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'''Campus Manager'''<br>
'''Campus Manager'''<br>
[[User:Enta_en_bauldry|Enta en Bauldry]]<br>
'''WHC Administrative Officers'''<br>
'''WHC Administrative Officers'''<br>
[[User:Hannah_Onasi|Hannah Onasi]]<br>
[[User:Hannah_Onasi|Hannah Onasi]]<br>
'''WHC Logistics Officers'''<br>
'''WHC Logistics Officers'''<br>
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'''WHC Reimbursement Officers'''<br>
'''WHC Reimbursement Officers'''<br>
[[User:Azzy_Ellecon|Azzy Ellecon]]<br>
[[User:Azzy_Ellecon|Azzy Ellecon]]<br>
[[User: Wroxton_Vee|Wroxton Vee]]
[[User:Wroxton_Vee|Wroxton Vee]]

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Wormhole space
Shattered wormhole systems
Visual wormhole identification

Life in wormholes

Living in Wormhole Space
Wormhole scouting
Moving into Wormhole Space

EVE University specific

E-UNI Wormhole Campus
Wormhole Campus Scouting Guide
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What is the wormhole campus?

The Wormhole Campus is an ongoing educational project of EVE University dedicated to instructing students about wormhole life. It was born in late November 2012, and its first manager was Sylvanium Orlenard. It is currently based out of a C2 wormhole with both a highsec static (allowing easy access to kspace for classes and logistics) and a C3 static (for ISK making and PvP opportunities).

Location: J211936

Time: 23/7

In-Game Chat Channel: WHC.E-Uni

Mailing list: WHC.E-Uni (accessible only to approved campus members)

Campus Manager

WHC Administrative Officers
Hannah Onasi

WHC Logistics Officers
Rose Chanlin
Steffen Wolfe
Conci Furiram

WHC Education Officers
Rashar Arji
Kalen Tsero

WHC Reimbursement Officers
Azzy Ellecon
Wroxton Vee

The WHC is overseen by the Director of Special Projects. In the event of other issues or problems with people please contact the Student Advocate.

Joining the WHC

Living in wormhole space is inherently skill-intensive and community-based, so unlike other EUNI campuses we have a minimum skill and title requirement. This requirement isn't meant to discourage anyone from joining the WHC. Everyone is welcome! However living in W-Space is a very different experience from living in other areas of EVE, and requires a slightly more advanced skillset and a higher level of trust. As such before joining the WHC you must have the following:

Skills Titles Knowledge

While we have shield T2 as an option, armour tanking is much more common in the WHC.

Once you've met these requirements and are ready give wormhole life a try, fill out this form.

Although heavy assault cruisers, guardians, and T3 cruisers are helpful, they are not required for joining the Wormhole Campus. A battlecruiser with tech 1 guns works fine; indeed, a number of WHC members cannot fly T2 or T3 cruisers.

Recommended Skills & Ships

Wormhole life is dangerous. Additionally, Ship Maintenance Array mechanics enable everyone to access any ship in storage. Consider your pod and any ship you bring into the campus either lost or stolen. As always, don't fly what you can't afford to lose.

This section lists skills and ships that, while not required, increase the number of roles you can fill in the WHC.

Skill Basic level Advanced level Why?
Icon skillbook2.png Astrometrics 3 4 Each level improves your ability to scan.
Icon skillbook2.png Astrometric Rangefinding 0 3 Each level increases scan strength.
Icon skillbook2.png Astrometric Acquisition 0 3 Each level increases scan speed.
Icon skillbook2.png Astrometric Pinpointing 0 3 Each level reduces scan deviation on results.
<Racial> Battlecruiser 3 4 Apart from Heavy Assault Cruisers and T3 Strategic Cruisers, Battlecruisers are the best ships to fly in the WHC.
<Racial> Cruiser 3 5 Cruisers are a crucial stepping stone toward T3 Strategic Cruisers, Heavy Assault Cruisers, and Heavy Interdictor Cruisers. They're also cheap.
Icon skillbook2.png Salvaging 3 4 Sleeper Battleship wrecks require IV to salvage. Salvage rigs also increase salvaging efficiency by one skill level each.
Icon skillbook2.png Hacking 3 4 Data Analyzers are used in Data sites. The skill increases the HP [hit points] of your virus.
Icon skillbook2.png Archaeology 3 4 Relic Analyzers are used in Relic sites. The skill increases the HP [hit points] of your virus.
Icon skillbook2.png Covert Ops 3 4 Cloaking while scanning and reduction of CPU requirements.
Ship Role Support skills
T1 Exploration Frigate Scanning/picketing <Racial> frigate 3; Icon skillbook2.png Cloaking I
Covert Operations Frigate Scanning/scouting Icon skillbook2.png Covert Ops IV; Icon skillbook2.png Cloaking IV
<Racial> Battlecruiser Combat <Racial> Battlecruiser 3; Varies

The above are merely suggestions for being useful during your first few weeks in system without investing too many resources in the endeavor. Once you are more comfortable with day-to-day operations and better understand the risks involved, you may consider bringing in more specialized or expensive ships and equipment.

Wormhole Campus Ship Fittings

Wondering how to fit your new Brutix or Tengu? The WHC Forum has helpfully collected a bunch of fits. There's a basic fitting page for newbros, and an advanced fitting page for those looking to travel farther down the rabbit hole.

As always, make sure to click on Notes for more information about each fit.

