The Cost of Greener Grass

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name=The Cost of Greener Grass, Level 2

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Best damage to dealKinetic/Thermal
Damage to resistThermal/Kinetic
Ship suggestionCruiser, Battlecruiser
ExtraSensor Dampening - Federation Manica/Libertus/Nauclarius

Space type: Deadspace
Recommended generic setup: Fast DPS, Some Tank

Warp in

Group 1 (30km):
4x Frigate (Federation Insidiator, Federation Praktor Balra)
1x Cruiser (Federation Misthios)
1x Cruiser (Federation Hastatus)
- Killing two cruisers in the group triggers Group 2
Group 2 (30km):
1x Cruiser (Federation Nauclarius) Sensor Damp
- Attacking the Federation Nauclarius triggers Group 3
- Killing the Federation Nauclarius triggers Group 5
Group 3 (30km):
4x Frigate (Federation Manica, Federation Libertus) Sensor Damp
- Killing the last ship from this spawn triggers Group 4
Group 4 (20km):
3x Cruiser (Federation Hastarius, Federation Loras)
Group 5:
1x Cruiser (Caldari Traitor)
- Strong armor tank
Kill two cruisers in Group 1, and Group 2, and Group 5. Loot the DNA, and warp out. Mineable Asteroids:
13x Veldspar
About a dozen; Battery, Elevator, Lookouts dropped nothing Hint:
- Most ships stay 5km-8km, a couple cruisers stay 20km, plan accordingly.