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If you'd like to reach me:



Role From To What we do
Orientation officer May 2019 July 2020 OOs reach out to new members to help them get settled in and provide them with information useful for their individual situation.
SRP officer May 2019 August 2020 Reimbursement officers handle the uni's Ship Replacement Program requests.
Solitude comms officer June 2019 June 2020 This officer handles payouts for Project Solitude's H2H reward program and the campus' Slack requests.
Student advocate June 2019 January 2020 SAs are a point of contact for the student body: they function as mediators and act on the student body's behalf in dealings with the uni's management.
Events officer July 2019 July 2020 Events officers help unistas organise events and update the Events library.
Diplomat August 2019 October 2020 Diplomats manage standings requests, and act as a point of contact for uni members and other organisations to report diplomatic incidents.
Titles officer October 2019 December 2020 TOs evaluate and process incoming title applications for freshman, sophomore and graduate.