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This template is useful if you want to display the time required to train a skill on the Uni wiki.


{{SkillTime | skill | level | short=}}
The first two parameters (skill and level) are mandatory, the others are optional.
The name of the skill you wish to link to. Please make sure it's capitalised properly (use title case spelling, i.e. Gallente Strategic Cruiser, not Gallente strategic cruiser).
The level or rank of the skill you wish to train. In keeping with the Eve conventions, use upper-case Roman numerals (for instance, IV, not iv or 4).


{{SkillTime|Industry|IV}} gives not set


{{SkillTime|Caldari Battleship|IV|short=yes}} gives set



This template uses {{GetSkillMult}} to look up and display the correct training time multiplier.

See also

{{Skill}}, which produces the beautiful skill overview boxes used on the skill category pages.