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Over the years, several tools and sites have been created by players to help develop their characters and manage information. Below is a list of various applications and websites that can be very helpful to new and veteran players.

Please note that this list is a work in progress. Feel free to add any additional tools or sites!


Applications listed below are the most important ones, that will be useful to majority of people. For more specialized software, head over here - although some of the software listed there is outdated.


Pyfa (Python fitting assistant)

Like the well-known EFT (listed below), Pyfa allows you to create, experiment with, and save ship fittings without being in game. Like EFT, Pyfa can import your character information to take your skills into account and show you what skills you need for a given fit. Open source and written in Python, it runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, or any other platform where Python and wxWidgets are available.

The Pyfa website provides a Windows installer .exe as well as a .zip file, and a .tar.bz2 for the Mac. Also available is a .tar.bz2 of source code, and instructions for Git access to the source.


EVE Fitting Tool (EFT)

EFT allows users to create, experiment, and save different ship fittings without the hassle of being in game. The fittings will calculate and display various stats such as tanking abilities and damage to compare with other ships. Players can import their character information to take their skills into account with stat calculation. It will even show the skills a player lacks which is very useful for future planning. EFT is a must have for players both new and old!


EVEMon was created to help players with the daunting task of skill planning. Players are able to load their character information using API keys to keep track of their current skill sheet and training times. You can then develop a plan for future training and it will help optimize the plan by suggesting skills or attribute remapping to reduce the time needed. As a bonus, you can view ship loadouts from and build a skill plan to get you into that fit based on your character's skills. This tool is extremely useful and can even save the ship loadouts from BattleClinic to import into EFT.


EveHQ is a fully open source application designed to be an all-in-one management tool for use with EVE Online. Players can download and even create their own plug-ins to help manage various information and aspects of the game. The core application itself displays basic pilot information, skill training, and statistics. On the site, they feature plug-ins already created to help develop your character, view item stats, and even plan routes on star maps. If you prefer to create your own, they have a development forum and page where you can download the source code. Although it is not as popular as EFT or EVEMon , it is definitely a great alternative for people who prefer an all-in-one package or wish to develop and customize their own programs.

Eve Chat Watch

Monitors your chats for interesting messages. With it you dont miss your buddies saying something in Corp, a fleet being formed in Alliance or that the juicy WH op need more participants.


EveRefinery is a Windows program that displays market prices and refined prices for the items in your inventory. Thus, you can quickly decide whether to sell or refine each piece of your loot. It can also be handy for different activities, since it displays item prices in one big list, thus allowing to analyze the market.

Eve Mentat

This program is useful for trading, it allows tracking of market orders, it reads exported market logs, it automatically checks for concurrency and other useful features.

EVE Central Contribtastic Tool

This tool is an automated market dumper, it creates market reports and uploads it to EVE Central database


A program that generates personalized trade routes using your market reports, calculates total profit, profit per jump, low-sec and high-sec routes

EVE Isk Per Hour

An open source tool that runs the numbers on profitability on items in eve based on eve-central data and determines which is the most profitable item to manufacture.

EVE ISK per hour



Replacement for EveMon. Open source, using Gtk toolkit, runs fine under both Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX (available via Macports).

For FreeBSD, download using Subversion as explained on GtkEveMon's website
Build using gmake, ie
$ cd gtkevemon/ && gmake && su -m root -c 'gmake install'

If you have macports installed simply type:
sudo port install gtkevemon
Please learn what this does! If you don't know ask a mac user who does.

Mac Eve Tools

This program is written to be an OSX based alternative to EVEMON. Although the program is no longer being developed for new features, the author has promised to keep it updated to work w/ future patches.

EFT On Mac

EFT on Mac can be run effectively utilizing CrossOver

  1. Download EFT
  2. Download CrossOver
  3. Run EFT.EXE with CrossOver
  4. From the Crossover Installer Select >Unsupported Applications> Other Applications
  5. Click Select an Installer and Choose Installer File.
  6. Select type of Bottle (WinXp Works Well) and give it a name. 
  7. Click Proceed.
  8. After Installation is completed. The EFT.EXE link from above will now launch EFT.

Crossovers benefit is in its nearly full functionality with EFT. API,Fits,Settings etc... will all be saved and available when the program is closed and then relaunched. As of this writing (10/7/2010) the only known element that does not work is the ability to import and export XML files. 


Failheap Challenge

Failheap Challenge (also known as "FHC") is a forum with discussions ranging from PvE and PvP fits, to political discussions in their War & Politics forum that often more interesting to follow than similar threads on COAD.

The ship setup discussions are known to produce some excellent fits, although mostly aimed at high skillpoint pilots.

EVE BattleClinic

EVE BattleClinic offers tons of great information for EVE players. It features news, guides, loadouts, message boards, and even browser tools that players can use to help with character development.

