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The +3 Implants Program


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Members of EVE University benefit from The +3 Implants Program, providing young members the ability to purchase one full set of basic +3 implants at a reduced price. The benefit over lower quality implants or no implants at all is quite obvious: faster skill training.

Market prices for +3s are usually around 9 - 10 million ISK a piece. EVE University will provide them for 5 million ISK each.

Current Program Managers

Program Manager: Gaelys Aarmenvar

Department Director (Logistics): Netan Emerson

Prerequisites to Participate

To be able to benefit from the lower price your character...

  • ... has to be an active member of E-UNI.
  • ... has to hold the freshman title
  • ... have less than 5.5m SP.

How to Participate

  1. Fill out the request form and include the list of implants you'd like to acquire. Please do not send implant requests to the Program Manager or Implant Contract Character.
  2. Select either "Full Set" OR the names of the implants you want.
  3. Wait for a private contract issued by the Implant Contract Character that includes your requested implants. The price will be 5 mil for each. Please note that depending on implant stock, processing times can be up to 10 days.
  4. The pick up location of the implants will always be Amygnon Hotel Sierra Charlie

Other Rules and Notes

  • If you have any questions regarding the program - post in this thread or send them to the Program Manager. Do not request implants in this thread.
  • The program is considered permanent, but might be paused or terminated on management decision. Any changes in the program will be published here. Donations to support particularly this program are welcomed.
  • This program is restricted to 5 implants per member.
  • Obtaining, hauling and contracting the requested implants can take some time, even a few days, so please be patient while waiting for the contract.
  • These implants are for your personal use only, you must not sell or trade them. Storing them in a Jump Clone during PvP is allowed though.
  • Do not abuse the program by asking for multiple sets. For now you can request one full set (five implants, although they do not need to be one of each type).

Donating specifically to the Program

If you want to donate ISK or implants directly to the program, send donations to the Master Wallet with '+3 Implants Program' listed as the reason, or contract implants to the Program Manager.