Serpentis Phi-Outpost

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On warp in:
The Serpentis-Phi alliance control this mining outpost. Business is limited but the owners of the outpost are nevertheless well-off.
DED Threat Assessment: Risky (4 of 10)

First Pocket

First Pocket
On warp in:
Important - The mission into the Outpost was not a success. Our agent crashed somewhere along with his cargo. Recommend a salvage mission ASAP!
The timer on the message shows this to be a very recent entry in the database, only a few hours old or so.

The electronically sealed container is unlocked after certain ships have been destroyerd (ships with "guard" in name?)


Notable Structures

Objects Notes L
Acceleration Gate 1 x Acceleration Gate Locked
Container 1 x Electronically Sealed Container Locked Stolen passkey, 7th Tier Overseer's Personal Effect and sometimes a faction module

Second Pocket

Second Pocket
Information: Database Information:
The asteroid colonies that have been built here are for show only. This deadspace pocket contains labs and bunkers for booster production and advanced experimental neural implants.

The phi-operator battleship has MWD and will approach at high speed if it is far away. The ship also has very high kinetic armor resist (80%) combined with active armor tank. Its thermal resist is much lower (50%) and is recommended damage to use against it.



Commander and other valuable loot
Item Name Est. Value Note
7th Tier Overseer's Effects 600k ISK 100% drop rate
9th or 8th Tier Overseer's Effects 2,1M ISK 100% drop rate
Corelum C-Type modules From Overseer Battleship