Many of the fits on Battleclinic, even some highly-rated ones, are very mediocre. Failure to agree with dominant personalities on the BattleClinic forums can result in immediate and low-brow flame wars. Scrapheap Challenge (for high skillpoint players), and Eve University's ship setup forum (for low skillpoint players) are often better sources for fittings.


EVE-Central tracks market information for items throughout the various regions in EVE. Players can even pull reports and sync applications with the site to pull any market data. Bear in mind that it relies solely on player submissions and may not always be accurate.


Alternative to EVE-Central. Data gathered by players, compatible with EFT, ability to value hangar items.

Grismar's EVE Wiki

Grismar's EVE Wiki is a very robust website that offers a variety of different tools that can be accessed using the in game browser. It features tools such as route planning, ore price tables, and build requirements.

Enildor's Eve Ore Calculator

Enildor's Eve Ore Caulculator displays various ore pricing based on current data pulled from EVE-Central. It also allows users to change the region to reflect pricing in their area and alter refining percentages based on their own character's abilities.

Ombey's 2d EVEMaps

Ombey's 2d EVEMaps provides a downloadable PDF that displays all the different systems within each region for easier navigation & route planning. As a bonus, the different systems include notes that indicate the stations available and the number of asteroid belts within that system.

DOTLAN :: EveMaps

DOTLAN EveMaps uses vector based maps to display the different systems within each region in browser format. The maps are dynamic and are updated each day to reflect sovereignty and occupancy changes within each system. With the recent update to the in-game browser, DOTLAN EveMaps can be a great tool to use for fleet roaming and planning within game although it does run a little sluggish at the present time.

Eve-Online Agent Finder

Agent Finder is a very useful site that allows you to search for different agents in systems. It offers options to narrow down results to specific levels, corporations, and divisions. As a bonus, it works great with the new in-game browser.

Cerlestes ORE and Ice Tables

Ore and Ice price tables updated in real time and with refining configurations


Mission runners handbook, give advices on ship fittings and damage dealing types

Profitability of R&D Agents

Calculates Datacore prices and R&D agents, give overall profit based on skills

Gunfleet - Eve Online Quick Lookup

Misc. tools including "Mining for ISK", "Mining for Minerals", and others.

Eve Tools

Misc. industrial tools - reprocessing, manufacturing caulculators. Trade route finder and market offers browser.


TETRR provide a easy blueprint calculator. Also there is a mining-fleet-logger and a PI-Viewer

Chruker's EVE Online Site

Chruker's site has useful information on many subjects. In particular, it includes a database full of all NPC ship attributes.

EVE Marketeer

Market statistics and information for New Eden.


Market information for Jita. Very useful and user friendly because of its "market demand by value" categorical breakdown. (In beta)


Market accounting information. Transaction history. Pulls data using your API key.

Dingo's Toolbox

Various alliance warfare and PvP recon tools.

Mobile Phone Apps


iClone is an entirely comprehensive iPhone application giving the full capabilities of the EVE API to the iPhone user. It displays full character information, wallet information, and even corporation information.

Neocom (previously EVE Universe)

Neocom for iPhone and iPad displays live EVE API-updated character information, including wallet transactions, skill queue, market orders, and more. Also included in EVE Universe is a fitting tool, allowing you to put together ship fits whenever the inspiration takes you.


Dusk is a polished iPhone app that allows for easy character monitoring while away from a full EVE client. It offers skill queue monitoring, training plans, ISK balance, skill tree browsing, and offline perusal of mail and notifications. Skill plans can also be imported and exported to EVEMon.

EVE Mobile Skill Planner

EVE Mobile Skill Planner is a character tracking application developed for phones with Java capabilities. It displays character stats, skill training completion, and wallet information. It will also allow you to add skill completion times to your mobile calendar.

Aura for Android

Aura is an Android application to track and monitor your character(s) for EVE Online. Skill queue monitor, basic skill planner, order tracking, etc. Has home screen widgets for skill training notification.


FlySafe is an iPhone app with many functions found in several of the other apps list in this section. However, there are two features not commonly found in iPhone apps. One, it allows you to monitor ship and pod kills in various systems (systems displayed are customizable). Secondly, it allows you to see the corporate calender events with event times converted to local times.


Dedaf's Industrial Tool

It's the most complete industrial spreadsheet so far, it can connect with your API key and import prices based on the desired region, has all kinds of items in EVE, with their respective needed amounts for manufacturing it, contains tabs on ore, mining, PI, manufacting all levels of tech.

Discountinued Tools

Note: Some of the website may no longer exist.

Eve Commander

Eve Commander is a website that allows users to keep track of character information without the need for a download. Depending on the API key you provide, it can access basic character information, training queues, or even detailed wallet information. A great alternative if you away from home and not able to use or install any programs.

Website has been discontinued


Loot value calculator, allows upload of fleet logs and calculates sell and buy value of every item, it optionally allows to set refining skills to show resulting minerals and their total value

No longer hosted.