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Thanks to Gajos en Chalune for the info about Lai Dai Corporation, and for the datacore farming alt training queue.
- Here is a skill plan for a "fresh" Gallente(!) character to do datacore farming (EvEmon allows blank character fortunately), raised all not necessary skills just to 4. Training time under 44 days, 37 days with remap and no implants, fast enough for an buddy invite account with 1 elongation. Note that this plan does not include skills required for mission running, which will be required to be added so you can grind up standings and get access to R&D agents in the first place.

Social I (20.000 ISK, faster standings gain)
Social II
Social III
Social IV
Connections I (200.000 ISK, standings plus)
Connections II
Connections III
Connections IV
Negotiation I (60.000 ISK, higher RP output)
Negotiation II
Negotiation III
Negotiation IV
Laboratory Operation I (300.000 ISK, prerequisite for Research Project Management)
Laboratory Operation II
Laboratory Operation III
Laboratory Operation IV
Laboratory Operation V
Research I (300.000 ISK, prerequisite for Research Project Management)
Research II
Research III
Research IV
Research V
Research Project Management I (40.000.000 ISK, plus one R&D agent per level)
Research Project Management II
Research Project Management III
Research Project Management IV
Science IV
Science V (prerequisite for all applied sciences)
Mechanic III
Mechanic IV
Mechanic V (1 of 3 possible prerequisites for the applied science, the others are Engineering and Electronics)
Minmatar Starship Engineering I (10.000.000 ISK, as an example for an applied science, your choice)
Minmatar Starship Engineering II
Minmatar Starship Engineering III
Minmatar Starship Engineering IV