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Etienne Law

Etienne ("eh-tee-eh-n") 'Etty' Law is a Sebiestor engineer and line pilot within the Imperium Coalition (formerly the Clusterfuck Coalition or CFC). He is a graduate of the Republic Military School & EVE University. Devout to the Minmatar Republic, he became a capsuleer on July 2, 2011. He is currently in null-sec with 4S Corporation in the Goonswarm Federation. When not on a strategic deployment with GSF/Imperium he resides in the Deklein region of New Eden or is on peacetime deployment with one of the many special interest groups (SIG's) on operations throughout New Eden. Etienne has also been known to live in wormhole space.

You can follow Etienne on Twitter: @Etienne_Law . Check out Etienne's EVE pictures: EVE Pics

IVY League

EVE University

Etienne spent over 12 months in EVE University and from an early age lent his abilities, most noticeably, to the universities 'Low-Sec Camp' amongst other projects. Based out of the metropolis region of New Eden, Etienne had many responsibilities including mentoring and serving as an officer in the IVY League Navy (ILN). Anyone wishing to join IVY League can find more information here:


In his service to the UNI, Etienne has been awarded the following medals:

In the defense of others, Etienne has been awarded the following medal:

"Awarded to the brave pilots that fought to protect the Holy Cottage in 9UY4-H on the night of September 23-24, 113 YC."

Etienne Law - Before joining EVE University


An EVE University graduate, Etienne was also a mentor for those pilots younger than himself. He has mentored over 20 students on their journey through EVE. Anyone interested in aquiring a mentor or even becoming one can find out more about the mentoring program at:

Low-Sec Camp

Etienne was a familiar resident of the universities Low-Sec Camp and was a member since the early days of its creation, being present at Dudreda, Heild & Maseera. Anyone wishing to join the LSC can find more information at:

Ivy League Navy

Etienne was a staff officer of the "new" (12th July 114 YC) IVY League Navy. He held the ranks of Lt. Commander & Commander and was responsible for all ILN recruitment, records and the creation and command of the Operational Command Support Unit (OCSU). As a Lt.Commander, Etienne was an officer of the old ILN Battlegroup 3: "Honeybadgers", where his responsibilities include tracking ILN leadership, certifications and fleet participation. After a brief period of re-organisation Etienne was promoted to Commander and formed the OCSU, a department of the ILN overseeing recruitment, record keeping, intelligence and PvP based events. Etienne resigned his ILN commission in November 114 YC shortly before leaving IVY League for sov-warfare.

4S Corporation

4S Corporation Logo

On November 11, 2012, Etienne joined 4S Corporation. 4S is one of the oldest and most accomplished corporations in New Eden. Created in 2003, 4S was involved in early alliance warfare as part of Fountain Alliance while independently establishing a reputation for effective anti-pirate fighting. In 2006 the corporation began to build an industrial base suitable for the capital age and founded the alliance Morsus Mihi,

Morsus Mihi Alliance Logo

leading it and the Northern Coalition to become one of the most powerful and influential entities EVE has ever seen, and being involved in most of the game's major wars.

In January 2012 4S joined Razor Alliance and in September 2013 moved into Goonswarm Federation and continuing its presence within the CFC.

4S has been involved in over 100,000 kills since 2006. An average of 1500 each month. You can expect constant PvP ranging from the smallest skirmish contacts to the legendary capital battles that often come to define periods of EVE's military and political history. But 4S is more than a PvP corporation, it's a gaming community with roots dating back before EVE itself. We're an incredibly friendly bunch of guys. Many of us have holidays planned together, along with frequent meet-ups. Many of our pilots are 'lifers', if 4S wasn't their first serious 0.0 corp it quickly becomes their last as they form friendships and enjoy experienced, ambitious and fun-seeking leadership, they can't imagine ever leaving.

Once led as a corp by Vuk Lau, respected as a former CSM chairman and longtime coalition leader, 4S maintains a reliable empire-based industry and healthy finances which sees us able to offer reimbursement of all main fleet doctrine ships, as well as invest in capital ships, provide fuel and assist new pilots with free ships. There is an emphasis on efficient centralised logistics so you can expect to be able to buy fitted ships from the corporation at our staging location, get your assets moved by carrier/jump freighter when the corporation relocates, order items from Jita and benefit from 0.0 market seeding. Of course none of this happens without the dedication of our players and if you have ambitions to join the tight-knit command team there are always opportunities.

