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EVE UniversityEVE University ManagementEVE University RulesApplying to EVE UniversityEVE University training plansThe Rookie's Guide To Fleet OpsInstalling the EVE University Overview

EVE University Classes EVE University Communication

Class LibraryAttending a Live ClassHow to Survive EVE OnlineEVE University CalendarJoining the Faculty

EVE University BlogEVE University ForumsEVE University KillboardMumbleEVE University Chat ChannelsEVE University Mailing ListsUniSlacks

Game Mechanics EVE University Campuses and Groups

ShipsShip DatabaseSkillsClonesMissionsIncursionsExplorationScanningIndustryPlanetary InteractionHaulingSalvagingManufacturingResearchInventionScams in EVE OnlineCorporationsFitting GuidelinesAmarr Basic Ship and Skill OverviewCaldari Basic Ship and Skill OverviewGallente Basic Ship and Skill OverviewMinmatar Basic Ship and Skill Overview

Amarr Mining CampusHighsec CampusIncursion CommunityLow-Sec CampusNullsec CampusProject SolitudeWormhole Campus

EVE University Services

Student AdvocatesCorporation HangarMentor ProgramShip Replacement ProgramSkillbook ProgramThe +3 Implants Program

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