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What is Slack?

Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. EVE University has been using Slack for a while within each of the campuses, communities and other teams.

The various E-Uni Campuses have channels set up in their respective slack applications for different purposes. One feature in slack is that it allows pings for various purposes, which will be received by all members of that team. Slack also has a mobile app which is quite versatile.

All UNI Slacks follow University Rules

Joining Slack and Channels

Each campus and community has a certain way of joining their Slack. Once you join a campus, you will need to visit their forum posts for details on how to join it. Certain teams may also create private groups for their management teams, FC teams, etc.

Joining Slack

If you have any issues joining their slack, look on those posts for whom to contact.

Common UNI Wide Channels

  • #campusbatphone : This is a campuswide ping in case of a major emergency. Please use this ping sparingly, as it will ping every member of every campus-associated slack as well as the staff slack. This channel should only be used if the campus can't handle the threat by itself. I.e. if WHC is getting invaded, NSC is getting dropped and station camped by a nasty gang or if the LSC can't undock for whatever reason. It should not be used for general purposes like announcing fleets or announcing classes. DO NOT RESPOND TO A PING IN THIS CHANNEL. Discuss it in your campus channels.

General Channels

  • #general : General team channel used to discuss topics generally related to that team/campus
  • #othergames : Chat, discuss, or play other games via this channel
  • #otherchat : Discuss, share anything not directly related to the UNI or EVE Online
  • #scripts : Testing of scripts ad using miscellaneous scripts included by Titus (latex, market prices, routes etc) go here.

Ping Channels

  • #pingpve : Pings for PvE activities (missions, mining, etc), arranged or impromptu, go here. Do NOT respond/chatter in this channel.
  • #pingpvp : Pings for PvP activities, arranged or impromptu, go here. Do NOT respond/chatter in this channel.
  • #pingmisc : Miscellaneous pings - like "come kill Pehuen", "rolling Bacon, need HIC", "need to scan down chains" etc go here. Do NOT respond/chatter in this channel.
  • #pingfleet : Announce pre-planned fleets, ie Ishtar Fleet next week. Do NOT respond/chatter in this channel.
  • #talkaboutpings : Discuss any ping from the ping channels here

Pings should be informative enough so that they do not require multiple pings for the same topic. If you need to use multiple lines, type them out before you send the message. Each message sent will notify individuals on their mobile, desktop, and/or emails; do not abuse the pings otherwise individuals will just turn them off.

Campus-specific Channels

Please be respectful, decent and all the rest of those things in slack.. and NEVER reveal any personal info.

E-Uni Staff Slack

  • #announcements : The purpose of this channel is to make and easily find important announcements.
  • #azmos-office : This is a Q&A channel for our lord and master Azmodeus Valar.
  • #general : This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All E-Uni staff members, who are part of the staff slack are in this channel.
  • #logs : This channel is to report server outages. If the server is acting up, put a comment in there so we can compare it to our server logs.
  • #need-a-director : This channel is to type stuff that you think needs to be brought to the attention of a director.
  • #need-a-moderator : If a forum or chat channel needs a moderator, ask for them in here.
  • #offtopic-chat : This channel is used to chat about stupid things.
  • #uniwiki : This channel is used to discuss wiki edits, wiki moderation and new wiki pages.

Incursions Slack

  • #general : This is the Incursion community hangout room. Anything and everything SFW go here - as long as its within uni rules :).
  • #newfocus : Announcements of new focus to which the community will move to goes here.
  • #pingfleetforming : Fleet announcements go here. DO NOT RESPOND TO A PING IN THIS CHANNEL.
  • #script-testing : Testing of scripts ad using miscellaneous scripts included by Titus (latex, market prices, routes etc) go here.
  • #talkaboutfleetpings : Discuss and ask about pings in the ping channel - #pingfleetforming - here.
  • #uniwiki : Changes and additions to the incursions wiki go here.