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The Titles Department is responsible for reviewing and applying Titles within EVE University. They are part of the Human Resources Directorate.

If you are an EVE University member who would like to apply for the next progression title, see Requesting a Title.

Titles Manager

AtomsktheElder.jpg Atomsk The Elder - Send a forum PM

The Titles Manager manages the Titles Officers, who review applications from members for progression titles, and sets policies affecting titles.

Main article: Titles Department

Assistant Managers:

Esca Sinak.jpg
Esca Sinak

Titles Officers

Titles Officers review all incoming Title Applications. They follow up with applicants who's applications are missing details or requirements as well as any references that are supplied. They also inform applicants who have been denied a title the reason why and how they might fix said reason before they apply again.

Our current Titles Officers and the title applications they can process are as follows:

Titles Management Freshman? Sophomore? Graduate?
Atomsk the Elder Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png
Esca Sinak Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png
Titles Officers Freshman? Sophomore? Graduate?
Capt Steele Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png
Shauny Tsero Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png
Glenrowan Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png
Edhin Delphiki Tick.png Cross.png Cross.png