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  • PvP (or being ganked while PvEing) in wspace
  • WHC fleet
  • AAR written
  • Killmail commented on

Eligible Ships

  • T2 logi: full lossmail cost (including T2 modules and cheap faction hardeners)
  • Heavy assault cruisers: hull cost
  • Recon ships: hull cost
  • Strategic (T3) cruisers: hull + subsystem cost
  • Heavy interdictors: full lossmail cost (including T2 modules)
  • Interdictor: full lossmail cost (including T2 modules)

Note: for any hull which is reimbursable through the standard university SRP the amount the University itself will be subtracted from the above figures.

Applying for Reimbursement

{(hatnote|Insert Google Doc form here}}

WHC staff reserve the right to not payout any lossmail they deem to be reckless.