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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

Teaching is the main function of EVE University, which is why our Teachers and Guest Lecturers are some of our most important resources. Teaching at EVE University is a rewarding activity in many ways, not least because it gives you the opportunity to educate thousands of capsuleers as they begin their journey in New Eden.

We are always looking for new volunteers willing to step up and teach what they have learned to a new generation of EVE pilots.

Golden Rule
If in doubt, reach out to the Teaching Department via Discord (channel #teaching-general or PMs). We are always happy to help!

Becoming a Teacher in EVE University

While most of our Teachers are current members of EVE University, it is not a requirement and we often have Guest Lecturers holding classes, workshops, and talks. Some of them even put an Alt-Character into the University to continue their teaching on a semi-regular basis.

Why you should teach for EVE University?

  • Give back to the community, share your knowledge with the next generation of capsuleers, and provide content for yourself and others.
  • Learn by teaching your chosen topic. Advance your own understanding of the subject matter and hone your RL skills of presenting and public speaking.
  • As a member of EVE University, you can earn credit towards the Educator Medal, the Cross Campus Initiative, and Progression Titles like Sophomore and Graduate.

What we expect of our Teachers?

  • They must have a working knowledge of the subject area(s) they wish to teach and be able to effectively communicate that knowledge; complete mastery is not required.
  • They are expected to comply with the standards outlined in this article.
  • They are expected to act appropriately as a member/guest of the University and set a positive example to students. EVE University’s general rules and guidelines must be adhered to.
  • They are highly encouraged to continue growing as educators, be it through self observation, contructive feedback from students, or mentoring by the Teaching Staff.

What is required to teach classes?

  • Timely and correct scheduling (see below)
  • Class relevant content (slides, instructions for a practicals/workshops)
  • Ingame assets for practicals like BPCs, Ships, etc. (Reach out to the Teaching Department if that becomes costly/logistically complex)
  • Access to our public Mumble and (open) Discord
  • Contact the Teaching Department for Discord rights and any help you might need to make your class happen.

What support does the Teaching Department provide?

  • A library of ready-to-teach CORE Classes
  • Assistance in creating your own non-CORE classes or practicals, just contact a Teaching Officer via Discord and they will be happy to assist you.
    • Please note that non-Core classes must be checked and approved by an Teaching Officer at least one week in advance of the class
  • Mentoring by our Teaching Officers (optional)
  • Teaching assistance during your class, e.g. posting links, providing an ingame target to shoot/scan down, etc. Just approach any member of the Teaching Department if that sounds beneficial to you.
    • Please note that the presence of a Teaching Officer is mandatory for any Guest-Lectures
  • Ingame resources for practicals, because we see no reason for you to also pay ISK on top of your teaching efforts. Just get in contact with us and we'll try to figure something out
  • Class Feedback, gathered by students filling out the Class Feedback Form at the end of your lecture

Choosing a Class/Topic

CORE Classes

In order to make teaching as accessible as possible and to provide students with the proper basic knowledge to find their way in New Eden, the Teaching Department offers a library of ready-to-teach CORE classes. Most new teachers are advised to start their teaching career with one of these.

Other Classes

By their very nature CORE Classes do not cover all areas of interest and expertise in EVE Online, which is why we encourage experienced and/or specialised teachers to develop and hold their own classes. To ensure a certain amount of quality control, there are a few extra steps to consider though:

  • Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. A decent class that gets held and then improved upon is better than a perfect class that never actually happens.
  • We offer a slide Template our corporate branding
  • We ask that you submit your class slides and/or practical instructions to the Teaching Department at least one week ahead of your class.
  • Make sure you're willing and able to react to contructive feedback and adjust your preparation accordingly.

Do I know enough to teach this class?

You do not have to be an expert of every area of Eve Online to teach classes. If you have a working knowledge of a specific topic that might be the right topic for you. You should be comfortable with most aspects of your chosen topic, be able to present them in a concise and understandable manner and be able to answer student questions.

Choosing how to present your class

Different options (or a combination) can be used for different types of classes:

  • Classic slide decks are a good way to present bundled up static information in a visual way.
  • Screen sharing your EVE in-game view offers a great way to demonstrate things in real-time and our Discord classroom is set up for this already.
  • Organising in-game practicals (if you require ships/materials for these the Teaching Department is more than happy to help you out and foot the bill!)

