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A Supercarrier is a super capital-sized ship that technically falls into the Carrier grouping, though due to it's immense size and scope is considered by most pilots to be in a class of it's own. Supercarriers are the second-largest class of ship within EVE, only outclassed by Titans. The role of a supercarrier is generally three-fold: Logistical support, tactical support, and anti-capital offensive capabilities.

All supercarriers have definitive bonuses that allow them to fulfill their designated roles:

  • Each can deploy 5 drones, plus an additional 3 drones per racial Carrier level.
  • Can deploy fighters and/or fighter bombers if the pilot is properly skilled to do so instead of smaller drones.
  • Are immune to standard forms of ship-based and station-based Electronic Warfare.[1]
  • Can fit an ECM Remote Burst I
  • Can fit 1 Command Link per level of racial Carrier without the need for Command Processors.

In addition, supercarriers are role-specific by the race in which they belong. The following benefits are listed by race, based on the pilot's racial Carrier skill:

  • Amarr (Aeon): 5% bonus to all armor resistances per level, 50% bonus to Capital Energy Transfer and Capital Remote Armor Repair range per level
  • Caldari (Wyvern): 5% bonus to all shield resistances per level, 50% bonus to Capital Energy Transfer and Capital Shield Transfer range per level
  • Gallente (Nyx): 5% bonus to deployed Fighter and Fighter Bomber damage per level, 50% bonus to Capital Energy Transfer and Capital Remote Armor Repair range per level
  • Minmatar (Hel): 5% bonus to Capital Armor Repair and Shield Transfer amount per level, 50% bonus to Capital Remote Armor Repair and Capital Shield Transfer range per level

Defensively, supercarriers are a field-changing asset. As each is designed to use capital logistics modules, they are often called in to repair player-owned stations after an initial assault. With their immunity to standard electronic warfare, webifying one is impossible, always allowing full sub-light maneuvering, an asset if a hostile force comes upon one while repairing POS structures.

Offensively, supercarriers are a powerful anti-capital ship asset. With a large number of fighter bombers deployed, capital ships take a brutal assault when swarmed by them. Carriers and dreadnaughts fall quickly to a supercarrier, while a similar suppercarrier or titan may take longer.

In addition to the fighter-bomber support a supercarrier offers, the ability to jam large sections of enemy forces lies in the supercarrier's ability to fit Projected ECM, in the form of a Remote ECM Busrt I. This module can jam large numbers of targets within a range. This jam is equal opportunity, however, so friendly forces caught in the burst are at risk to suffer the same effect. Used wisely, this can disrupt a large enemy force long enough to destroy a tactically strong ship on the board, break cap chains, and even allow a non-capital support fleet to gain the upper hand in a combat situation.