Anyone wishing to join 4S Corporation can find further details here:

RAZOR Alliance

RAZOR Alliance Logo

Founded in 2005, Razor started off by living in 5ZXX-K in Pure Blind. Politically aligned with then powerhouses G and IRON they worked on keeping Pure Blind clean from pirates and any NBSI types.

Shortly after (Six Months) forming the alliance the regions of Branch, Venal, Tenal and Tribute found themselves in a bloody war since FE and Euphoria Released had collapsed against ATUK led enemies. Seizing the opportunity RZR helped G take over BKG and subsequently Branch. After that together with Morsus Mihi, who had been approached down in Geminate, they took over Tenal while helping Morsus Mihi take Tribute. That war got them into probably one of the longest standing 0.0 brotherhoods.

RZR and RAWR engaged in countless wars together always relying on each other for success and ultimately always prevailing. Many alliances joined what was to become known as the 'Northern Coalition' which sat astride large swathes of the north of the Eve universe for several years, repelling or retaking all invaders.

That coalition and it's grip on the north came to an abrupt end in 2011. The DRF steamrolled much of the north with a show of super capital force never seen up until that time. The NC itself was imploding due to several failures on all levels and a decision was made to yield the territory to the opposing forces, falling back to low sec and regrouping.

Razor itself lost a lot of it's 'chaffe' and decided to focus on PvP, operating from several low sec staging areas slowly but surely morale picked up, the member base grew and eventually several of the old RAWR corps came on board and a new direction chosen.

A new home in Pure Blind was offered by GSF(O-BY0Y), which was gratefully accepted. Shortly after Razor deployed to Delve alongside their new brother in arms, GSF, to help TEST secure their territory and aid in the (in)famous Delve freeport campaign.

Becoming full members of the CFC Razor then helped retake most of the north and were rewarded with reclaiming their ancestral home of Tenal. Following on from that several large campaigns have been fought including more recently Fountain and Delve yet again!

RAZOR Informational Video


Cobalt Edge Deployment

Not strictly an official deployment, but in December 114 YC RAZOR began putting pressure on Intrepid Crossing's infrastucture looking for good PvP fights. Etienne was extremely active in small gang roams and large scale fleet doctrine engagments against RAZORS's arch enemy neigbours. IRC was already on shaky ground due to a recent nerf to drone alloy drops and had started to fray internally.

As IRC began folding under repeated bombardment from multi time zone fleets, it became apparent to RAZOR leadership that IRC was struggling to mount a lasting defense. This led to a full scale "non-invaision". After a definitive fight in HB-5L3, by RZR and the CFC against IRC and allied force ROGUE, IRC were finally demolished. IRC subsequently fell apart and failscaded, as individuals and entire corporations fled Cobalt Edge.

In the days that followed RAZOR diplomats brokered a deal with IRC to let them move assets out of Cobalt Edge peacefully in exchange for sovereignty of their space. The deal included gifting southern Cobalt Edge space to IRC's only allies in the main engagement, ROGUE.

Campaign success

The news stories:

EN24: IRC didn't want Cobalt Edge anyways

Counter IRC Cobalt Edge and a Razor sharp invasion

Cobalt Edge RAZOR perspective

Great Wildlands Deployment

On 31st Januray 2013, Etienne went with RAZOR on a joint deployment with allies Fatal Ascension in E02-IK, Great Wildlands.

RAZOR went in to help SOLAR against the newly formed coalition, N3. On the 8th March 2013, after several months of fights RAZOR and FA returned home. The decision to return home is believed to be due to communication issues with Russian alliance SOLAR as well as each alliances respective timezones being out of sync. Pandemic Legion and NC. have now deployed further north in the dronelands with the hope of dispatching SOLAR once and for all.

Tenal/Cobalt w/ROGUE Deployment

On the 8th of March 2013, RAZOR returned home and swiftly deployed on the Tenal/Cobalt Edge border. They allied themselves with ROGUE in order to protect northern assets from the advance of PL and NC. should SOLAR alliance fall.

NC. Fail

WAR: CFC vs TEST & Friends in Fountain

On June 6 2013, in an address made by Goonswarm Federation , it was announced that the CFC will be invading the region of Fountain in a full scale war centered around obtaining control of new R64 moons included during the Odyssey patch.

Over a week later, on the 15th June 2013, Etienne with RAZOR deployed to the front line in B-DBYQ with late deployment cited as providing time to analyze their strategic position in the north.

On July 20 a jump bridge was successfully installed between B-DBYQ and 4-EP12 allowing the CFC to gain its first foothold in fountain.

Goonswarm Federation

Goonswarm Federation Logo

In the early hours of September 6, 2013 4S corporation left RAZOR Alliance for Goonswarm Federation.

