Triglavian Invasion special NPCs

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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game
Main article: Triglavian Invasion (Chapter 3)

Triglavian invasion systems contain unique rats with unique behavior.

To reach their goals of victory and control over the invaded systems, the EDENCOM and Triglavian Collective made use of a number of specialized ships and structures only present in these systems. This page is an attempt to categorise them.

Roaming fleet behavior

Invasion systems have roaming NPC fleets for both EDENCOM and Triglavian sides. These fleets will partrol on celestial objects and warp between them.

The fleets can be found on the following celestials:

  • Stargates
  • Statons
  • Upwell structures
  • Asteroid belts
  • Moons (POCO?)

The roaming fleets use advanced AI and will move in a group. One of the ships in the fleet is "commander" and all other ships in the fleet will position around it. This can result in odd looking behavior where short range ships stay far away when the commander has long range weapons or long range ships come close to brawl when the commander has short range weapons.
If the commander is killed a new ship will take its place. This can cause the fleet to suddenly change its behavior if the new commander wants to be at different range.

When in fight the roaming fleet may call for reinforcements.

Once sufficient number of ships from the fleet have been destroyed the fleet will disband. The remaining ships will warp to random directions and despawn.

EDENCOM forces

Weak Normal Stronger Strongest
Amarr Scout Imperial Navy <ship type> Imperial Navy <ship type> Elite Imperial Navy <ship type> Exalted Imperial Navy <ship type>
Caldari Scout State <ship type> State <ship type> Elite State <ship type> Executive State <ship type>
Gallente Scout Federal <ship type> Federal <ship type> Elite Federal <ship type> Presiding Federal <ship type>
Minmatar Scout Republic <ship type> Republic <ship type> Elite Republic <ship type> Chief Republic <ship type>

Each race will use their racial EWAR and fit their ships with something that resembles racial T2 resists.

Amarr empire

  • All ships use lasers and deal purely EM and thermal damage.
  • Armor tank with high explosive resist. Thermal and EM are the best damage types to use.
  • EWAR: Energy neutralizing, tracking disruption and guidance disruption. Some of the combat ships have energy neutralizers.

Caldari state

  • Ships use EM and Explosive missiles.
    • EM - Basilisk, Drake, Kitsune, Raven.
    • EX - Cerberus, Kirin, Rook, Scorpion.
    • Additionally Raptor deals EM/Th but its damage is insignificant compared to the other ships.
    • Phoenix dreadnought deals purely kinetic damage.
  • Shield tank with high thermal resist. Explosive and EM are the best damage types to use with kinetic only slightly worse.
  • EWAR: ECM.

Gallente Federation

  • All ships use hybrid turrets and deal purely kinetic and thermal damage.
  • Armor tank with high kinetic resist. Em and thermal are the best damage types to deal with thermal only slightly worse.
  • EWAR: Sensor dampening, long range warp disruptors, long range warp scramblers and long range webs.

Minmatar Republic

  • Mixed use of different damage types. Effectively omni damage.
    • Battleships deal EM, kinetic and explosive damage.
    • Smaller ships deal thermal, kinetic and explosive damage.
  • Shield tank with high EM resist. Kinetic, explosive and thermal are the best damage types to deal.
  • Ewar: Long range webs and target painting. Some of the combat ships also have web and painter.

Triglavian forces

The Triglavian Collective ships come in all sizes, from frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruiser and battleships, with even Dreadnaughts being a present in flashpoint sites during the advanced phases of the invasion.

With the three tiers, many hull-sizes and ewar-types, the Triglavian forces found can come in many variations.

Triglavian NPCs in the Triglavian Invasion systems comes in three tiers:

Weak Normal Stronger Strongest
Triglavian Raznaborg <role> <ship type> No prefix <role> <ship type> Hospidar <role> <ship type> Zorya <ship type>

They follow the traditional Triglavian naming scheme, with their secondary prefix defining their role:

  • Anchoring - Warp scrambling
  • Tangling - Stasis webifying
  • Starving - Energy neutralizing
  • Ghosting - Tracking/guidance disruption
  • Renewing - Stronger remote repairs, lower DPS
  • Liminal - Additional high-damage EM/Kinetic missile attack. These missiles are more powerful than their disintegrators, and mean that invasions deal omni damage.
    • There also exist "Raznaborg <ship type>" with no secondary prefix. These ships have the abilities of Raznaborg Liminal <ship type>s.
  • Harrowing - Target painting
  • Blinding - Sensor dampening


When the invasion nears the second phase the winning side will start deploying industrial ships in the system. These will attempt to set up stationary weapons platforms on gates and stations. They will also try to anchor structures with system-wide buffs inside Stellar Fleet Deployment Site. They are usually escorted by a fleet of combat ships.

Destroying these industrial ships will be a heavy blow to the enemy.

  • EDENCOM Fortification Orca - These industrial ships will deploy Gunstar sentry towers on gates, stations, moons and asteroid belts.

The Triglavian Collective deploys three variants of the Dazh industrial ship to aid them in the invasion. These ships will be found roaming the invaded systems, as well as inside Stellar Fleet Deployment Site. Triglavian industrial ships deploy Entropic Disintegrator Werpost sentry towers on gates, stations, moons and asteroid belts.

The Triglavian industrial ships are:

  • Dazh Potremba
  • Dazh Stribozha
  • Dazh Kolida

Stationary Weapons Platforms

The industrial ships from both sides will deploy stationary weapons to help their side achieve system dominance.

  • EDENCOM GunStar - Heavily tanked and deals omni damage.
  • EDENCOM Heavy GunStar - Tankier and more damage dealing variant of the normal GunStar.
  • Entropic Disintegrator Werpost - Heavily tanked and deals omni damage. The damage ramps up 5% per cycle.

Stellar Observatories

These are found inside the Observatory Flashpoint cosmic anomalies. Inside the EDENCOM forces has attempted to deploy Stellar Observatories near the stars in the invaded systems. The observatories are set up by CONCORD's Inner Circle and the DED High Command to analyze the various effects of Triglavian stellar manipulation and comparing them with the base condition of stellar bodies across New Eden.

They are vital to EDENCOM effort and the Triglavian Collective even considers deploying Dreadnoughts to destroy these observatories.

Triglavian Transmuters

The Dazh Porevitium Transmuter in Raravoss - Second Liminality phase.

When a system reaches the First Liminality phase, a Triglavian Mothership will appear and deploy this megastructure at the star. Why the Triglavian Collective have deployed them and for what purpose are not yet known, but they appear central to the invasion efforts. They are capable of delving profoundly into the stars they are orbiting and appears to be changing the structure of them.

As the Triglavian Collective manage to escalate the system deeper towards the Final Liminality phase, the manipulator will manage to fundamentally change the star from a bright blue to a deep violet color. When the system reaches the Final Liminality, the Triglavian will deploy mining stations in the system to gather materials for the expansion of the Stellar Manipulator.

The destruction of these structures are of the highest priority for the EDENCOM forces and vital for the Triglavian Collective.

Extractive Super-Nexus

The Triglavian Collectives mining operations mining for resources in asteroid belts.

When a system reaches the Final Liminality phase and the Triglavian Collective has established total control over a system, they will begin to deploy mining stations throughout asteroid belts in the system. These structures serve as a processing and control center for the Triglavians effort in gathering material resources for the construction of other structures and fleet reinforcement in the system.

The destruction of these resource-gathering operations are of the highest priority for the EDENCOM forces.