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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is used to create a link to a ship page and simultaneously generate the appropriate faction icon immediately to the left of the link. The faction icon will have the faction name as mouseover text.

It is intended for use in cases where ship names are being discussed without explicitly referencing the faction to which they belong. Ship faction is an important piece of information, as readers may wish to know which ships they can pilot based on their current racial skills. This template can be used in both tables and in body text. In short, whenever a phrase such as "the Amarr Pilgrim" or "the Nereus, a Gallente ship" would be appropriate, this template may be substituted to convey that information in a more compact way.


{{sh|ship name}}


ship name
The name of the ship to link to. The ship name must be capitalized properly (use title case spelling, i.e. Vexor Navy Issue, not Vexor navy issue.


This template uses the Interbus Ship Identification System (ISIS) icons wherever possible. However, some ships belong to factions that lack an ISIS icon as of February 2017. For these rare cases, the normal faction symbol is used.

{{sh|Paladin}} gives AmarrPaladin.
{{sh|Raven State Issue}} gives CaldariRaven State Issue.
{{sh|Hyperion}} gives GallenteHyperion.
{{sh|Stabber Fleet Issue}} gives MinmatarStabber Fleet Issue.
{{sh|Nestor}} gives Sisters of EVENestor.
{{sh|Nightmare}} gives Sansha's NationNightmare.
{{sh|Gnosis}} gives Society of Conscious ThoughtGnosis.
{{sh|Pacifier}} gives CONCORDPacifier.
{{sh|Kikimora}} gives Triglavian CollectiveKikimora.
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