Star.
Chronicle: World on Fire, The Seyllin Report (pdf)

Astrahus Exemplar Site Location: Multiple
Astrahus exemplar site.jpg Monument for the Upwell Consortium launching the citadel class structures.

Citadel Class: Astrahus Manufacturer: Upwell Consortium

Manufactured in YC-118 by the Upwell Consortium with great assistance from capsuleers.

The Upwell Consortium and its known affiliates wish to specifically thank Naava Edios, for going above and beyond all limits and expectations to make these dreams become a reality.

The following capsuleers have earned an Astrahus blueprint copy for services rendered to the Upwell Consortium:

Aeris Cuprum
Ruth Maude
Shinron Sakai

The following capsuleer has earned a Fortizar blueprint copy for services rendered to the Upwell Consortium:

Dzen Avi

Wandering locations

Space Oddity Location: Varies
Transparent.png The Space Oddity is a tribute to the Musician David Bowie.

It is classified as a combat site in your scan window.

This site is very hard to scan down and a scanner strength of above 105 is needed to get to 100%. This site appears in all of K-Space and also W-Space. Despite being a combat site, there is no actual combat in this site. Just a single, blue NPC ship similar to the Zephyr will appear within a gas cloud.

This mysterious shuttle is slowly passing through the system, following a predetermined course from some unknown origin. Although similarities between its design and some current starships can be discerned, this vessel appears to predate those ships by many centuries.
Scans indicate that the shuttle once had room for a single occupant but now lies empty, sailing onward in silent memory of the visionary pilot it once ferried.

Unidentified Wormhole Location: Wanders in systems that have Jove Observatories
Unidentified wormhole.jpg Systems that have a Jove Observatory in them can occasionally spawn an Unidentified Wormhole beacon. On the beacon is a deadspace pocket with a wormhole leading to one of the Drifter systems.

Filler locations

The space of New Eden is also filled with various locations that don't have any particular story. They usually contain small number of rats native to the region.

Unidentified Cartel Hideout Location: Various
Unidentified Cartel Hideout.jpg

Quarantined Blood Raider Sanctuary Location: Various
Quarantined Blood Raider Sanctuary.jpg

Abandoned Caldari Outpost Location: Various

Derelict Ruins Location: Various
Derelict ruins.jpg

Abandoned Research Outpost Location: Various

Natural Phenomenon Location: Various
Natural phenomenon.jpg

Ruined Minmatar Outpost Location: Various

Rogue Cloning Facility Location: Various
Transparent.png The site contains very weak rats that drop civilian module blueprint copies and ectoplasma.

Abandoned Mining Colony Location: Various
Abandoned Mining Colony.jpg

Abandoned Battlefield Location: Various
Abandoned Battlefield.jpg

After thousands of years among the stars, the space lanes of New Eden have become littered with the presence of countless battlefields. The twisted and gnarled hulls of defeated vessels float in silent memory of humanity’s endless capacity for violence.

Roden Shipyard Location: Various
Roden Shipyard.jpg

Removed locations

The locations listed here were in the game but are no more.

Caldari Prime Titan Location: Luminaire
Caldari Prime Titan.jpg Destroyed in the Battle of Caldari Prime.

Jita Memorial (before riots) Location: Jita
Jita Memorial.jpg In YC108 a wealthy Gallente businessman died leaving behind a will with eleven riddles. Nine hours later Shin Ra and Heinky of Burn Eden had them solved. As a part of the deal the Caldari State erected a monument for the winners.

A Memorial to the winners Ruevo Aram Riddle Competition, Heinky and Shin Ra of Burn Eden.

World news: Billionaire Dies, Leaves Unusual Request in Will, World news: Riddles Solved by Burn Eden

Gate Inside Of A Station Location: Central Point, jumpgate to Dead End
Transparent.png Image

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