The Anomaly (2 of 3)

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The Anomaly (2 of 3) is the second of three sub-missions comprising the Level 4 mission The Anomaly. It does not involve combat against hostile ships, but a ship with minimal tank is still required, as there will a brief period where the player ship is attacked by a sentry turret.

ObjectiveBring Neurowave Pattern Scanner to The Anomaly.
Damage to resistElectromagnetic damage EM
Ship suggestionFast ship


Mission briefing
We've spoken with Fajah Ateshi about The Anomaly, and I'm afraid things look dire. Her readings were damaged from the explosion aboard The Paryi, and she needs to return to The Anomaly to get further information. Since the two of you are the only ones who've come near the ship and retained both your lives and sanity, we have to send you out again.

We're still not entirely sure if anyone is alive aboard there, though Dr. Ateshi insists that she heard garbled transmissions from survivors disoriented from radiation sickness. I tell you, all this mystery doesn't make me comfortable, and it makes the people at the top very, very unhappy. If you find survivors, excellent, but your survival and Dr. Ateshi's readings are more important. You need to attach her Neurowave Pattern Scanner to The Anomaly.

Upon accepting the mission, a Neurowave Pattern Scanner will be placed in your hangar. Warp in and place the scanner in the cargo hold of The Anomaly to complete the mission. Remember to take the neurowave pattern scanner with you, the agent throws it into your hangar when you accept the mission. The Anomaly will then warp away.

When approaching The Anomaly, an Amarr Cruise Missile Battery will spawn. It does not need to be destroyed, as approaching further will deactivate it (accompanied by a pop-up message). An afterburner or microwarpdrive can be useful to expedite this part of the mission, and players should also ensure a minimal tank is fitted.

Hostile NPCs

Sentry 1 x Sentry Amarr Cruise Missile Battery

Notable Structures

Structure ? x Presure Silo Debris Random ammunition
Container 1 x The Anomaly Cargohold is empty

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