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A conversation in WHC today brought to light the fact that I would like to have things I can copy/paste into chat. Please contribute. If you see something that is not translated into your language, please translate it and explain to me any nuances about that phrase that I might not understand as an American. There is often cultural significance that can't be captured in a direct translation. Feel free to add phrases for people to translate as well.

Sample Format:

  • "Phrase/concept to translate"
"Phrase in this language"
English explanation of the meaning. For instance if you may not be a direct translation, you might be making a translation of the idea and you want to note what you're really saying

The list:

  • "I don't know what you're saying, I'm sorry. Can you say it in english?"
"Alder, seh ich aus aus würd ich dich verstehen? Tipp englisch."
ultra informal, borderline aggressive
"Tut mir leid, ich spreche leider kein Deutsch. Könnt Ihr Englisch?"
"Verzeihung, ich verstehe Sie leider nicht. Könnten Sie bitte zu auf Englisch wechseln? Danke"
  • "Hello! :)"
  • "I hope you're having a fantastic day!"
  • "I didn't want that ship anyway"