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{{Infobox gas nebula
{{Infobox gas nebula
| name            = Smoking Nebula
| name            = Smoking Nebula

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Smoking Nebula
Type Mykoserocin
Subtype Golden
Location CaldariBlack Rise
Icon corporation.pngPerrigen Falls
Icon corporation.pngVale of the Silent
Units per Cloud 500, 500
Sum of Units 1000
Cloud Damage None
Guarded ? No
Deadspaced ? ?
Gas cloud harvesting

This is a high/ low sec gas site found through Exploration.

Gas Harvesting in low sec is perilous.



Minable Gas Clouds:

2 Golden Mykoserocin (500 units each), 1,000 units total

Golden Mykoserocin is used in the production of the Syth Crash Booster and the Axosomatic Neurolink Enhancer.