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EVE University logo This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.



Project Ascension Background

Mission Statement

The mission of Project Ascension is to provide an "open source" repository for collecting information related to Star Gate construction. This information will be mostly about items collected from Ghost Sites, but other relevant sources may also be added.

The intent of this project is to encourage the free sharing of information about Star Gate development with all capsuleers, in order to accelerate the successful construction of such a device, and thereby gain the ability to access and explore the "New World" - a new star cluster or galaxy.

Project Ascension History

With the release of the Rubicon expansion in November 2013, Ghost Sites were introduced. These exploration combat sites, established and defended by pirate factions, are reportedly investigating new technologies that could make possible the construction of a Star Gate capable of reaching as yet unexplored star clusters or galaxies.

The purposes of Ghost Sites, and the opportunity they represent for capsuleers, were explained in some detail in several interviews conducted by CCP Games personnel:

VG24/7 interview:

PC Gamer interview: article:

In response to this emerging direction in EVE Online, EVE University management decided to launch Project Ascension. E-UNI established this dedicated section on the EVE University wiki, as well as a new open discussion forum, to encourage open and free discussion of all aspects of Ghost Sites and related Star Gate technology.

Project Ascension Resources

This wiki page is available to all capsuleers to edit and amend, as new information becomes known. Please contribute to these pages, placing new information in the appropriate sections. Please create new sections if needed for additional categories of information, if required.

E-UNI has established a dedicated forum for discussion in the public area of the EVE University forums: Project Ascension Forum. Please contribute to this discussion if you have useful insights to share, or if you have questions about Star Gate development.

If required, E-UNI will also provide secure hangar storage of items collected from Ghost Sites for experimentation and investigation. All knowledge gained from these experiments will be freely shared and posted on this wiki page.

Who runs the project?

If you have questions, please contact the E-UNI Director of Education, who oversees this project.

Project Ascension is a consolidated effort of volunteers and contributors, moderated by EVE University personnel under E-UNI rules and policies. There are no restrictions on what may be posted here or in the dedicated forum.

Ghost Sites

Ghost Site facility
Main article: Ghost Site

Ghost Sites are exploration combat sites established by pirate factions. They contain research facilities what can be hacked into, providing access to pilots to specialized components. Ghost Sites, however, are dangerous - when accessed by a pilot, they may explode at any time, which may result in the loss of your ship, and any gathered items. Further, Ghost Sites are defended diligently by the pirate factions, who will attack any pilot that tries to gain access.

Identified Star Gate Components

As yet, the specific components of Star Gates are unknown. Please enter new information here as they are found!

Pirate factions are offering to buy back any components discovered by capsuleers, in the markets:

Ascendency Implants

Reports by CCP Games representatives imply that the use of warp speed enhancing implants are likely to be required for successful use of a Star Gate. The Ascendency Implants, now available in Ghost Sites, are possibly the implants required, though this has not yet been confirmed.

Ascendency Implants come in a mid-grade and high-grade variations, with different performance levels.

Other Star Gate Information

Please enter any information related to Star Gate development here, if it does not fit in any previously established category.

As of the 3rd of May at Fanfest the teaser trailer "The Prophecy" features activation of a massive stargate-esk construction referred to as "the gate". This structure does appears stylistically Caldari in construction. It appears to be the focus of two fictitious capsulteer alliances. The ambiance the fight seems to set Amarrian theology against Caldari industrial might, though heavily mixed is the non-Amarr fleet.

Produced upon activation an electro magnetic pulse leaves the battlefield dead and energy point appears to cause serious gravitational effects.

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