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A conversation in WHC today brought to light the fact that I would like to have things I can copy/paste into chat. Please contribute. If you see something that is not translated into your language, please translate it and explain to me any nuances about that phrase that I might not understand as an American. There is often cultural significance that can't be captured in a direct translation. Feel free to add phrases for people to translate as well.

Sample Format:

  • "Phrase/concept to translate"
"Phrase in this language" - Translators name
English explanation of the meaning. For instance if you may not be a direct translation, you might be making a translation of the idea and you want to note what you're really saying

The list:

  • "I don't know what you're saying, I'm sorry. Can you say it in english?"
"Alder, seh ich aus aus würd ich dich verstehen? Tipp englisch." - Dunar Dolorgiet
ultra informal, borderline aggressive
"Tut mir leid, ich spreche leider kein Deutsch. Könnt Ihr Englisch?" - Dunar Dolorgiet
"Verzeihung, ich verstehe Sie leider nicht. Könnten Sie bitte zu auf Englisch wechseln? Danke" - Dunar Dolorgiet
  • "Hello! :)"
  • "I hope you're having a fantastic day!"
  • "I didn't want that ship anyway"