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"The Manifesto"

Or, what I want to accomplish as the new Wiki Manager.
Here I've outlined all of my current plans for the UniWiki, and a rough road map of how they'll be accomplished.
Please note: Not all of these will necessarily happen, they are the result of brainstorming and ideas and are subject to change.

PHASE ONE: Upgrade the infrastructure

  • Multi-phase process, one version at a time.
  • Fully tested and document on testwiki first
  • Add new Extensions, replace old ones.
  • Examine new editor(s)


  • The wiki has now been fully upgraded to Version 1.33. There are still some issues with the skin, but considered minor enough for now to wait until a new skin that is in development.
  • The Math extension that was used before (and broken for a while) has been replaced with SimpleMathJax - instructions for how to use this are at UniWiki:Manual_of_Style/mathematics
  • New extensions are being evaluated and added as well.
  • Recently added:
    • Semantic MediaWiki (in-wiki data lookups from other pages, still learning how to use)
    • Bootstrap (CSS framework that will allow new skin design to be more mobile-friendly)

PHASE TWO: Lower the bar

  • Update Style Guides, Editing Guides, Howto Guides
  • Add guides to left navbar
  • Uniwiki 101 classes
  • Editing Hackathons, Prizes
  • Forum presence, in-game-channel?
  • Examine possibility of allowing SSO auth.


  • SSO Login is now enabled. Still researching how to upgrade it to allow sessions to last longer
  • UniWiki has now joined Discord, courtesy of Talking in Stations - Grab an invite from their website, then look for #uniwiki in the Public Channels
  • Style Guide reviews still in work.
  • UniWiki 101 class planning also still in work - one class was taught with 6 students, but was ad-hoc and unplanned. A proper plan is needed.

PHASE THREE: Update all the things

  • Examine theming / CSS usage.
    • Looking at you, Ship Articles.
    • wouldn't it be Flipping Awesome if we could replicate the in-game fitting window for the ship stats?
    • and for Fittings pages too?
  • Categorization plan
  • Custom Category landing pages
    • Class-based approach to the Wiki Topics. Landing page has overview, branches off into subpages for details. Not too much detail on landing page.
  • Reduce/Combine/Clean-up Templates
    • New Template Examples page
  • Update outdated pages
  • Archival category for archived pages(/classes)(/images)
    • Extension on MW Meta wiki, look at using.
  • Mission Reports Pages
  • Validate External links (still working?)
  • Front page Overhaul
    • More like the new Agency. graphical, friendly, appealing.


  • E-Uni sections overhaul ?
    • Clarity, reduction, better cross-linking, easier to navigate.
    • Suggest improvements to Recruitment Process pages, and the crossover pages for people going OOC -> Joining Uni.
    • Make 'E-Uni rules' page more prominent to non-members so they know them when joining, rather than after.