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Refining (also known as reprocessing in EVE terminology; the two terms are interchangeable) is a miner’s second best friend, the first being powerful mining lasers. Refining allows a miner to refine their raw ore into usable minerals that can be sold or used for personal production. However, it is unlikely that new players' skill sets will allow for the efficient use of a refinery, and large portions of the refined minerals will be lost as ‘waste’, so new miners may find it more profitable to sell the raw ore they mine rather than refining it.



In New Eden there are two types or reprocessing equipment: equipment owned by NPC corporations and equipment owned by player corporations. Two modules exist for player-owned starbases with 52% and 54% base reprocessing efficiency. Outposts within sovereign null-security space have a base efficiency of 50%. Amarr, Caldari, and Gallente outposts can be upgraded to 57%, while Minmatar outposts can be upgraded to 60% efficiency.

If an NPC station is capable of reprocessing your materials, then its equipment will have an efficiency rating between 30% and 50% (you can search for stations with 50% reprocessing efficiency by criteria, for example npc-corp or solar system, at Station search page). Obviously using a station with 50% equipment is better so pilots should take care when choosing a reprocessing station and check this value before use. (You can use third-party map tools like DOTLAN to quickly check this)

In addition, NPC stations take a tax for using their reprocessing facilities. The tax is based on the player's personal or corporation standings with the station's owner, whichever standing is higher is used. The tax starts at 5% with 0 standings and falls to 0% at 6.67 standings with the station owner. Hence, it's a good idea to reprocess at stations for which you or your corp have the best relationship. See Equipment Tax below for more detail.

Pilot Skills

There are two generic skills that affect a player’s ability to process raw materials: Reprocessing (1x) and Reprocessing Efficiency (3x), both of which are available from NPC stations. Reprocessing is the first skill you will need to improve efficiency, and will cost approximately 45,000 ISK. (This cost can be covered by the university's skillbook program.) Each level of Reprocessing will increase the pilot's efficiency by 3% for a maximum of 15% increase. Reprocessing Efficiency adds an additional 2% per level, up to 10% at level 5 skill, and requires Reprocessing level IV to train and costs 250,000 ISK from NPC stations.

To further reduce waste, there are individual ore skills for each ore type, and a generic ice skill for all ice types - these can be found on the Resource Processing page. Each level of that respective skill offers a final 2% increase to efficiency for the corresponding material, 10% at level V. The max possible reprocessing efficiency with all 5 skills, at a 50% NPC station with perfect standings is 70%. The max possible efficiency in game with perfect skills and a +4% implant using a fully upgraded Minmatar outpost is 88%. Thus, you can never achieve "perfect reprocessing" and there will always be some waste.

For an average player with around 30 days training into reprocessing skills, efficiency yields would typically hover around 63-65% depending on standings at a 50% station.

Net Yield with 50% Station Equipment
Reprocessing Reprocessing
Ore Skill
Ore Skill
Ore Skill
Ore Skill
Ore Skill
Ore Skill
(zero) (zero) 50.00% - - - - -
I (zero) 51.50% - - - - -
II (zero) 53.00% - - - - -
III (zero) 54.50% - - - - -
IV (zero) 56.00% 57.12% 58.24% 59.36% 60.48% 61.60%
V (zero) 57.50% 58.65% 59.80% 60.95% 62.10% 63.25%
V I 58.65% 59.82% 60.99% 62.16% 63.34% 64.51%
V II 59.80% 60.99% 62.19% 63.38% 64.58% 65.78%
V III 60.95% 62.16% 63.38% 64.60% 65.82% 67.04%
V IV 62.10% 63.34% 64.58% 65.82% 67.06% 68.31%
V V 63.25% 64.51% 65.78% 67.04% 68.31% 69.57%

Reprocessing in a station

Before you can process your raw materials you must place the ore in your hangar at a station with a refinery, or into the cargohold of a player-owned starbase reprocessing array. Compressed ores require 1 unit to process, while uncompressed ores require 100 units. You cannot process uncompressed ores with less than 100 units of a single type, e.g. 75 units of Veldspar cannot be combined with 25 units of Dense Veldspar for processing. Both compressed and uncompressed ores yield the same amount of minerals per batch. All ice require 1 unit to process, with compressed ice simply taking 10x less volume (100 m3) than uncompressed ice (1,000 m3).

To begin processing, right click the item from your hangar and select process, or drag it to an opened reprocessing window. Once done, you'll have screen that looks similar to this:


In this example, we have approximately 120,000 units of Plagioclase designated for processing. With 39% overall efficiency, the processing yield at a glance will give approximately 51,850 units of Tritanium, 10,000 units of Pyerite and 51,850 units of Mexallon.

To see more detailed information about exact yields and calculations, simply hover over any item in either the input or output window. For example, hovering over the Plagioclase in the input window shows us the following:

  • The base yield from station equipment is 32%.
  • With Level V Reprocessing skill we have a x1.15 yield increase. (1 + 5 x 0.03)
  • With Level IV Reprocessing Efficiency skill we have a x1.08 yield increase. (1 + 4 x 0.02)
  • With level II Plagioclase Processing skill we have a x1.04 yield increase. (1 + 2 * 0.02)
  • With zero standings (individual or corporation) we have a x0.95 yield reduction.

As a result our total net yield is 39%.

Refining detail.png

To calculate this manually, or import into a tool or spreadsheet, you can use the following formula.
Station Equipment x (1 + Processing skill x 0.03) x (1 + Processing Efficiency skill x 0.02) x (1 + Ore Processing skill x 0.02) x (1 + Processing Implant)

Reprocessing in a POS

Processing raw materials using a player-owned starbase is very similar to processing in a station, with the exception that there is no NPC tax. All other calculations remain the same. A basic Reprocessing array can be anchored in any security space and provides a 52% base yield (2% greater than the best NPC station), while the more advanced Intensive Reprocessing array yields 54% base, but cannot be anchored in high-security space. To use either array, you must be within 3,000m of the structure. From there, either open your ship's cargohold or right-click the structure and select "access reprocessing array." To use the array, you must drag your item(s) from your ship's cargo hold, nearby container, or warehouse, and then drop them in the reprocessing array's cargo hold. From there, right click the item(s) and select "reprocess." You will not see the detail processing window like you do in a station, so make sure you want to process your selection. Once done, the minerals will appear in the array's cargo hold next to whatever excess materials were left over.

Pos refining.gif


Compression offers significant savings in valuable cargo-space, and can only be done at a Player-Owned Starbase (POS), Citadel, or with a Rorqual industrial ship whilst in its industrial configuration. The compression array has no security restrictions and can be anchored at any POS. Batch sizes are 100 units for ore, and 1 unit for ice, with both compressing down to a single unit of their compressed version per batch. Compressed ice takes 10-times less volume (100 m3) than uncompressed ice (1,000 m3). Compressed ore has various volumes depending on the type. See the Ore table below for specific volume information.

A single unit of compressed ore or ice can be processed for an equal amount of materials as their uncompressed versions. As such, compression yields more minerals per m3 of space, but not per batch - 100 units of Veldspar yields the same 415 Tritanium as a single unit of compressed Veldspar, which was at some point made from 100 units of uncompressed Veldspar.

Once the ore is placed in the Compression Array, or Rorqual's ore hold, simply right click and select compress. For the Rorqual you will need to make sure the industrial core is active, as it cannot compress ore normally. If there are more than 100 units of ore, or 1 unit of ice, they raw materials will be quickly compressed and ready for whatever you plan to do with them, with any excess materials left untouched. Typically, compression is done to maximize cargo space for efficient and safe transport, such as capital production in low/null security space.

Pos compress.gif


The following table lists the mineral content (gross yield) of each ore type, and the location(s) where they can be found. Compressed ores require 1 unit to refine, while uncompressed ores require 100 units.

Note that actual yield (net, or less than the gross yield) will depend on reprocessing equipment, player skills, level of reprocessing implant (if any), and corporation standings if using an NPC station.

