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Pochven (Triglavian: POCHVEN) is a region of space controlled by Triglavian Collective. It is often referred as Triglavian Space.

The region consists of 27 starsystems split to three constellations of 9 stars.

  • Each constellation has one home system. Home systems require 7.0 standing with Triglavian Collective to enter. These home systems are connected such that the loop can be flown though without passing through home system.
  • The systems bordering two constellations are border systems. Border systems require 1.0 standing to enter.
  • Rest of the systems are internal and require 3.0 standing to enter.

Fleets of Triglavian, Drifter, Rogue Drone and EDENCOM ships roam the systems.

Mechanical differences

Triglavian systems are similar to wormholes with additional NPC stations and stargates.

  • Local chat is in delayed mode. Pilots in local are not visible unless they speak.
  • Jump clones cannot be used to jump into Triglavian space. (can be used to swap local clone)
  • Medical clone cannot be set inside Triglavian space.
  • Capital ships cannot use stargates.
  • Jump drives cannot be used to enter Triglavian space.
  • Upwell structures cannot be anchored (old structures remain). POCOs can be anchored.
  • Bubbles can be used.

Entering and exiting

Wormhole to the Pochven Region.
Wormhole leading out of Pochven.

Wormholes leading to and from the Pochven Region:

  • Appear in wormhole systems, as well as k-space systems.
  • Are often guarded by Rogue Drones, Drifters, Sleepers or Triglavians.

The forces guarding the wormholes to and from Pochven are different depending on which side you are on:

  • EDENCOM forces are present on the inside (Pochven side).
  • NPC's as found in Pochven (Rogue Drones, Drifters, Sleepers or Triglavians) are present on the outside (non-Pochven side).

Note that players with positive (0.01 or higher, NOT 0.00!) standing toward both triglavians and EDENCOM forces can get into or out of Pochven relatively safely this way.

Region-wide cynosural field jammers stops anyone from lighting a cyno, which means capital ships cannot jump into the Pochven region. Note that similar to how it works in high security space and in incursion constellations, this does not stop capital ships already in the region to jump out of the region.

Pochven Region Filaments

Filaments allow a Fleet of up to 1, 5 and 15 subcapital ships to enter or exit Pochven.

  • Inbound Filaments
    Cladistic 'Kral' Filaments System Class 'Pochven' Filaments
    • Looted from wrecks of Triglavian ships
    • Jump from Known Space to a 'Krai' controlled Systems
    • Looted from various enemies in Known Space
    • Jump from Known Space to a Border, Internal or Home System Class
    Triglavian Filament 5.png Cladistic-5 'Krai Perun' Triglavian Filament 5.png Border-5 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 15.png Cladistic-15 'Krai Perun' Triglavian Filament 15.png Border-15 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 5.png Cladistic-5 'Krai Veles' Triglavian Filament 5.png Internal-5 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 15.png Cladistic-15 'Krai Veles' Triglavian Filament 15.png Internal-15 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 5.png Cladistic-5 'Krai Svarog' Triglavian Filament 5.png Home-5 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 15.png Cladistic-15 'Krai Svarog' Triglavian Filament 15.png Home-15 'Pochven'
  • Outbound Filaments
    Glorification 'Devana' Filaments Proximity 'Extraction' Filaments
    • Looted from wrecks of Triglavian ships in Pochven
    • Jump from Pochven to a "Triglavian Minor Victory" System
    • Looted from wrecks of EDENCOM ships in Pochven
    • Jump from Pochven to a nearby System in Known Space
    Triglavian Filament 1.png[1] Glorification-1 'Devana' Triglavian Filament 5.png Proximity-5 'Extraction'
    Triglavian Filament 5.png Glorification-5 'Devana' Triglavian Filament 15.png Proximity-15 'Extraction'
    Triglavian Filament 15.png Glorification-15 'Devana'
    1. ^ Can be bought for 10k ISK from the Local Market in Pochven.


Stations in Triglavian space have standing requirements for many of their services.

Action Standing requirement
Market, inventory None
Docking -0.05
LP store -0.01
Fitting 1.00
Repair 2.00
Jump clone (swap only) 3.00
Reprocessing 3.00
Manufacturing 4.00
Corporation office 4.00 (corp standing)

Triglavian conduit gates also have standing requirements. The requirement depends on the type of the target system.

System Standing requirement
Border 1.00
Internal 3.00
Home 7.00

If players wish to gain positive standings with both EDENCOM and the Triglavians so they can travel through all of hisec without being bothered by them again, they can do so relatively easily in Pochven, provided they do not already have negative standings. Killing NPCs in Pochven other than EDENCOM or Traglavian forces will reward the player with a small standing increase with both factions. The easiest method to do so is as follows:

  • Get a relatively cheap cruiser that can tank and deal about 400 damage per second while under neut pressure.
  • Buy a filament that will get you into Pochven (preferably a "Border-5 'Pochven'" filament, as those systems are rather empty, and the filaments are cheap).
  • Buy a filament that will return you to k-space ( for example a Glorification-1 'Devana' Filament).
  • Put these items into your cargo, form a fleet with yourself (or friends) and filament into Pochven.
  • Find a fleet of NPCs (Rogue Drones, Drifters or Sleepers) by using your d-scan, or let them come to you at a celestial like the sun.
  • Kill the biggest ship you are capable of, as standings changes only take into account the largest standing-increase of the past ~20 minutes.
  • Try to warp off to a safe spot or a different celestial if you are not pointed by the NPCs.
  • Wait out your capsuleer aggression timer (15 minutes since using the inbound filament). By now, your standings to the two faction "Triglavian Collective" and "EDENCOM" should have updated (if not, wait a few more minutes). If they are not 0.01 or above yet, repeat the process, but if you kill even a single battlecruiser or battleship, you should be at 0.01 already.
  • Use your outbound filament to return to k-space.

Keep in mind that if you want to attempt this method, even though it is relatively easy, you should consider your ship and capsule as lost before jumping in. Keep this in mind when fitting your ship, and don't make it more expensive then it needs to be! Even if you do die, if you lose less than a hundred million isk, consider it a small price to pay for unrestricted access to all of high-sec again.

Combat sites in Pochven

Wormholes in Pochven spawn multiple waves of rats on them. It is also suspected that the roaming rats and perhaps the combat sites in the system depend on the spawned wormhole.

Unidentified Wormhole (null security) - Rogue Drones
Unidentified Wormhole (high security) - EDENCOM
Unidentified Wormhole (Anoikis) - Drifters and Sleeper drones

Combat anomalies:

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