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War targets like to hang out in missioning systems apparently
War targets like to hang out in missioning systems apparently

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Secret Activities

Secret Activities

Book: Book ONE: So You Want to be an Explorer?
Chapter: Chapter Two
Previous Quest: A Damsel in Distress
Next Quest: The Freshman
Your Target: Find the unmarked Gallente operation lead by this agent and report his/her name.
Reward: none
Your Mission
Incoming Transmission

Abraham Grunt seems to be a lot less grumpy than usually, when he contacts you for discussing your latest intel.

"Sister Alitura is pleased with you progress.", he tells me, unable to hide that he's a bit proud of me. "She said that your help has been extremely valuable. And what's valuable for Alitura is also of value to me."

Thanks, Sir.

"But there's is still this other case we investigate.", he continues. "And hearing that the Blood Raiders may be involved in the case has some serious implications. The Blood Raiders are a bunch of lunatics, part of an ancient cultist faction called Sani Sabik, which is Amarrian for Friends of Blood. Disgusting folks. They were founded during the dark age after the breakdown of initial space travel in New Eden and before the Amarr got interested in slavery. In fact, the Sani Sabik were the ones who abused the original Amarr state religion, which already advocated that some people are born for greatness and other people only live to breed and feed those geniuses, for their personal advantage."

Grunt shrugs.

"The leaders of the Sani Sabik were members of the Amarr elite and obsessed with the idea of eternal life. Their cult grew in the shadows of Amarr and over time, blood became their biggest obsession. They believed that blood is an elixir which held the secret of life within itself. There are legends of the Sani Sabik building blood farms, where they drained the blood of countless kidnapped victims."

And how much of this is true?

"Actually, more than a healthy mind can imagine.", Grunt answers. "There are rumours that the Blood Raiders want to elevate the cult and their beliefs to new heights, favoring not just bloodbaths, but also necrophilia and cannibalism. There are strong rumours that they are not finished with you once they drained all the blood from your corpse."

And now they operate in this region.

Grunt sighs. "Yes, it looks like. Until recently, their activities targeted Nullsec. But they engaging in pirate operations in Federation Space adds a new dimension to the increasing thread they've become. The Blood Raiders are notorious since they invaded a colony of so-called purebloods in the Cloud Ring, harmless settlers which made the mistake of founding a colony in a system which the Blood Raiders used as a staging point. They killed everyone, and the children first. Their leader goes by the name of Omir Sarikusa, an Amarrian with some Caldari ancestry. They call him Bloody Omir for a reason. Under his lead, the Blood Raiders began targeting capsuleers and clones for their blood farms, and there's an increase of Blood Raider attacks on trade convoys and passenger ships. So it is not a surprise that you encountered them at the Damsel wreckage, they were probably salvaging corpses and looking for potential survivors."

Bloody Omir. Nice nickname.

"Yes, indeed. But fitting.", Grunt nods. "Here, have a look!"

Abraham Grunt takes a picture out of a drawer and holds it to the terminal screen.

Bloody Omir by Gabriel Cassata

"This is a painting by an Artist called Gabriel Cassata. It depicts Omir Sarikusa on his throne. Lovely guy, isn't he?", Grunt explains. "So lovely that CONCORD decided to put him on the top 10 list of wanted criminals yesterday."

Grunt laughs. "Okay, enough of the stories. Open your ears now and listen to me, I have a new job for you. But first I need to explain you something. Open your map."

Okay, open my map... done. What about it?

"On the top left corner of your map window are some buttons. See them? I want you to click on the leftmost one and select Group stars by constellation, All Lines and then check Abstract Layout."


"Then click on the second button from the left, the one which looks like a colorful circle. A menu will open with several lists. Go to the Geography and Statistics list and select Security Status there, to make sure your maps will look like mine."


"Next, find the search symbol in the upper right corner of the map window. Click on it, and enter "Thoulde". This will show you the Thoulde constellation of the Essence region on the map.


Roger that.

"Now you should have the Thoulde region on your map, it should look more or less like this:"


"What you see here are the systems which form the Thoulde constellation. It's a rather quiet area not too far away from Arnon, which is your current location. I want you to find someone for me there."

Grunt looks very serious now.

"The woman you are looking for is a Caldari Agent by the name Mourmarie Mone. She's an ex... affiliate of mine. Here's a picture of her so you can make sure you find the right person:"

Mourmarie Mone

Grunt chuckles. "Believe it or not, but she was pretty hot when she was about your age. I haven't met her for a long time, but she has extremely close ties to the Gallente secret services and if someone in this area knows something about Professor Morghulis' whereabout, it's her. She probably won't talk to you, since she is a very secretive person. Not a surprise, when you consider that she's an agent."

Yes, I guess so.

"As far as I know, she is running an unmarked operation somewhere in the Thoulde constellation now.", Grunt continues his instructions. "After the Yulai attack, the Caldari have turned into a bunch of nerve-shattered folks and Mourmarie is in charge of a covert radio surveillance station of the Gallente Federation, trying to observe Caldari and Ammarian operations in nearby regions. She's always been a spy, and that's what she does best."

Abraham Grunts sighs, as if he has to fight memories.

"Well, please find that unmarked operation of hers and report the exact location to me. I will then travel there and have a chat with the girl. Also, to make things easier for me, take a photo of her vessel and the surveillance station. But take care, it's probably guarded by several Gallente Patrollers. Stay within Thoulde high security systems. And don't run into Blood Raiders on your way there!"

He nods and turns of his communication terminal.

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Sol arisa keʹaide (talk) 08:20, 19 September 2015 (CDT)
Enter your comments and screenshots below... you should haven gotten the idea of how to do it until now :-D

Zebulon tucker (talk) 15:53, 25 March 2016 (CDT)
War shenanigans over, back onto my search for the missing explorer. I found the agent and have enclosed a picture of her Helios in front of the listening station. My Algos is in the background.

Zebulon Tucker

Caitlyn semah (talk) 17:08, 27 April 2016 (CDT)
War targets like to hang out in missioning systems apparently