Ore Type Uncompressed Volume Compressed Volume Tritanium Pyerite Mexallon Isogen Nocxium Megacyte Zydrine Morphite Location
Veldspar 0.1 0.15 415 1.0 (All Space)
Concentrated Veldspar (+5%) 0.1 0.15 436 1.0 (All Space)
Dense Veldspar (+10%) 0.1 0.15 457 1.0 (All Space)
Scordite 0.15 0.19 346 173 1.0 (All Space)
Condensed Scordite (+5%) 0.15 0.19 364 182 1.0 (All Space)
Massive Scordite (+10%) 0.15 0.19 381 190 1.0 (All Space)
Pyroxeres 0.3 0.16 351 25 50 5 0.9 (Amarr, Caldari)
Solid Pyroxeres (+5%) 0.3 0.16 369 26 53 5 0.9 (Amarr, Caldari)
Viscous Pyroxeres (+10%) 0.3 0.16 387 27 55 5 0.9 (Amarr, Caldari)
Plagioclase 0.35 0.15 107 213 107 0.9 (Gallente, Minmatar), 0.7 (Caldari)
Azure Plagioclase (+5%) 0.35 0.15 113 224 113 0.9 (Gallente, Minmatar), 0.7 (Caldari)
Rich Plagioclase (+10%) 0.35 0.15 118 235 118 0.9 (Gallente, Minmatar), 0.7 (Caldari)
Omber 0.6 0.3 800 100 85 0.7 (Gallente, Minmatar)
Silvery Omber (+5%) 0.6 0.3 840 105 90 0.7 (Gallente, Minmatar)
Golden Omber (+10%) 0.6 0.3 880 110 94 0.7 (Gallente, Minmatar)
Kernite 1.2 0.19 134 267 134 0.7 (Amarr), 0.4 (Caldari, Minmatar)
Luminous Kernite (+5%) 1.2 0.19 141 281 141 0.7 (Amarr), 0.4 (Caldari, Minmatar)
Fiery Kernite (+10%) 1.2 0.19 148 294 148 0.7 (Amarr), 0.4 (Caldari, Minmatar)
Jaspet 2 0.15 350 75 8 0.4 (Amarr, Gallente)
Pure Jaspet (+5%) 2 0.15 368 79 8 0.4 (Amarr, Gallente)
Pristine Jaspet (+10%) 2 0.15 385 83 9 0.4 (Amarr, Gallente)
Hemorphite 3 0.16 2200 100 120 15 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Vivid Hemorphite (+5%) 3 0.16 2310 105 126 16 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Radiant Hemorphite (+10%) 3 0.16 2420 110 132 17 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Hedbergite 3 0.14 1000 200 100 19 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Vitric Hedbergite (+5%) 3 0.14 1050 210 105 20 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Glazed Hedbergite (+10%) 3 0.14 1100 220 110 21 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Gneiss 5 1.03 2200 2400 300 -0.4 (Amarr, Minmatar)
Iridescent Gneiss (+5%) 5 1.03 2310 2520 315 -0.4 (Amarr, Minmatar)
Prismatic Gneiss (+10%) 5 1.03 2420 2640 330 -0.4 (Amarr, Minmatar)
Dark Ochre 8 3.27 10000 1600 120 -0.2 (Caldari, Gallente)
Onyx Ochre (+5%) 8 3.27 10500 1680 126 -0.2 (Caldari, Gallente)
Obsidian Ochre (+10%) 8 3.27 11000 1760 132 -0.2 (Caldari, Gallente)
Spodumain 16 16 56000 12050 2100 450 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari)
Bright Spodumain (+5%) 16 16 58800 12653 2205 473 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari)
Gleaming Spodumain (+10%) 16 16 61600 13255 2310 495 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari)
Crokite 16 7.81 21000 760 135 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente)
Sharp Crokite (+5%) 16 7.81 22050 798 142 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente)
Crystalline Crokite (+10%) 16 7.81 23100 836 149 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente)
Bistot 16 6.11 12000 100 450 -0.6 (All Space)
Triclinic Bistot (+5%) 16 6.11 12600 105 473 -0.6 (All Space)
Monoclinic Bistot (+10%) 16 6.11 13200 110 495 -0.6 (All Space)
Arkonor 16 3.08 22000 2500 320 -0.6 (All Space)
Crimson Arkonor (+5%) 16 3.08 23100 2625 336 -0.7 (All Space)
Prime Arkonor (+10%) 16 3.08 24200 2750 352 -0.7 (All Space)
Mercoxit 40 0.1 300 -0.8 (All Space)
Magma Mercoxit (+5%) 40 0.1 315 -0.8 (All Space)
Vitreous Mercoxit (+10%) 40 0.1 330 -0.8 (All Space)
Ore Type Uncompressed Volume Compressed Volume Tritanium Pyerite Mexallon Isogen Nocxium Megacyte Zydrine Morphite Location

Simplified Ore Chart for In-Game Notebook

For quick reference, copy the following lines and paste them into your player notes or your notebook. (When you paste them, the lines will close up.)


Veldspar: Tritanium+415 (1.0 All Space) Concentrated/Dense

Scordite: Tritanium+346 Pyerite+173 (1.0 All Space) Condensed/Massive

Pyroxeres: Tritanium+351 Pyerite+25 Mexallon+50 Nocxium+5 (0.9 Amarr, Caldari) Solid/Viscous

Plagioclase: Tritanium+107 Pyerite+213 Mexallon+107 (0.9 Gallente, Minmatar, 0.7 Caldari) Azure/Rich

Omber: Tritanium+800 Pyerite+100 Isogen+85 (0.7 Gallente, Minmatar) Silvery/Golden

Kernite: Tritanium+134 Isogen+267 Isogen+134 (0.7 Amarr, 0.4 Caldari, Minmatar) Luminous/Fiery

Jaspet: Mexallon+350 Nocxium+75 Zydrine+8 (0.4 Amarr, Gallente) Pure/Pristine

Hemorphite: Tritanium+2200 Isogen+100 Nocxium+120 Zydrine+15 (0.2 Amarr, Gallente) Vivid/Radiant

Hedbergite: Pyerite+1000 Isogen+200 Nocxium+100 Zydrine+19 (0.2 Amarr, Gallente) Vitric/Glazed

Gneiss: Pyerite+2200 Mexallon+2400 Isogen+300 (-0.4 Amarr, Minmatar) Iridescent/Prismatic

Dark Ochre: Tritanium+10000 Isogen+1600 Nocxium+120 (-0.2 Caldari, Gallente) Onyx/Obsidian

Spodumain: Tritanium+56000 Pyerite+12050 Mexallon+2100 Isogen+450 (-0.5 Amarr, Caldari) Bright/Gleaming

Crokite: Tritanium+21000 Nocxium+760 Zydrine+135 (-0.5 Amarr, Caldari, Gallente) Sharp/Crystalline

Bistot: Pyerite+12000 Megacyte+100 Zydrine+450 (-0.6 All Space) Triclinic/Monoclinic

Arkonor: Tritanium+22000 Mexallon+2500 Megacyte320 (-0.6 All Space) Crimson/Prime

Mercoxit: Morphite+300 (-0.8 All Space) Magma/Vitreous


Furthermore, for pilots looking to get their reprocessing yield even higher, they may wish to look into the Zainou 'Beancounter' Reprocessing RX series implants. These Implants are slot 8 Skill Hardwirings found in the market under Resource Processing Implants. They come in 3 varieties RX-801 (1%), RX-802 (2%) and RX-804 (4%) to provide an expensive but possibly worthwhile investment that will bring a pilot closer to a maximum effective efficiency in their station or POS of choice.

Equipment Tax

This page should be updated due to game changes. Reason: Tax is now in the form of ISK rather than minerals

Unfortunately, even with maximum possible efficiency, you may not receive all the minerals to which you are entitled. The tax man needs his share. The Corporation running the reprocessing station will take up to 5% of the minerals depending on your personal or corporation's standings with the reprocessing station.

In order to reduce the tax level your personal OR corporation standing with the NPC corporation that owns the station needs to improve. The larger of your personal or corporation standing is used for calculating the tax rate, while standing with Rethe faction (faction to you) that the NPC corporation belongs to is not taken into consideration. You need a standing of 6.71 or more with the NPC corporation to have a 0% tax rate.

This discount is implemented by a multiplier to the total minerals, for example 50% * 1.15 * 1.10 * 1.10 * 0.95 . By being less than 1, this multiplier actually gives a smaller result.

It's a good idea to learn skill Connections, to increase your effective standing towards corporation. Even if your real standing with the corporation is close to zero, Connections V will cut your corporation tax by 25%. Note that until you complete at least one mission for the NPC corporation, your Connections skill will not be taken into account when calculating your tax rate.

Also notice that the Connections skill gives diminishing results. The higher your standings, the less benefit you get from it.


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