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This page should be updated due to game changes. Reason: This information is undergoing update.

The Unibombers program is undergoing a reboot; this information is from the old program and will be updated shortly.


The UniBombers are a group of unistas who share a collective interest in learning more about flying stealth bombers. UniBombers go on regular stealth bomber roams around low/nullsec, and occasionally venture into high sec to chase after wartargets.

UniBombers Organization

While in the past there were active Leaders of the Unibombers; the specialized nature of bombers, higher SP requirements, the Leaders themselves moving on from the Uni, changes in the metagame, has caused the Unibombers to be on a rollercoaster since early 2015. It was therefore decided to mirror the way public bomber communities operate in some respects. Those Unistas interested in covert ops/bombing/black ops etc, evemail Martin Vanzyl for further info.

Can I be a UniBomber too?

The answer is yes! We are always looking for more people to get in involved with the UniBombers.

Currently, the program does require that members have the Freshman title in order to participate in UniBombers fleets.

Can my Out of Corporation (OOC) alts join?

Characters flying combat ships in the UniBombers are to be Ivy League members.

Selected non-combat roles (i.e. Scouts, Blockade Runners or bait ships) may be OOC with the permission of the coordinator or the UniBomber FC involved. This will be on a case-by-case basis; permission for an OOC alt to take part in a Unibomber event does not constitute standing permission for that alt to be used for other Unibomber events.

Where do I need to be in order to get involved?

The current home of the UniBombers is UM-Q7F. This location was chosen for its proximity to both the Nullsec Campus and Low-Sec Campus.

As the UniBombers continue to grow and expand, we will most likely start roams from other locations as well.

Work is also underway on the WHC chapter of the Unibombers. Location- Unknown.

What Should I fly?

Stealth Bomber roams usually consists of the following types of ships:

What skills do I need to train?

The ships listed above can be quite skill intensive. It is NOT recommended that you fly these ships until you have a good set of skills. Below is a list of skills taken from the Stealth Bomber page:

Required Skills

All bombers have the following skill requirements to operate:

However, whilst it is one thing to be able to sit in a bomber, it is another to be able to fight in it. As a minimum you will want to be able to fit a covert ops cloaking device, torpedo launchers and a bomb launcher. To be able to fit these modules requires:

Suggested Skills

Aside from the 'mandatory' skills, it is suggested that you have the following skills in order to allow you to maximise the strengths of the bomber and mitigate against its weaknesses.

Further skill development

You should aim to maximize the ship's DPS by getting missile support skills to IV or V as well as the Covert Ops skill itself to V. Additionally, you want to maximize the ship's agility and speed, by training navigation skills as high as possible, as well as the fitting and tanking skills found in Electronics, Engineering, and Mechanics. Finally, you should consider training Bomb Deployment to IV in order to be able to use both Void and Lockbreaker EWAR bombs and train up Anchoring in order to be able to deploy bubbles.