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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is a utility function that creates a colored bar depicting a percentage value. It is useful, in particular, for constructing table entries for things like damage or resistance profiles, similar to those found on the in-game fitting window. It is intended to be used inside a table cell, typically within another template.
Do not include a percent sign (%) in the input—it will be added to the output automatically. Any non-zero number will be printed on the larger side of the bar. A zero value will result in a blank bar of the secondary color. Inputs greater than 100 will be displayed as 100%. Non-numerical inputs are invalid.
The primary and secondary colors should ideally be contrasting shades of a similar hue, as they will be used as foreground and background for one another. Colors may be specified using official HTML names ("RebeccaPurple"), or hex values ("#663399" or "#639"). (The mixing function on the W3 Schools HTML Color Names website may be useful in constructing appropriate combinations.)
Type {{PercentageBar|<percentage>|<primary color>|<secondary color>}} into a table cell.
Sample output
{| class="wikitable"
| {{PercentageBar|35|Cyan|DarkCyan}}
| {{PercentageBar|50|OrangeRed|#592b1a}}
| {{PercentageBar|60|Silver|DimGrey}}
| {{PercentageBar|0|Orange|#59431a}}
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