The Heiress

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The Heiress

Part 1

The Heiress (1 of 5)
ObjectivePick-up 1 x Miniature Slaver (0.0 m3)
Mission briefing
I can't give you her name-- though you probably know it. She's the heir to an obscene amount of money, and she has enough demands that I can certainly use all the extra help I can get.

Her new pet-- a miniature slaver-- has just arrived at a nearby station. Of course, she wants it here, and here now. The sooner you can get it back here, the sooner we can both get on with our lives.

Part 2

The Heiress (2 or 5)
ObjectiveDeliver 1 x Hard Currency (1.0 m3)
Mission briefing
While you were gone, she managed to crash a vehicle she wasn't supposed to have been driving on some backwater planet in a nearby system. And then security found boosters on her. She's being held at the nearest space station.

I need you to post her bail, preferably before the media gets wind of this. Drop off the currency in your hangar at the station. She won't ride in your ship, so just check in with me when you're done. I'm sure I'll have something else for you by then.

Part 3

The Heiress (3 of 5)
ObjectiveMine 20 x Polygypsum (320.0 m3)
Mission briefing
I need you to go mine some polygypsum, as the Heiress has decided she wants a complete bedroom set made out of it. Yes, I know it sometimes spontaneously combusts. She still wants it. Obviously, reason has nothing to do with it.

So, bring me 20 units of polygypsum, and we'll see what she wants next.

Part 4

The Heiress (4 of 5)
ObjectiveDeliver 1 x Heiress (1.0 m3)
Mission briefing
The bad news is that the Heiress's inheritance is nearly hers: her grandfather has just died. The good news… well, I can't tell you that until after you've delivered her to the funeral. We're not sure if she'd actually get there if we let her go alone.

Part 5

The Heiress (5 of 5)
ObjectiveBlow up the Heiress's private transport, in accordance with her grandfather's final wishes.
Damage to resistNone
ExtraThe transport will not fire back. It blows up shortly after getting into armor damage.
Mission briefing
It turns out that the former Heiress's grandfather felt that she wasn't doing his family name any favors. The will he left behind disinherits her, but there's more.

In order to stop her unceasing exploitation of her unearned fame and fortune, he wants her dead.

That's right. The request that she be killed outright is in the old man's will. I'm relieved to discover that he died with his wits intact, after all.

She's off celebrating, of course-- went straight from the funeral. I'll give you the approximate coordinates; you shouldn't have any trouble finding her private transport. It may take you awhile to destroy it, though, so be patient. If we're lucky, she may have some explosive substances on board that could trigger a chain reaction and speed things up considerably.

So, do you think you can kill the Heiress?


1 x Imperial Industrial The Heiress's Private Transport

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