The Admiral's Task (2 of 3)

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Guristas COSMOS mission
Agent: Knaaninn Aranuri
Agent location: G5ED-Y
Standings required: None
Parts: (1 of 3), (2 of 3), (3 of 3)

ObjectiveDestroy Guristas armory and retrieve Guristas Armory Codes (0.1 m3)
Rewards1.5 million ISK + timed bonus 1 million ISK
Mission briefing
The most important task is behind us, but there are a couple more assignments that I'd like you to accomplish before you leave. The first of these assignments is to destroy a small armory near G5ED-Y II. It's being used to re-supply Guristas fighters in the system, and therefore must be destroyed. You may keep any of the supplies found inside, but do bring back some evidence of its demise.

The armory is in a deadspace pocket hidden from passive sensors. You will need to use probes to scan it down.

Only 1 room and light resistance on warp in; 2 dread pith BS's but they didn't drop anything. They have ecm so armory can't be killed until they're dead.