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This page contains a list of questions related to the titles and roles used in EVE University that have come up over the past months. This list is not exhaustive but should answer most questions.


What is the current waiting time for title issuance? This depends on the title and your individual situation as a whole. The individual waiting time may vary between a few hours and up to 14 days.
I think I meet all of the requirements, yet have not received my title. Is this normal? This is perfectly normal. If you feel that you are eligible for a title, then you still need to apply for it. Until you have submitted your application nobody will be able to process your request and, if you really are eligible, approve it. Additionally, while you may already meet the requirements for a title, the title still needs to be applied manually by a Director.
The forum says I am not in EVE University while I am. What should I do? Be patient. The tool may just need a little more time to update or it is having issues again. Usually most of these issues solve themselves given time.
The out-of-game tool says that I have a title, but the game doesn't. Why? The out-of-game tool is what the Titles Staff uses to manage the applications. If that tool indicates that you 'have' a title, it really means that Titles Staff have 'approved' you for that title. Now your title application has moved into a different queue and is waiting for a Director to actually apply the title ingame. However, this still requires a Director to log in, and decide to spend time playing apply-titles-online instead of flying their internet spaceships. So if you notice this change in the out-of-game tool, then you may still need to wait several days for a Director to apply the title (sometimes longer).


Could somebody perform an API check on my account please? Maybe. If you ask kindly.


I think I meet all criteria to become a Freshman, but my title has not been updated yet. I thought the application process has been automated, am I wrong? Yes. The most recent changes to our procedures require you to apply for ALL titles. This also applies to returning members who may apply for the highest title they have previously held.


I have noticed that I have not received credit for many classes I have attended. I am always on Mumble in class, as well as Class.E-UNI. Where did all my classes go? Class participation is no longer logged like it used to be, and as such it is no longer a criteria for the Sophomore title. However, our suggestion is to just keep participating. Titles have almost no impact on the amount of fun you can have and how much you can learn.
It is stated that you have to have “participation on the Killboard". I am trying to become a manufacturer, so PvP does not interest me that much. But I understand that I will have to report a couple of kills or losses to become a Sophomore? Fortunately the requirement is to show “evidence of participation in Classes, the Forums, Wiki or Killboard”. This means an active killboard is not a necessary but a sufficient condition for Sophomore.
Another requirement is "evidence of participation on the wiki". As this is a big source of information for me, I spent a lot of time there. But how do the Titles Officers know that? Should I log in to show that I visit the wiki regularly? “Participation on the Wiki” requires you to make actual edits to the wiki. Reading the wiki (whether logged in or not) will not qualify.
I'm a PvE-focused player (missioning, mining, Incursions, etc.) and my participation in Uni activities is not well captured by the forum or killboard. These are difficult areas for Titles Staff to evaluate your positive participation. You can list a reference or two that would be able to provide a description of your activities in your application. These references could be mentors, campus staff, or anyone with the Graduate Title.

How does Titles Staff evaluate my Sophomore application?

Titles Staff checks these three components for all Sophomore applicants: wiki, forums, and killboard, because they are easily evaluated without you (the applicant) having to do much. However, lots of students participate in a variety of other activities that aren’t easily tracked by the game or the EVE University servers. Incursions, AMC, and Solitude are examples of PvE activities that can be hard for Titles Staff to evaluate (although there is no reason why participating in those campuses wouldn’t lead to activity in the wiki, forums, and killboard). In these cases we can rely on references. If you feel that you are active in some way that we won’t be able to assess, then in the text of your application give us some names of individuals that can vouch for your activities. These people could be Mentors, Campus Officers, or other students that hold the Graduate Title. Titles Staff will contact them and ask them about your ‘active participation.’

Contribution to the wiki shows participation, but it isn’t for everyone. If you are actively participating in the EVE University forums, that goes a long way, too. Titles Staff does not just count how many posts you have, we read most of them (that’s right)! Saying hello, thanking people for teaching a class, putting in requests for LSC and NSC shipments are fine, but they aren’t considered ‘active participation.’ Getting involved in discussions in a real, meaningful way is what we look for. That being said, trying to over think whether your forum activity ‘counts’ or not and second-guessing every post probably isn’t a good approach. We also examine your EVE University killboard. It is a way to measure your activity in the PvP aspect of the game. We look at the frequency patterns in your kills and losses, we examine your losses for fits and for comments. We expect to see an improvement over time (comments should demonstrate what you learned from a loss, and we should see your fits improve over time, too).

We do not expect you to lead any of these activities for Sophomore (but if you do—awesome), and we don’t expect you to heavily participate in all ways. Some people do a moderate amount of a variety of things, and that activity is ‘enough.’ We’ve also seen people with no wiki edits, or forum posts, but a solid active killboard that carries their application, or folks with no KB to speak of, but a very heavy forum presence that carries their applications.

Ultimately, Titles Staff can only evaluate you on what we can see and verify. Before you apply, put yourselves in our shoes and think about how we can evaluate your participation in EVE University activities. If you participate in ways that you think we won’t be able to detect, let us know in that text box in your application. If your activity is hard to verify, try and think of some way that we can do so. Finally, the requirement is ‘shows engagement,’ present tense. If you were really active and awesome months ago, then took some time off of EVE, and are now jumping back in, your ‘participation’ is now historic: don’t apply for Sophomore yet. Get back into your activity patterns and let them re-establish so that when you do apply and your application is evaluated, we see current activity.


