Operation: Toejam

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EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

Operation Toejam / Eyjafallökull (named after Gareth's musings / Icelandic volcanic mountain) is a partof Ivy Leagues defender campaign against Blackguard Mercenaries (FML) ocurred during Feburary 14-17, YC 116 at star system J151538, and various Lowsec system leading to W-Space entry. It resulted offensive victory for Ivy League and associates by removal of all FML towers in system.


Blackguard Mercenaries, rumored to be hired, declared war against IVY on Jan 27, YC116. Various intelligence were gathered by EUNI members for counter-offensive to J151538, where The Fifth Ace (V-ACE), one of alt corps of FML resides.

The location of entry system to J151538 was gathered by following Tarja Ryder (https://zkillboard.com/character/93139759/).

The management made a very prompt request through evemail. The fleet was formed within 4 days.

Orders of Battle

A fleet of about 130 ships (mostly cruisers and battlecruisers ) lead by Korr'Tanas and Gareth Correlian.

Very few (less than 20) pilots inside J151538 attempted to minimize losses by using nullifed Strategic_Cruisers and starbursted Orcas.

Battle and the Lack of it


Most of IVY and associate assets are evacuated from the system promptly following the battle. The evacuation started before DT of Feb 17.

Interesting Facts

The only IVY losses for the entire operation are from friendly fire. And the one of fortunate (or unfortunate) unista got a special title for it.

At the afternoon of Feb 16, all of the current directors were online in same fleet albeit not in same system. All of the current management were part of the fleet at some point.