Successor to the previous SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO and GoonSwarm alliances, Goonswarm Federation is the largest (by character count) non-renter alliance in EVE. It is at the helm of the Imperium Coalition (formerly the Clusterfuck Coalition or CFC), a player coalition consisting of Goonswarm Federation, SpaceMonkey's Alliance, Gentlemen's Agreement, Tactical Narcotics Team, The Bastion, Fidelas Constans, RAZOR Alliance and others.

Goonswarm Federation currently owns the Deklein region and has holdings in Branch, Cloud Ring, Pure Blind and Fade. Its members are known as "Goons" due to their origin in the Something Awful community. Thanks to vast holdings of northern Technetium, Goons play under a cradle-to-grave system where they are reimbursed for all PvP losses, leading to comedy fleet compositions in non-strategic fleet operations and bitter veterans shoveling massive amounts of ISK into the wallets of newbies.


Delve 2013 CFC Deployment

On August 28, 2013 Etienne deployed to 1DH-SX in Delve to commence a 'clean-up campaign' along with the rest of the CFC. With TEST now defeated, work will commence flipping Delve sovereignty over to CFC control.

Curse 2013 (Honorable Third Parties) CFC Peacetime Deployment

On November 15 2013, Etienne deployed to the front line in G-0Q86, Curse, to be an 'honorable third party' against NCdot and their allies in N3. In the east the newly reinvigorated Russian bloc is pushing back against NCdot & N3. As honorable third parties in a full scale bloc war the CFC will be fielding drone assist doctrines as our defeated foes did to us in Fountain 2013.

WAR: Curse 2013 - CFC, SOLAR & friends Vs N3, Pandemic Legion & Friends

On December 15 2013, in an announcement by the Goonswarm Federation CEO, full war was declared escalating the 'Honorable Third Parties' peacetime deployment.

WAR: Immensea 2013/14 - CFC, SOLAR & friends Vs N3, Pandemic Legion & Friends

The Battle of B-R5RB "Titanomachy"

On the 27th of January 2014, the single largest ever battle took place in the system of B-R5RB: Inside the Epic Online Space Battle That Cost Gamers $300,000 to the day of the one-year anniversary of the Battle of Asakai.

Etienne's account of events:

The 27th was a Monday and I didn't expect to play EVE that day as I'd been quite busy. I logged into EVE about 21:30 to update my training queue, intending to log straight back out as I had an early start the next day. I leave my PC on 24hrs a day so I started to scour through the days jabber pings. At first, nothing unusual. But I slowly noticed their was an awful lot of them and then as I scrolled down I was hit with constant pings of titans going down and rage logging. I don't think I've ever logged in so fast. As the client loaded I was receiving fresh pings for subcaps. All hell was breaking loose. I ran downstairs for my arbitrary juice and snacks for the ensuing night shift and while downstairs the reality of the situation hit me. Titan kills, tidi unlike anything anyone has ever experienced and then I thought about how long this fight could potentially last. It dawned on me that we could be at this until downtime. It's not the kind of event where you can just dock up when you've had enough and RL beckons.

I joined a supcap fleet of dominix's led by FC Sanreiko Mei Riyakami. The operation wasn't in B-R and I'll admit that I was actually relieved. No titan killmails for me but none of the excruciating ti-di either. The intel we received was that the enemy was trying to break of their respective staging areas to bring reinforcements to B-R, NCdot out of GXK and Nulli out of I-N. We were tasked with preventing Nulli from breaking out of I-N whilst protecting fresh convoys of dictors into B-R. We escorted around 50 dictors into B-R then focused on I-N. From 22:15 to 01:15 we killed almost everything that tried to break out of station. Around 75 kills in total including 9 carriers. At this point victory was assured and as the USTZ came into full swing I retired for the night knowing that every pilot no matter where they were played his/her part in this historic battle.

Etienne's collection of images of the battle: B-R5RB Album

The atrocity of 0-W778 2014

On February 15th, in a State of the Goonion (SOTA) address by The Mittani, it was announced that there would be an act of 'atrocity' performed against Nulli Secunda in the hopes of twisting the knife against their already crippled capital fleet. At around 18:30 the entire CFC including Etienne deployed en mass to the current Nulli staging in 0-W778 for a week long assault against their assets and their state of mind. The aim of the operation was to 'hellcamp' remaining forces into station and to burn remaining assets to the ground. This operation was quite unusual as the CFC will spent the entire deployment living out of POS's with operations commencing around the clock for an entire week's assault.