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"Come for the Solitude, stay for the company"

Why Solitude?

Solitude Campus provides an isolated environment for EVE University students, without frequent war targets but at the same time without easy access to major trade hubs. You will require a level of motivation and self-sufficiency to survive. Solitude thrives on versatility and new players can instantly have an impact on the Campus and the area. Due to our relative remoteness we all have to work together to maintain our community, we engage in exploration, industry, mining, PvE and PvP; we have access to and regularly visit all levels of space (highsec, lowsec, null, daytriping in wh space).

Solitude Campus runs the local trade hub in our Fortizar - Gravity Well. We built it, we run it and we stock it. In fact all of our key structures that form our base of operations were 100% built by the Solitude Campus members (and visiting unistas) via mining fleets, PVE fleets, Planetary Interaction and donations, showing our community spirit and commitment. Come help us grow the Campus and the region, while learning from our friendly veterans.

Joining the Campus

Joining the Solitude Campus is as simple as joining the ingame Solitude (EVE Uni) chat channel. Here, you can ask any of the campus members questions about life in Solitude and how to get involved with the community. Similarly, join us on mumble and talk direct to our campus members. There are no official title requirements for joining Solitude, and you do not need to commit any specific amount of time to the campus. Come on over and pay us a visit.


We use the following EVE University services for communication:

  • Ingame chat channel Solitude (EVE Uni) (need to be a current member of the Uni and have access to the channel password thread).
  • Ingame mailing list Solitude.E-Uni (current unistas can join freely, ex-unistas needs to ask the Campus Leadership for permission).
  • The Mumble channel Solitude Campus under Special Projects & Events (need to be registered on the forum).
  • Solitude Campus on the E-Uni Discord server
  • The Solitude Campus section on the forum.

Campus Details

Campus Leadership

Campus Manager: Vacant

Campus Officers:

Arctavier - Logistics/Fuelling (USTZ)
Etienne Oort - Hangars - Freshman (USTZ)
Hillybilly Hinken - Hangars - Buyback (USTZ)
Titus Empire- Assimilation Officer
Dreems Nyghtmarez- Mining Officer
Aren Dar - Diplomatic Liaison Officer

Overview of the Solitude Region

Solitude is a smallish region consisting of only 43 systems under the sovereignty of the Gallente Federation. Wedged between Aridia and Syndicate, Solitude is made up of two general regions. To the west of the region is a low-sec area bordering both Syndicate and Aridia with the home of the Nullsec Campus (NSC) only a few jumps away. To the east is a high-sec pocket consisting of 17 systems with a second entrance to Syndicate. This pocket also contains the system of Boystin, home to the E-Uni regional HQ as well as the regional trade hub. A further high-sec pocket of 3 systems can be found to the north of the region.

Campus Structures

Campus Headquarters: Boystin - Gravity Well (Fortizar)

Gravity Well is the Solitude Campus Fortizar Citadel, which houses our campus headquarters, located in Boystin. It has clone facilities and a market service. We encourage Uni members to sell items through Gravity Well as it has very low fees for Uni members and all fees go towards fueling the citadel and campus projects. Gravity well also acts as a good location to base yourself for missions as there are several Federal Intelligence Office agents in the local area along with University hangers in the citadel to pick up required modules and hulls.

Event Horizon is the Solitude Campus Azbel Citadel which houses our campus industry headquarters, located in Boystin. It has manufacture and research facilites, and we encourage Uni members to manufacture items in Event Horizon as it has very low fees for Uni members and is rigged for manufacturing. The Campus BPO library is also present in this structure.

Accretion Disk is the Solitude Campus Tatara Refinery, which is our campus reprocessing facility and is located in Boystin. It has all the rigs required for reprocessing Ice/Ore/Moon materials, and also makes up one of 6 Moon Mining facilities owned by the Campus in Boystin. See Moon Mining in Solitude for more detailed information.

What it means to live in Solitude

Living in Solitude has certain advantages over the main high-sec Empire regions. Having said that, the confined nature of the area also has its challenges. Things to be considered before deciding whether to move or not are:


  • Campus owned market hub - currently the largest market in Solitude, with minimal fees.
  • Campus owned research and manufacturing installations, with minimal fees.
  • Campus owned moon mining (x6) and reprocessing facilities, giving access to R4 moon ores.
  • Casual atmosphere, the general lack of war targets means we don't insist on players being in mumble and fleet normally.
  • The largest campus BPO library, available to all members to make BPCs.
  • Stocked Flight Deck and Main hangars, with a good range of beginner hulls, modules and rigs.
  • A smaller community, which means you'll regularly see and potentially fly with familiar faces.
  • Far from mainland high sec, making war target encounters a lot less likely.
  • Easier to organize awareness of WTs in the region and their location (if you ever see one).
  • Easier access to low-sec PI while still living in the relative safety of high-sec.
  • Easier access to low-sec ores in sparsely populated systems.
  • Quick access to NPC null-sec space for PvP excursions.


  • Limited availability of some items on the local market.
  • Potentially higher prices for items that are available on the market.
  • Getting stuff to/from the large market hubs is slower or reliant on High-Sec-to-High-Sec wormholes being found.
  • Flying to Solitude requires extended travel through low or null sec (low sec route is recommended).

What can I do?

