The Hunt (2018)

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The Hunt is an ingame easter event that runs from 20th March to 3rd April.

The event consists of two event sites that spawn in space. The sites show up as warpable beacons in overview.

Guristas Detention Facility

On initial warp-in you'll be faced with 2 Cruisers - Guri Hivaa Assassins (Gila class) and 2 Frigates - Guri Hivaa Killer (Merlin Class). Destroying them triggers a rather delayed warp-in of reinforcements. A rather large wave of frigates with the occasional cruiser sprinkled in. Destroy the Cruisers first and start killing off the frigate horde. There are no points or scrams on these frigates, just target painters, so you can take your time. When the frigates have thinned enough a new wave of reinforcements will warp in. These will be yet more frigates and cruisers. Keep on killing.

Killing enough of the rats or 'Huntsmen' will provoke battleships to warp in (Scorpion class). The amount seems to depend on how many players are on grid. (Needs to be confirmed). They fire Scourge Cruise Missiles. Eventually a named battleship called 'Rakka Tahiri'(Rattlesnake class) will warp on grid - the site boss. He has a lot of EHP and if you're solo it will take a while to grind him down. Ignore the remaining frigates to focus all DPS on him. The instant he dies, all remaining rats warp away in shame and you'll receive a bounty payout (about 332 832 ISK before corp tax).

Recommended ship: Passive Regen RLML Gila loaded with Scourge light missiles and Vespa drones. Have an MTU in cargo. In Hisec where you'll likely be contested for the site, you can safely exchange a Shield Extender and the EM Ward for a Prop Mod and Warp Disruptor. The Disruptor is there if your competition decides to go suspect and steal the boss loot and you think you can take him on.

Loot: Normal Battleship and Cruiser Rats have a chance to drop meta modules and fireworks. Rakka Tahiri drops the Advanced 'Guri Hivaa' Cerebral Accelerator, Guristas themed clothing pieces, the Hunter's Quiver Skins mostly. Rare drop will be the new C3-A and C3-X 'Hivaa Saitsuo' Ballistic Control System modules. There is also a chance for a can to appear on grid that you can loot the 'Compressed Capsule Shell' from. Which seems to need to be sold to an NPC beyond the fact that the Agency Mission goals keeps track of how many capsules you loot. (Further Citation needed)

Guristas Transportation Facility


  • Hunter's Quiver SKINs
  • Guristas 'Outlaw' clothes
  • Agency boosters
  • Two faction ballistic control system-drone damage amplifier combining modules, the C3-A 'Hivaa Saitsuo' Ballistic Control System and the C3-X 'Hivaa Saitsuo' Ballistic Control System, can drop from the boss rat.