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Industrial Command Ships are a class of Industrial ships specifically designed to support mining operations. Currently there are two ships in the class, the Porpoise and the Orca. This class of ship fills a role in between the Mining Barges and Exhumers on the one hand, and the Capital Industrial Ship the Rorqual on the other.

These ships are essentially the force multipliers of mining fleets, providing similar fleet support roles to mining fleets as logistics does for PvP fleets, and occupying much the same level of respect and admiration from those pilots who benefit from their support.

Fleet support is provided by these ships in a variety of ways. Primarily they extend the effective range, efficiency, and longevity of mining modules and crystals of every ship in the fleet via command bursts. Additionally, they have dedicated hangars are ore holds that can be made available to the fleet for various purposes, and the bandwidth to use powerful advanced mining drones that cannot be fitted to barges or exhumers.

To achieve this support role, there are skills and implants specific to the role, which are also explained below.

Command Bursts

The most obvious and common use of Industrial Command Ships is to provide boosts to mining fleets. These are temporary bonus effects lasting from 60 to 130 seconds that continues to operate even if pilots move out of range, or if the boosting ship dies. These boosts also persist through warps within a system, but do not persist through docking and undocking, tethering, or through system changes. The bonus is applied to the ship rather than the character, so swapping ships in space leaves the buff on your unpiloted old ship rather than having it follow you to the new ship.

The position of the boosting ship in the fleet hierarchy has no effect on the boosts provided, allowing the booster to be positioned wherever the FC needs them.

Mining Foreman Bursts

These boosts are provided by a subset of Command Burst modules known as Mining Foreman Bursts.

All Command Bursts modules (including Mining Foreman Bursts) share these common stats:

  • Module cycle time: 1 minute
  • Base module reload time: 1 minute (reduced by skills and ship bonuses)
  • Base Command Burst AoE range: 15km (increased by skills and ship bonuses)
  • Base bonus duration: 1 minute (increased by skills, implants and ship bonuses)

To fit the modules, the following skills are required:

  • Tech 1 Mining Foreman Bursts require Leadership level 1 and Mining Foreman level 1
  • Tech 2 Mining Foreman Bursts require Leadership level 5 and Mining Director level 1

There are three varieties of charges that can be loaded in Mining Foreman Burst modules:

Name Effects Base Bonus Maximum Bonus
Mining Laser Field Enhancement Increases range of mining lasers, strip miners, ice harvesters, gas harvesters, and survey scanners +30% +114.26%
Mining Laser Optimization Reduces cycle time and capacitor use of mining lasers, strip miners, ice harvesters, and gas harvesters -15% -57.13%
Mining Equipment Preservation Reduces volatility of mining crystals -15% -57.13%

For detailed information on calculating the exact bonus from your Mining Foreman Burst modules, please look here.

Shield Command Bursts

In addition to Mining Foreman Bursts, these ships can fit Shield Command Burst modules and make use of charges for them:

Name Effects Base Bonus Maximum Bonus
Shield Harmonizing Increases all shield resistances +8% +21.56%
Active Shielding Reduces cycle time and capacitor use for local and remote shield boosters -8% -21.56%
Shield Extension Increases shield hitpoints -8% -21.56%

For detailed information on calculating the exact bonus from your Shield Command Burst modules, please look here.


Command Burst Processor Rigs (150 calibration each) can be used to expand the number of Command Burst modules used to five, each Processor Rig providing the ability to fit one additional command burst module.

Holds & Hangars

In addition to the normal holds on a ship, Industrial Command Ships are outfitted with a variety of specialized holds designed to support their role as fleet support ships.

Ore Holds

Each Industrial Command Ship has a specialized ore hold in addition to their regular holds. These ore holds can be expanded by training the Industrial Command Ships skill, for a volume increase of 5% per level.

Fleet Hangars

Industrial Command Ships are also outfitted with Fleet Hangars, which can be made available to either the pilots fleetmates or fellow corporation members. These can be used by those in fleet to store extra equipment such as mining crystals, or to transfer ore to the Industrial for the pilot to move into the ore hold.

Ship Maintenance Bay

In addition to the Ore Hold and Fleet Hangar, the Orca also has a Ship Maintenance Bay for the storage of assembled and fitted ships. Ships stored in this bat cannot contain any cargo other than ammo and charges, but it is possible to fit two Hulk for use by the mining fleet. Like the Fleet Hangar, the Orca pilot can configure access for their fleetmates or Corp Members.


Mining Drones

Ore and Ice drones, each in 4 variants:

T1 T2 Harvester ‘Augmented’ ‘Excavator’ - Rorqual only


Drone Mining Augmentor rig


Mining Drone Specialization Ice Harvester Drone Operation Ice Harvester Drone Specialization



There are a few skills necessary for Industrial Command Ships. The most important is, of course, Industrial Command Ships, every level of which provides bonuses to the hold capacities, command burst strength and duration, drone hitpoints, and drone ice harvesting cycle time reduction for command ships.


The following implants are designed to work specifically with the attributes and roles of Industrial Command Ships


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