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The teaching department is responsible for providing educational content for EVE University. We provide live classes, and a library of recorded classes on a every aspect of EVE. We also maintain a library of syllabi for our teachers, and maintain various players guides on our wiki, available to the entire EVE Online community. The majority of our staff are dedicated members of EVE Univeristy, however we do have several guest lecturers who volunteer their time and skills to ensure that the wider EVE online community can continue to grow and thrive.

Current Staff

DunarDolorgiet.jpg Dunar Dolorgiet - Send a forum PM

The Teaching Manager oversees the teachers and guest lecturers. He is also responsible for the teaching and training resources EVE University provides.

Main article: Teaching Department

Assistant Managers:

Felecia Venucci.jpg
Jason Eoner Felecia Venucci

For Students

You can read about our recorded classes, syllabi, and other information on our classes.

Our wiki is well-known source of information for the EVE community, and has a large collection of guides on many subjects. These guides have been created and updated over the years by a wide-range of players throughout the community.

We also have a Recommended Curriculum page, where you can find some of the more common classes that should be of interest to many new players.

And keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming classes. Feel free to request a class you're interested in if one isn't already scheduled.

Joining the Department

We are always looking for experienced players to teach classes and share their knowledge. The majority of our classes are open to the public, and help new players from all over New Eden. Members of EVE University can join the faculty and earn the title "Teacher," and non-members are welcome to teach classes as Guest Lecturers. We also have a teacher induction program, which allows experienced players to join EVE University as a teacher directly.

If you would like to help us educate the next generation of players, by offering a class, you can read more about how to join the faculty.

Teaching a Class

Anyone from New Eden who feels they are qualified is welcome to schedule a class, and share their knowledge with the rest of the EVE community. We have many regular guest lecturers, as well as many special classes and lectures given by well-known personalities from all parts of the game.

EVE University is a highly respected name in the education of capsuleers, and we have the tools and experience necessary to ensure your efforts to share and educate New Eden reach the widest audience possible.

List of Teachers

Our current list of teachers can be found here.

For Teachers

How You Can Help

If you are interested in helping us in our mission to educate EVE pilots everywhere, here are some things anyone can do: