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A page for storing various information gleaned from in-game.

Skill Training

Skill training boxes on the skill training tab of the character sheet have the following visuals:

  • Skill Not Trainable:
    • 4px square with skill-dark-gray color
    • Because Not Injected:
      • Text is skill-dark-gray as well
    • Injected, but need Prereq:
      • Text is skill-light-gray
  • Skill Trainable:
    • 10px square
    • Level not trained:
      • skill-dark-gray
    • Level trained:
      • skill-light-gray
    • Level queued for training:
      • skill-blue
    • Level partially trained:
      • diagonal from top left to bottom right
      • Lower left portion is skill-light-gray
      • Upper Right Portion is:
        • skill-blue if in queue
        • skill-dark gray if not in queue

Skill colors mentioned above:

skill-light-gray: RGB 204/204/204 -- hex: #CCCCCC

skill-dark-gray: RGB 70/70/70 -- hex: #464646

skill-blue: RGB 48/131/156 -- hex: #30839C

Note: the diagonal for partial-training is antialised on the upper left to lower right actual corner. so in a 0 to 9 grid with 0,0 at top left corner, (0,0), (1,1), ... (n,n) are antialised resulting in RGB 154/154/154, Hex: #9A9A9A