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EVE University members are free to make their own choices, subject to the following rules

We are NRDS in high sec and NBSI in low sec, null sec and wormholes. This means that members can engage any player that are in negative standing in high security space and any player that EVE University does not have a positive standing towards in low sec, null sec and wormholes. This excludes players that are currently in a fleet with EVE University.

Our members do the following:

  • They treat others, both inside and outside of EVE University, with respect
  • They are honest and keep their word
  • They give back to the community

Our members don’t do the following:

  • Anything that would risk EVE University’s neutrality - for more information see Neutrality
  • Use our communication channels for anything other than family-friendly communications - for more information see our Communications Policy
  • Anything that would be in violation of EVE Online’s EULA
  • Engage or destroy any structures without the appropriate permission. Permission can be requested from a Director, a Diplomat or the Campus Manager in the area of space the structure is based in
  • Stream fleets without permission from the FC - see our Streaming and Video Publishing Policy
  • Take aggressive action against any other member without their permission