  • Exploration - sharpen your scanning skills and run data & relic sites. Due to our isolation, scanning down signatures, exploring sites and discovering Wormholes is a big part of Solitude life.
  • Mission - Solitude is a great place to run missions and participate in PVE fleets with experienced players. Visit the Missioning in Solitude page for more information.
  • Mine - plenty of belts and opportunities to mine solo or in a fleet. Organize and run your first mining fleet! A collection of valuable moon mining opportunities also await.
  • PVP - be part of small gang PVP. Try solo PVP. FC a small roam. Proximity to the NSC means you get twice as many opportunities.
  • PI - Learn Planetary Interaction; try it in High Sec and then expand into the nearby Low Sec and Null Sec areas for maximum profit.
  • Industry - plenty of opportunity to build things. Take part in team efforts to build large capital ships. Learn research and invention with the advice of very experienced players. Visit the Industry in Solitude page for more details.
  • Trade - We own the trade hub of the region - Gravity Well. Learn market PVP, without the BOTs from the large hubs that undercut you within minutes.
  • Socialize - you will meet the same people (unistas and others) again and again - talk to them! Fly with them! Part of the charm of the Solitude Campus is the close knit community.
  • Field trips - just explore Low Sec and Null Sec, and learn about gate and station guns, how bubbles work, how to scout your way and practice how to evade gate camps.

Programs Available in Solitude

There are a few programs available to Unistas in Solitude. Further details of these programs can be found in the Solitude Resource Thread V4

The Solitude Coordinated Scanning Endeavor is a key resource to life in Solitude. The high-sec to high-sec wormholes located by this program allow for safe transport of goods and services into and out of Solitude. Additionally, by scanning and logging all of our signatures, we can quickly find and run rare sites as a group. The campus uses the Uni mapper to share and track scans of the neighbourhood. Please see EVE Uni Mapper for more information. For a lesson or questions on how the sheet functions please ask in the Solitude.E-Uni chat channel.
  • Solitude H2H Reward Program
High-sec to high-sec wormholes are so important to the campus we pay out 5m isk for each H2H mail sent to the campus mailing list.
  • Solitude Welcome Packs
Getting started in Soli can be a little difficult due to our remoteness. Have a chat with one of our officers when you arrive, let them know what you are interested in and they will help you out with a free Vexor/Caracal/Augoror/Rupture/Omen/Procurer hull to get you started. Quite a lot of the basic fits can be grabbed from the Main Hangar too. If you don't have the Sophomore title yet, just ask for a fit to be grabbed out as well.
  • Solitude Mining Booster SRP
Fleet boosters are always taking a risk for the benefit of the entire fleet. In order to minimize the risk and maximize the number of fleets available with boosting within Solitude high sec, we will replace the hull for any boosting Porpoise or Orca lost in a mining fleet that was announced at least 24 hours prior, in the Uni calendar. Basic insurance would also pay out enough to cover most fittings. Of course we require you to have a sensible fit, and not to be out when war targets or ganking fleets are in the area. Fine details can be found in the resource thread.
The Solitude Overwatch Standing Fleet is intended to be a permanent fleet of Unistas in Solitude who aren't otherwise attached to another fleet. It provides a means for impromptu organization of the various activities regularly undertaken by Solitude residents, a way to share bonuses, and a quick reaction force. Whilst not a requirement, as in other campuses, it is recommended that Solibros join Solitude Overwatch to connect players with similar play styles, and to provide a secure channel with which to share valuable intel. If you cannot find the fleet, feel free to create one. This action infers no FC responsibilities, you are merely the boss, responsible for invites and management of the fleet. The more eyes we have in the sky the safer everyone is.
For Quick Reaction Force and Roam fleets, Yrgrasil has put together some specific fits. It is useful if all Solitude pilots learn to fly some of these, and have some in hangars in preparation for quickly shooting people in the face.

Gravity Well Corp Hangars

All Soli Corp hangars for Ships/Modules are held in Gravity Well, all BPO's are in Event Horizon

  • + Flight Deck (Freshman) +
This hangar is accessible to any Freshman and above and contains free fitted ships, ready to go. Help yourself, but try not to take more than you intend to immediately use.
  • + Main Hangar (Sophomore) +
These cans are labelled as to their content and Solibros should feel free to take what they need from them. Please don’t feel that you can’t/shouldn’t take items from these cans, this is what they are there for. We want you to use them! Please remember, however, that other students also use these containers, so please only take what will satisfy your immediate needs. Layout as per standard Uni hangars EVE University Corporate Hangars
  • + Donations and Loot Hangar+
Items deposited into the Solitude Donations container are considered to be donated to Project Solitude and will become University property. Items in this container can only be retrieved by certain personnel. Once this container is processed, items are generally moved to the Main Hangar cans depending on the items. The GW Fuel Donations can is for donating fuel for campus use, with similar restrictions.
  • + Solitude BPO Library +
The Project Solitude BPO Library is housed at Event Horizon. Its purpose is to support local industry by making available a range of fully researched BPO’s which are copyable for personal use or to help support the Project’s industrial needs. For full details please visit this forum thread.

How to get to Solitude

See Travel to Solitude.

Ok I'm interested, lets do this thing

Time to Pack your Bags and we will see you in space.

Project Solitude Forum - Get in touch


Project Solitude
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Locations: Solitude Campus HQ: Gravity Well - Boystin