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The pages I deleted were redirects, not detailed pages about ore sites. That said, I did mistakenly get rid of Wormhole Exploration Sites which those redirects led to, and I've restored. The organization of the wormhole pages needs some work... there's a lot of redundant information spread across a bunch of different lists that should probably be consolidated. I'm still trying to work out exactly what the final product should be, but that will likely take some deliberation among wiki editors. Thanks for asking for clarification, I wouldn't have noticed my mistake otherwise! - Djavin novienta (talk) 21:50, 10 April 2017 (CDT)

The strange thing is - i searched via the wiki search for the names of some of the ore sites, like 'Common Perimeter Deposit' and it said that the page got deleted and autocomplete would not work either in the search field. So for me it looked like the pages were gone...i even used google cache to get to the now deleted Wormhole Ore Site page and the links there would not work....but now they do! ( --Christoph patrouette (talk) 08:45, 11 April 2017 (CDT)