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I have been playing EVE Online for various periods since 2007, spending my entire playing career in EVE University when I joined in mid-~2008 for a few months. I resumed playing in 2012 for two years where I spent a notable amount of time in LSC before moving down to NSC. I recently started again in 2020 for a couple months, before recently continuing in late 2021.


In Progress



To Do List


  • List of PvP Ships by Bonus seems super helpful, but out of date.
  • Looks like there may be missing icons on UniWiki:Icons. i.e., the D-scan icon is missing.
  • Manual Piloting and Advanced Piloting Techniques appear to need substantial re-organization / clean-up or even proposed merging.
  • There looks like there's a lot of opportunities to add more contextual linking between articles. Many articles are lacking links to other relevant articles.
  • The T3 cruiser subsystems look to be out of date within Fitting Modules and Rigs Guide
  • Can we standardize on specific layout and organization of articles for every ship class? Should investigate this..
    • The Category:Ship seems to be intermingling articles about Ship Classes .. and other articles involving ships. Might want to create a new category focusing only on the classes of ships, or clean up this category.
    • The ShipsMatrix looks like it could be adjusted and be something added onto the bottom of all ship classes? Probably in a collapsed form by default. Need to look further the mechanics of the template.
  • Specific ship class articles?
    • Assault Frigates ?
    • Tactical Destroyers ! (Needs updates and expansions)
    • Interestingly there doesn't appear to be a page comprehensively covering all Electronic Attack ship types.
  • Explore additional contextual images for Interdictors, especially with regards to fleet tactics.

In Progress

  • Interdiction nullifier changes earlier this year do not seem to be universally reflected on wiki pages.


In addition to other minor edits:

  • Created wiki article on Jump Freighters, tactics, strategy, and risks.
  • Substantially updated EVE UNI Mapper article and cleaned workflows.
  • Added missing main article references to the Ship Database subcategories.
  • Re-write of Interdictors