Why have I been waiting a week when someone else got his title in a day? When it comes to the Graduate title it has a longer delay as it requires a member of Title Staff to manually check the complex requirements. Afterwards it also needs to wait just like all of our titles for a Director to grant it because of this there can be large gaps in the time it takes to be granted a title.
How do I know when I am ready to apply for the Graduate title? Specifically with regards to "clear evidence of understanding" in classes, forums, wiki or killboard? Good question. If we told you we would need to kill you or something like that.

"Clear evidence of understanding" means that we need to be able to tell what you have learned during your time in EVE University. Since we can not evaluate what we can not see, you will need to show us by sharing your knowledge and experience by sharing it on the forum and the wiki as well as by making reasonable contributions to the killboard (including your comments).

I applied for Graduate title several weeks ago and it is still showing pending on the titles tool. Is it stuck, or have I not qualified and it is waiting until I do? Your application simply has not been processed yet. Titles Staff will not wait for you to become eligible for the Graduate title while your application is clogging up the titles queue. If you do not meet the requirements for Graduate, the application will be rejected and you will need to reapply at a later point.
Is there a ballpark figure on how long it takes for Graduate title applications take to get processed? It is hard to estimate how long it takes for Graduate title applications to get processed. Individual waiting times will vary from a few days to several weeks depending on factors like availability of Titles Staff, the number of applications waiting in queue, etc.
How do I go about donating the ISK for the Graduate medal? To donate to the master wallet simply type EVE University in game and auto link the corporation. Then right-click and select "give money".
I have put my Graduate application in a while ago. Will the Titles Officer only see what I have done up until the application date, or up until he looks at it? The Titles Officer will see what you have done up until he looks at it.
How will temporarily dropping from EVE University to attend an Agony Unleashed class affect my application for Graduate title? When I rejoin, should I apply for Sophomore or Graduate title, if I leave with Sophomore? If your Graduate application is still in the tool after your return from the Agony Unleashed class the tool should not allow you to reapply for the same title. If it allows you to apply for the title your application has been processed and rejected. If you still feel you are eligible you may reapply providing us with the reasons why you were outside of EVE University.

Your Sophomore title will be reinstated within a few days after rejoining EVE University, but only after you have reapplied for it.

Can I update my Graduate application with additional info to point out things that I have done in the months since I first applied? Unfortunately this is impossible while your initial application is still on file waiting to be processed. The application would first need to be rejected by a Titles Officer so you can reapply and include all the additional info you may want to provide us with. Note: This will drop your application to the bottom of the queue.
The EVE University web tool says that I hold the Graduate title, but my ingame profile still does not show any changes. You should only go by what titles show on you in game. Any of the tools are subject to updating lags, incorrect API flow, etc. If the Graduate title is not showing on your character in-game (i.e. via a ‘show info’ on yourself) then you do not yet have it.

How does Titles Staff evaluate my Graduate application?

The Titles Staff does a deep review of your wiki contributions and your body of work as represented by your forum posts and killboard searching for the Graduate qualification aspects . Just as with Sophomore, if there are activities in which you engage that would demonstrate the key aspects which we look for in Graduate applicants, but which are not reflected in those areas, then you need to tell us about them in your application, and provide references, if needed.

The Graduate applicant should demonstrate that they have mastered a range of aspects of EVE gameplay and mechanics. You aren’t expected to know everything about EVE, but you should be extremely knowledgeable about several areas of EVE gameplay.

The Graduate applicant should show evidence of ‘giving back’ to EVE University. We don’t mean monetarily, we mean using your time and energy to help other EVE University pilots. Some examples are (but are not limited to): actively PvPing in a squad commander or fleet commander capacity; helping new players learn how to operate in fleets (PvP or PvE); contributing to analyzing AARs for PvP pilots; giving fitting advice; helping to answer questions; helping with logistics; taking on campus roles; being a good scout; being a part of staff; updating the wiki; teaching classes; organizing hangars; etc.

There's a difference between just actively playing the game as an EVE University member and ‘giving back.’ The former you can do and qualify for Sophomore, but just coming along and participating, no matter how well you hit F1, doesn’t qualify you for Graduate. You need to be a little more proactive.

This aspect of the Graduate Title is about sharing your knowledge and experience with newer players and assisting them to find their way in the game. This can be done in manifold ways as described above. However you do it, in the end it comes down to what you are showing us and what we can see. If we can not see what you have been doing, then we can not consider it while processing your application.

This title also has a present tense requirement for the ‘giving back’ aspect. See the text above for Sophomore about how Titles Staff evaluates present activity.

Regaining Titles

I have not been online for more than a month. How do I regain my old title? Our current procedures require you to apply for ALL titles. This includes former titles. Detailed instructions may be found here.
If I drop roles and then re-enable them, will I eventually get my roles/titles back? Our current procedures require you to apply for ALL titles. This includes former titles. Detailed instructions may be found here. Since this may take a while you should better be really sure about leaving before you drop your roles and titles.
I recently returned to EVE University. When I checked my ingame employment history I noticed that it thinks that I have only been in the University for a few days rather than several months. Will the Directors be able to tell my actual time in the University and that prior to leaving I was a Sophomore? Do not worry, your complete time in EVE University will be recognized. Also the titles tool will tell the Titles Staff which titles you have held before you left. Remember that you are now required to apply for ALL titles. This includes former titles. Detailed instructions may be found here.
When I was in the Uni before, I had this great vanity title that I'd like back, how do I go about doing that? Titles Staff can not help you with the reinstatement of vanity titles. Vanity titles are bestowed only by Directors at their capricious whims. If you want them back, you will need to convince, cajole, and/or sweet-talk a Director into giving it to you. However, be careful, because they might not give you the one you want.