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Lan Man as of YC124

Lan Man

Lan Man (he/him/they) entered New Eden on 1 October YC124 (2022). Lan completed capsuleer and career agent training at Hadaugago II - Moon 1 - Republic Military School, and proceeded shortly after to apply to Eve University, enrolling on 5 October YC124.

In the Real World

I had played Eve Online in 2013-2014 for a period of ~8 months under a different character, flying at first with BRAVE in Syndicate, and then with IRL friends in a lowsec pirate corporation. I drifted away due to other gaming interests, and discomfort at not being able to contribute meaningfully in PvP as a low skill character. I returned to Eve in 2022 seeking a long-term game, but this time with willingness to embrace the complexity and learn the game fully. In that light I felt a need for a fresh start under a new name, and that enrolling in and seeking to graduate from Eve University would be a far better means to learn the game rather than jumping into the deep end of the pool as before.


  • ⚔️ Small gang PVP
  • 👨‍🏫 Teaching
  • 🪐 Exploration, Scouting, and Sightseeing
  • 🍻 Beer and whisky

Personal Projects

In Progress

[CLASS] Introduction to Pathfinder - Following sessions of Intro to Wormhole Mechanics in February and March 2023, several attendees expressed interest in an Introduction to Pathfinder style class. Intent here is to create a class which can be delivered via live demo in Pathfinder, with slides and speaking notes sufficient to teach the material outside of Pathfinder and/or for learners to consume individually if necessary. RC1 of this class was submitted for Teaching Department review via Discord on March 21, 2023.


Lessons Learned in Trade, Using Alts for Profit (forum thread)

History in Eve University

To be earned.

Community Content Initiative

I enrolled in the Community Content Initiative on 18 October, 2022, with progress underway as of 26 February 2023. Link to E-UNI forum thread.

Junior FC

I joined the Fleet Command team as a Junior FC in December 2022, and am easing into PvP FC'ing via the 2IC role where/when able.


I have taught a few classes at Eve University, and try to make my presenters notes available both via the teaching department and on demand. Classes I have taught include Intro to Bookmarks, Intro to the Nullsec Community, and Intro to Wormhole Mechanics.


Ribbon-Freshman.png 2022-11-05 Freshman - Hold the Freshman title in game.
Ribbon-Sophomore.png 2023-02-13 Sophomore - Hold the Sophomore title in game.
Ribbon-ForGood.png 2023-02-14 Humanitarian - Contribute to the PLEX for Good program.
Ribbon-Revenge.png 2022-10-27 Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold - Get the killing blow on another ship while in a pod.
Ribbon-NSVoyager.png 2022-11-06 Nullsec Voyager - Travel through nullsec, entering through one system, and leaving through a different one.
Ribbon-WHVoyager.png 2022-12-10 Wormhole Voyager - Scan down and travel into w-space, through it, and exit into a different k-space system.