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E-Uni home system: Oerse

Regional Chat Channel and Mailing List: Solitude.E-Uni

E-Uni home station: Oerse VI - Moon 10 - Quafe Company Retail Center

Regional Trade Hub: Octanneve III – Moon 1 – Federation Customs Logistics Support

Class syllabus: Solitude_101

Mission Statement

“To establish a University presence and trade hub in the Solitude region.”

Project Solitude Background

Towards the end of July 2012, the Eve University management decided to launch project Solitude. The initial announcement by CEO Kelduum Revaan outlining a brief history of the Uni and putting this project in its context can be found here.

In a nutshell, the primary aim of Project Solitude is to establish a University presence in a high-sec pocket surrounded by low-sec and 0.0 space, and to help build a centralised trade hub for the region.

Overview of the Solitude Region

Solitude is a smallish region consisting of only 43 systems under the sovereignty of the Gallente Federation. Wedged between Aridia and Syndicate, it is made up of two general regions. To the west of the region is a low-sec area bordering both Syndicate and Aridia with the home of the LSC only a few jumps away. To the east is a high-sec pocket consisting of 17 systems with a second entrance to Syndicate. This pocket also contains the systems of Oerse where the E-Uni regional HQ is located, and Octanneve, which has been chosen as the place to establish a trade hub. A further high-sec pocket of 3 systems can be found to the north of the region.

E-Uni Regional HQ

Oerse VI - Moon 10 contains a university office and contains shared university hangars. However, be warned that these hangars do not use the same access rules as the standard corporate hangars stocked by the by the logistics department. The hangars there include

  • Alpha/UNI DONATIONS (donations go in, but they can't be retrieved)
  • Alpha/WAR CHEST AMMO (ammo is available with the Sophmore and possibly other roles)
  • Alpha/WAR CHEST MODS (ship modules which require a password not generally known)
  • Alpha/WAR CHEST SHIPS (ships which require a password not generally known)

Uni members in the Solitude region may feel free to contribute items to the uni, but should be aware that only certain members are allowed to retrieve materials.

Solitude Trade Hube

After weighting the pros and cons, members already living in the area settled on Octanneve III – Moon 1 - Federation Customs Logistics Support as the station of choice for the regional trade hub. People are of course free to put up their sales orders in any station they desire. However, in order to help achieve the goal of a centralised trading hub, it is advised to use Octanneve III-1 for trading activities as much as possible.

What it means to live in Solitude

Living in Solitude has certain advantages over the main high-sec Empire regions. Having said that, the confined nature of the area also has its challenges. Things to be considered before deciding whether to move or not are:


  • Far from Aldrat, making war target encounters less likely
  • Easier to organize awareness of WTs in the region and their location
  • Significantly shorter waiting times and reduced cost for use of public research installations
  • Easier access to low-sec PI while still living in the relative safety of high-sec
  • Easier access to low-sec ores in sparsely populated systems


  • Limited availability of items on the local market
  • Higher prices for items that are available on the market
  • Shipping stuff in and out of the region can be a challenge
  • Flying to Solitude requires extended travel through low or null sec
  • Certain Uni programs (BYOM / PYOS / Ship Replacement Program) are yet to be extended to Solitude

Who runs the project?

Project Solitude is a consolidated effort of volunteers and pioneers with the aim to establish an area where people can flourish. Although there are no restrictions on venturing into low-sec and null-sec space, the project mainly revolves around the larger high-sec pocket in the region. As such, no additional rules and procedures are required. This is not to say that members are exempt from those rules already established by the Uni. Although Solitude is located far from the prying eyes of the management, E-Uni SOP, ROE and WSOP procedures should be followed at all times. Living in Solitude is no different than living in or around Aldrat.

The 'Solitude Coordinated Scanning Endeavour'

There are only two possible routes to Solitude via known space. One goes via a low-sec pipe trough Aridia, the other via a null-sec pipe through Syndicate. Although it is relatively easy to reach the high-sec pocket in a fast frigate (or even a shuttle), shipping stuff in and out poses more of a challenge. As such an active scanning program is in place to find wormholes leading directly to Empire.

Participating in the scanning endeavour is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged. There are very little requirements for members wanting to help out finding those precious wormholes. All that is needed to start out is a frigate and some training of the Astrometrics skill. Probe launchers and scanning probes may be freely available from the Uni hangar in Oerse for those who need them (supplies limited from donations, and based on the usage of others).

When a Hisec-to-Hisec wormhole is found, announcements are made via the Solitude.E-Uni chat channel and mailing list. Once both ends of the wormhole are bookmarked, a mail is distributed advising members which bookmarks to look for in the corporate bookmark folder "Project Solitude".

What do I need to become a 'Solidude'?

The only mandatory requirement for a life in Solitude is a healthy dose of pioneer/explorer spirit along with a determination to overcome the challenges of living in a confined high-sec area. All other skills are optional. Project Solitude is open to members of all levels: from people who only just started out in EVE and are new to the Uni, to advanced industrialists, explorers, PVP’ers, etc…

How to get to Solitude

Taking the 'Pod Express'

  • As long as you don’t have any implants in your clone and your new medical clone is fairly cheap, you can travel to Solitude by “Pod Express”. Change your medical clone location to one of the stations in Oerse and then self-destruct your pod. It might be a good idea to get a jump clone in empire first so you can jump back to HQ if need be.

Dodging pirates in low-sec

  • This is the long route via Aridia , from Bherdasopt (high-sec) through Gonditsa, Otakod, Agaullores and Yveve to Yvelet (high-sec). The biggest risk of this particular route is a persistent gatecamp of the Bherdasopt gate in Gondista. When planning to take this route, it might be a good idea to contact the LSC and check if the area is safe.
  • Read the Safety Tips for Operating in Low Sec for additional information.

Facing the quiet dangers of null-sec

  • For those brave enough to venture into null-sec, there are two possible routes through Syndicate to get to Solitude:
    • Route 1 starts in Stacmon (0.6) and goes through two low-sec systems (Ostingele and Harroule) and enters Syndicate at MHC-R3. It then carries on via M2-CF1, Y9G-KS, Pertnineere (low-sec) and then Boystin (high-sec)
    • Route 2 starts in Chesiette (0.6) and goes through one low-sec system (Reblier) and enters Syndicate at 6-CZ49. This route also ends up at M2-CF1 and follows the rest of the path to Solitude as mentioned above.
  • Please visit the Solitude.E-Uni channel before travelling through Syndicate. The above mentioned pipes are frequently bring travelled by members already based in Solitude and some viable intel might be available.

Jumping down a Wormhole

  • The ‘Solitude Co-ordinated Scanning Endeavour’ finds hisec-to-hisec wormholes on average two to three times a week. This makes it a lot easier for those wanting to move assets into the region without having to go through the dangerous low-sec or null-sec pipes. Entry and exit points for active WH’s can usually be found in the Project Solitude bookmarks folder. Notifications are being sent out via a mailing list that has been created specifically for this purpose. Please check the forum or ask in Solitude.E-Uni for further details.

Making use of courier services

  • Wormholes have a limited time and mass. As such, it might not always be possible for members to make good use of them. An alternative is to use a courier to move assets into the region. Although there are many courier services around, Black Frog is probably the best known. Note though that using courier services can be a quite costly exercise. Black Frog for example, charges 100,000,000 ISK to move up to 320,000 m3 from Aldrat to Oerse.
  • Several E-UNI members routinely move materials into Solitude and may be willing to accept courier contracts. Pricing is typically negotiable. New players needing small packages moved may find a courier willing to move the goods for a significant discount. Please see the following forum posts for details:

Missioning in Solitude:

There are a number of good security mission corps in Solitude - Federation Customs, Federal Intelligence Office, Federation Navy, Poteque pharmaceuticals. While there are a number of other stations, agents, and offices (as found at Agent Range Finder); listed below are the corporations with level 4 security agents which are the easiest to grind up while in Solitude. From time to time E-Uni members will even organize Spider and/or Locust fleets throughout Solitude to further help grind up standings for those that are new to the area. Other than the few level 4 agents notated**, only the high security space agents are listed.

Federation Customs

  • L1-0.7- Octanneve V - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Assembly Plant == 2 Security Agents
  • L2-0.7- Octanneve III - Federation Customs Assembly Plant == 1 Security Agent (4 jump missions into lowsec have been seen)
  • L3-0.7- Octanneve IV - Federation Customs Assembly Plant == 2 Security Agents (Manufacturing/Refining Facility)
  • L4-0.7- Octanneve III - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Logistic Support ==1 Security Agent (Regional Trade Hub)

Federal Intelligence Office

  • L1-0.8 Yvaeroure X - Moon 14 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant (1 jump from Octanneve) == 1 Security, 1 Distribution Agent
  • L1-0.8 Vecodie II - Federal Intelligence Office Testing Facilities (2 jumps from Octanneve) ==1 Security Agent (No Level 2 Agents nearby)
  • L3-0.8- Arasare V - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant (3 jumps from Octanneve) == 2 Security agents
  • L3-0.8 Vecodie II - Federal Intelligence Office Testing Facilities (2 jumps from Octanneve) == 1 Security Agent
  • L4-0.5 Boystin V - Moon 6 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant (3 jumps from Octanneve) == 1 Security Agent
  • L4-0.4 Pertnineere VI - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support (Low Security!) (4 jumps from Octanneve) == 1 Security Agent

Federation Navy

  • L1-0.6 - Niballe V - Moon 1 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities == 2 Security Agents
  • L2-0.7 - Gererique VI - Moon 3 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities == 2 Security Agents
  • L3-0.7 - Gererique VI - Moon 3 - Federation Navy Testing Facilities == 1 Security Agent
  • L4-0.4 - Sarline VIII - Moon 7 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant == 1 Security Agent

Material Acquisition

  • L1-0.8- Yvaeroure XII - Moon 11 - Material Acquisition Refinery == 1 Security Agent
  • L2-0.7- Stoure VI - Moon 4 - Material Acquisition Mining Outpost == 1 Security Agent
  • L3-0.8- Yvaeroure XII - Moon 9 - Material Acquisition Refinery == 1 Security Agent
  • L3-0.8- Yvaeroure XII - Moon 11 - Material Acquisition Refinery == 1 Security Agent
  • L4-0.2 - Babirmoult VI - Moon 15 - Material Acquisition Mineral Reserve (10 jumps from Octanneve in deep Low sec) == 2 Security Agents

Ducia Foundry (Amarr)

  • L4-0.6- Larryn V - Moon 1 - Ducia Foundry Mineral Reserve == 1 Security Agent

Poteque Pharmaceuticals

  • L4-0.7- Stoure IX - Moon 1 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Research Center == 1 Security Agent

Industry in Solitude:

Ladar Sites

Ladar sites are very frequent finds for the exploration teams in Solitude in the high sec and losec locations.

Ice Belts

  • Niballe (0.6 / 2 jumps from Oerse) is the most popular ice belt in the area. Regulars are generally friendly and plenty of ice to go around.
  • Cadelanne (0.1 / 10 jumps from Oerse) typically only has a few residents, often blue.

Regular Mining

  • The EVE University student organized Amarr Mining Camp(us), also known as "The AMC", has a satellite office located in Solitude, with many of its organizers and coordinators active in the region. The AMC helps support Unista and Alumni miners with several services: Access to corp hangers for mining supplies, assistance in organizing mining fleets, and with refining ore at no cost. For more information on the locations of these services, join the AMC chat channel "Amarr Mining Camp" (password: same as standard E-Uni channels) and the AMC mailing list (also "Amarr Mining Camp"). Also, visit the Amarr Mining Campus Forum for additional support.
  • Harner (0.1 / 4 jumps) is a single asteroid belt location with some nice asteroids. It's generally empty aside from an occasional visit from ratters or explorers. That said, Sarline (the only way out of the dead end ring) semi-frequently has a pirate (typically solo) guarding the exit.

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