To hold your class, we most commonly use:

  • Mumble for voice communication.
  • Discord for screensharing/slide presentation and types questions.
  • Class (EVE Uni) ingame channel for ingame links sometimes also qustions

Additional options include but are not limited to:

  • Twitch Streaming
  • Youtube Videos

Choose the right way to present for you and your topic. It is common to evolve your approach as you gain experience with the subject and a better understanding of how students perceive the content.

Scheduling your class

  • Try to schedule your class at least one week in advance, to give people a chance to hear about your class and make time in their schedule to attend. If you are expecting support for ships/modules or other manufactured items this is a minimum requirement and not optional.
  • Check the UNI in-game calendar for available dates/times. Do NOT schedule a class at the same time as any other class or event. Non-University lecturers can get assistance with this from a Teaching Officer.
  • Try to leave a buffer of 15-30 minutes in between different classes to ideally give Students a break and more importantly avoid any overlap in case one class runs into overtime.

Forum Announcement

Ingame Calendar

Create a class announcement on the ingame EVE Uni calendar (provided you hold the Sophomore title, if not, see above) make sure to:

  • include [CORE], [Class], [Practical] or [Q&A] as a title prefix, followed by the name/topic of the class.
  • set the availability to "Alliance" (preferred), the default is private which will mean no one apart from yourself is gonna see the event on their calendar. Do not tick the box Important.
  • set a realistic duration which leaves time for questions in the end. We generally prefer classes to last around 60 minutes, but 45-90 minutes is well acceptable.
  • ensure that your class is not colliding with other classes. It's generally a good idea to leave at least 15-30 minutes in between classes so students can take a break and to avoid any overlaps.
  • include a short outline of the class and a forum link in the Description

Discord Pings

People often wonder how often to ping for their classes in the '#ping-class' discord channel, usually the answer is once or twice.

  1. (optional) "@everyone x hour preparing for Intro to XYZ"
  2. (mandatory) "@everyone Intro to XYZ starting now/in 5 minutes"

Feel free to expand on those pings by providing the forum link or additional context to the class but keep it reasonably brief.

Preparing your class

  • Prepare your hardware (microphone etc.)
  • Prepare your software (Discord, Mumble etc.)
  • Prepare your lesson content:
    • Prepare the slide deck and speaker notes if desired.
    • Prepare an agenda to be followed even if not using slides to stay on track.
    • Prepare the ships/materials for a potential practical and ensure they have been delivered as expected.
    • Prepare the environment. Many practicals benefit from having established bookmarks to streamline activities.
  • Prepare yourself (have water on hand, etc.)

Holding your class

Discord streaming

Word of Caution
Please make sure to not stream any of your personal data on accident. It's probably a good idea to use a clean browser, desktop background, etc. to protect your own privacy and decency.

To present your slides (or in-game view) we use the Eve University Discord channel #class-presentations. This requires either one of the Discord roles “Teacher” or "Guest Lecturer (OOC)". A member of the Teaching Staff can assist with these permissions.

Once you have the required permissions follow these steps (click to enlarge):

The actual teaching

  • Be early and start on time
  • Follow a clear structured agenda (do not jump all over the topic)
  • Take your time (and a drink of water). People tend to talk faster when they are excited/nervous, so slow yourself down…breathe.
  • Leave room for questions after ‘chapters’ of your class and at the end.
  • Be assertive. Do not shy away from banking certain questions for later or referring to additional classes/materials to not get derailed from your lesson plan. Make frequent references to the EVE University WIKI as needed and drop links in the Discord channel #class-questions. For Guest Lecturers a Teaching Officer can assist you in this.
  • Do not be afraid to NOT know something. Get back to students on questions that you don’t know or see if someone else in the class knows the right answer. Remember the goal is to learn, not to impress.

Evaluating your class

  • Ask your students to fill out the Class Feedback Form at the end of the lesson. The form is also conveniently pinned on the Discord channel #class-questions.
  • Rate yourself: What went great? What will you improve upon next time? Does the material need tweaks or edits?
  • Now that you have made it to this point: Well done and thank you for your service!

Useful Resources and Links