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A page for storing various information gleaned from in-game.

Game UI

There are a number of problems with trying to match colors with the game UI.

  • 21 different color schemes that can be chosen
  • Alpha is limited only to one of them (Dark Matter)
  • transparency level can be different, causing show-through from background
  • windows pinned/unpinned set transparency level as well
  • color blind mode might alter colors

For new wiki theme development, the following settings will be used to base the Skin off of. It will also be recommended that all in-game screenshots of UI elements be taken with, or updated with versions taken with, these same settings:

  • UI Theme: Carbon
  • Transparency: 0% (solid)
  • Colorblind: Off
  • Match theme to active ship: NO
  • Enable Window Blur: NO (this causes some small amount of background to show through if enabled)
  • Windows pinned to ensure they are fully opaque.
  • UI Element HAS the focus (click in it before taking screenshot)

Note that Alpha will not be able to choose Carbon for this -- their only choice, Dark Matter, is "close enough" to leave screenshots taken with it as-is, so long as the other settings are followed.

Skill Training

The skill training window has a few different things to designate various aspects of skills.

  • Whether the skill is trainable or not
  • Whether the skill is injected or not
  • Whether the skill has been trained
  • Whether the skill is queued for training
  • Whether the skill has been partially trained
  • Whether the skill, or some of its levels, are Omega-Account-Only (only visible on alpha accounts)
  • Whether the skill is actively being trained right now

Two primary elements are used for these states: The text color, and the box size and color. Four primary colors are used, as well: blue, light gray, dark gray, and orange.

Text Color:

  • Skill is injected: light gray
  • Skill is not injected: dark gray

Box Size:

  • Skill is not trainable: 4px by 4px
  • Skill is trainable: 10px by 10px

Box Color for each level:

  • Skill has been trained: solid light gray
  • Skill has not been trained: solid dark gray
  • Skill is in training queue: blue
  • Skill is omega-only: orange

Box Diagonal:

  • Skill is partially trained and not in queue:
    • Lower left: Light gray
    • antialias section :
    • Upper right: dark gray
  • Skill is partially trained and in queue:
    • Lower Left: Light gray
    • antialias section :
    • Upper Right: blue

Alpha Clone State:

  • Omega Skill level, untrainable: darker yellow -
  • Omega skill level trained but unusable: lighter yellow -

And finally, if a skill is actively being trained "right now" (and queue not paused) it will be flashing between blue and light gray.
The timing curve over two observations appears to be linear, with these approximate timings:
0 ms - 525 ms: Starts at and stays blue
525ms - 875ms (350ms) : transitions linearly to light gray
875ms - 1075ms (200ms) : stays at light gray
1075 ms - 1825ms (750ms) : transitions linearly back to blue
... repeat.

Skill Training Queue Colors
light gray - #CCCCCC
dark gray - #464646
blue - #30839C
omega untrainable - #9F7C0C
omega trained but unusable - #CE9F09
blue on diagonal - #92B1BA
gray on diagonal - #9A9A9A


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