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This is a brief checklist on how to run an Eve University mining op with shares based upon each members' time in operation.

The companion article for a mining operation fleet member is Participating in a Mining Op.

This assumes a highsec op.


  1. Pick your location. If you cannot refine the ore yourself, I suggest a place with a 50% Minmatar Mining Corporation station or 50% Caldari Business Tribunal station so you can ask someone to refine for you, or use Aldrat so you can use the Uni's free perfect refine service at Aldrat IX - Moon 13 - MMC station.
  2. Pick what type of op you want to run. This will depend on your resources.
    • For example, with an Orca, everyone can mine into that and just use a JetCan while Orca's docking.
    • With just an industrial hauler, the JetCan will be used to hold stuff while the hauler pulls it out and brings it to station every now and then.
    • Obviously, with more (Orca and Iteron V, two Orcas, etc.) your flexibility will go up.
  3. Form a fleet. You will need at least one miner and one hauler to get started.
    • Advertise the fleet in fleet finder, and in chat channels Industry.E-UNI and Chat.E-UNI (repeating the ads periodically).
    • Have fleet members join Industry.E-UNI in TeamSpeak if they want, or start your own chat channel.
  4. Log the "lasers on" and "lasers off" time of each member of the operation (or the join/leave time for industrials). You can use Genn's Mining Op Spreadsheet for this. You can also use your chat log (make sure it's on) and have everyone say when they join and leave and what time it is, as a back up. Also log the entire fleet start/stop time (for yourself).
  5. When the op's over, refine the ore into minerals.
    • You can do this yourself, or
    • You can ask someone to do it for you, or
    • You can use the Uni's perfect refine service
  6. Sell the minerals, probably in Rens or Hek
    • You can use sell orders, but for faster ISK you can sell into the market; prices are usually better in Rens. You can check the Rens prices in Eystur, which is also one jump from Hek.
  7. Using the times logged, calculate shares for each member and use your wallet to transfer the ISK to them after the sales go through.
  8. Post an after-operation report on the Mining Forum if you wish

Notes on Running a Smooth Op

  • Assign someone to watch the "local" channel for people who might try to cause problems (more for JetCan ops than Orca ops).
  • Assign someone to watch the local grid (in the overview) for visitors, possible threats and other ships and rats.
  • Assign someone to watch Industry.E-UNI (and other relevant channels like Loo Operations) to bring new blood to the fleet and capture "rejoin fleet" requests.
  • The hauler should, if possible, not be the booster, so that boosts are not lost when the hauler is docked up.
    • Alternatively, at least structure the fleet so someone with Mining Foreman V is the booster when the hauler docks.

Help from the Mining Manager

If you get all the ore to a location where you cannot refine it and cannot easily move it (too much for your Iteron or Orca), feel free to contract the ore to me (Callin Vandylx) to move and refine for you.

If you also e-mail (via Forum PM or EVE mail) me the shares to give out, I can try to sell and distribute the shares.

Turn-around time on this is not guaranteed, but it will probably be under a few days.

Additionally, Azmodeus Valar, the Director of Logistics, has offered to pick up ore from nearby Aldrat and both refine and sell it for any Uni mining op. (Reference here)

Determining Shares

The mining op fleet commander has the final say on how to distribute shares. (You're always free to find another fleet or start your own if you don't like it.) The fleet commander, however, does have the obligation to ensure that everyone joining the mining operation is aware of the rules and distribution of shares when they first join (or consider joining). Once the rules and shares are laid out, they should not be changed after the fact (except in a manner that benefits others or is done with their consent).

Below is a set of rules and shares that are considered the Eve University "Standard". Fleet commanders are recommended to use these as a base and inform fleet members of any modifications to these rules/shares.

"Standard" Uni Mining Op Shares