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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is deprecated and no longer in use.

Please visit {{NPCTableHead}}, {{NPCTableRow}} for current info.

This template creates structure table for combat sites.

Behaves like {{NPCTable}} and {{NPCTableRow}}.

Use {{StructureTable}} To create the the table.

Use {{StructureTableRow}} for creating rows.

Needs {{CMBSite}} to acquire proper CSS.


{{StructureTableRow|Structure type|number of structures|Structure name|note = note text|trigger = trigger text|destructible = yes/no| cargo = cargo text|shinycargo = shinycargo text}}


Structure type
This sets the icon
  • Accl Gate Acceleration Gate
  • Station Station
  • Structure Structure
  • Wormhole Wormhole
  • Stargate Stargate
  • Tower Tower
  • Asteroid Asteroid
  • Asteroid Field Asteroid Field
  • Container Container
  • Red Container Container
  • Beacon Beacon
  • Billboard Billboard
  • Force Field Force Field
  • Gas Cloud Gas Cloud
  • Hackable Hackable Structure
Number of structures
How many structures of this type there are
Structure name
Name of the structure
note =
Somehing noteworthy about the structure
trigger =
The structure triggers something
destructible = yes
the structure is destructible ("destructible = no" works too, it doesn't care what is after "=")
cargo =
What does the structure drop
shinycargo =
What good stuff does the structure drop



{{StructureTableRow|Accl Gate|1|Acceleration Gate|note = Locked until commander is killed}}
{{StructureTableRow|Station|1|Serpentis Stronghold| destructible = yes| trigger = Triggers defender wave at 50% armor|shinycargo=faction modules}}
{{StructureTableRow|Station|1|Krul's Pleasure Hub| destructible = yes| trigger = Triggers defender wave at 50% structure|note = AOE damage on destruction|cargo = drugs and commodities}}
{{StructureTableRow|Stargate|1|Smuggler gate|trigger = Approaching gate triggers commander spawn}}
{{StructureTableRow|Container|5|Military supply container|cargo = t1 ammo}}
Site Details
Found in {{{location}}}
Max ship size {{{ship limit}}}
Faction {{{faction}}}
Damage to deal
Damage to
Sig. Strength
Objects Notes L
Acceleration Gate 1 x Acceleration Gate Locked until commander is killed
Station 1 x Serpentis Stronghold Destructible Triggers defender wave at 50% armor faction modules
Station 1 x Krul's Pleasure Hub Destructible Triggers defender wave at 50% structure AOE damage on destruction drugs and commodities
Stargate 1 x Smuggler gate Approaching gate triggers commander spawn
Container 5 x Military supply container t1 ammo
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