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Sikandar Cole

Sikandar is the Student Advocate as well as a Sr. Diplomat at EVE University. He lives in Southwest Florida in the eastern U.S. timezone. He is a water resources engineer, ombudsman and mediator.


Sikandar joined EVE online in March of 2013. He was completely overwhelmed by the complexity of EVE and managed to find Seamus Donohue's tutorial videos. In May he figured out that there was an actual yet virtual EVE University and joined.

Wanting to give back what little he knew to the University, he labored laboriously under the aloof Marius Lobo in the Department of Personnel. Shortly thereafter, we was accepted as a trainee diplomat. After a suitable time monitoring the diplomatic chat, he shed his trainee status and was gradually promoted to Sr. Diplomat, where he still monitors the diplomatic chat, establishes Non Aggression Pacts, and does his best to resolve disputes with those outside Ivy League.

In mid 2015 he was honored with being named EVE University's Student Advocate and is tasked with resolving internal disputes involving students and staff.