Beyond Skills: The Wormhole Mindset

If you're looking to stay in the WHC for a while, you'll need more than just a good base of skills. While skills are great, living in a wormhole requires a different mindset. There are realities to w-space that you've never thought about before, and there are things that you might find useful or commonplace in k-space that no longer apply.

  1. Scanning is mandatory.
    • A T1 Scanning Frigate is a good starting point, but clandestine scanning in a T2 CovOps Frigate is one of the most important, valuable contributions a lower-skilled player can make to WHC operations. Nearly everything we do is scanned down. Scanning and especially scouting in secret is safer and much more useful.
  2. Battleships are too big for most of what we do.
    • Wormholes have mass limits. Battleships have a lot of mass. They can only pass through a wormhole a few times before that wormhole starts to collapse.
    • As you familiarize yourself with not just what, but also how things are done in a wormhole, you'll see that Tech 3 Strategic Cruisers, Logistics Cruisers (especially Tech 2 Logistics Cruisers), Heavy Assault Cruisers, Heavy Interdiction Cruisers, and combat battlecruisers (not tier 3 or attack battlecruisers) are the most used ship types. To maximize the roles you can fill over time, you should be willing to adjust your skill plan.
    • Theft of expensive ships in the common POS happens. If you want to use a Battleship, E-Uni has corporate battleships for rolling holes and defense that you can borrow.
    • The wormhole endgame, at least for a C2 wormhole, is all about packing as much offense and defense into the smallest ship size possible, which most of the time means Cruisers and below.
  3. The space you're living in is no longer well-defined.
    • The wormhole you call home may seem constant, but just about everything else is quite dynamic as connecting wormholes form and collapse. What you think of as the neighbourhood (and thus the neighbours) changes all the time.
    • Things you may take for granted will vary over time. Access to trade hubs fluctuates day-to-day and hauling stuff can be both dangerous and inconvenient.
  4. You're going to be trapped in here with us.
    • You won't always feel like you have a lot of choice in what you can do at any given moment. You might log in to run sites and find PvP happening instead. That's life and that's what you'll be doing today.
  5. You need to be self-motivated.
    • W-space is perhaps the most player-driven space in EVE. If you're not making it happen, it probably isn't happening. Passive players will find things boring before long. Of course newbros will always have a period of time figuring out what's actually going on, but in the end you need to be a self-starter who can independently do what needs doing.
    • If you don't have anything to do, make something to do. Scan down the wormhole chain. Scout systems, looking for PvP opportunities or ganks. Find a lowsec connection and lead a roam. Go to nullsec and point a carrier. This is the most exciting thing about the WHC: You get to make it happen!

Wormhole life isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for a certain kind of player nothing beats it. The WHC is an amazing opportunity for players to experience wormhole life first hand. Come on a Noob Night In The Hole class, or join for a week and see if it sticks! Just be aware that beyond a minimal set of skills to join the campus, you can expect a few play style changes.

What Can I Do in WHC?

  • Scan, scan, scan! Everything in W-space needs to be scanned down. Probe the chain, scout new connections, observe our neighbours, picket a hole if you are not doing anything. Do not sit at the POS and wait for stuff to happen; content, whether PvP or PvE, is created by you!
    • It is especially important to keep note of all new signatures so we don't get surprised by unexpected neighbours. Compare the signatures in the mapper with those in your scan window and right click->ignore all the known ones. This way you will immediately see if a new signature spawns.
  • PvE
    • Practice scouting using the Wormhole Campus Scouting Guide
    • Earn ISK by running Sleeper sites with fellow Unistas. Be aware that Sleeper site running is a little different from site running in k-space, as there are no bounties and no module drops. Instead, Sleepers drop Sleeper Components (referred to as blue loot due to its icon colour), as well as valuable salvage.
      • Please do not run the Combat Anomalies in Innuendo - we save these as bait for day-trippers and the more of them we have in our system, the more likely someone will take the bait and run them. You can, however, run any of the Data, Relic or Gas sites in Innuendo, as well as the Ore Anomalies.
  • PvP
    • Baiting
    • Practice Combat Probing
    • Ganking clueless daytrippers
    • Experiencing what the lack of local chat or static gates does to PvP
    • Use K-space exits as covert bridges to engage in sudden non-consensual PvP
  • Industry
  • Experience lawless and uncharted space

Campus Rules, Procedures and Etiquette


  • Join the WHC fleet if you're active in campus. If there's no fleet, make one and put up an advert so others may join. See this detailed guide.
  • Join the WHC mumble channel if you're active in campus. If you can't talk, at least able to listen. If you're hearing impaired let a WHC staff member know.
    • Wormhole Campus mumble is an event chat. You may join the channel even if you're not actively participating in the fleet. Follow combat comms when active, regardless.
  • Help your fellow campers learn. EVE University and the Wormhole Campus are educational institutions. Learning opportunities override everything else.
  • Adhere to all EVE University Rules and WSOP.
  • Fly what you can afford to lose.

How much you can bring in

  • The Communal POS has limits to the number and mass of ships it can hold. Don't bring an Orca or a Battleship and expect to store it in an SMA.
  • The hard coded limit of the number of items (ships) that can be stored in the SMA (Ship Maintenance Array) is 1000. Please keep that in mind and don't put 20 shuttles (for example) in there. Instead, some small ships such as shuttles and frigates that you don't use often can be repackaged and stored in you PHA (Personal Hangar Array). The bottom line is: remember that you are sharing space with others so please be considerate.
  • Once you have been accepted into a POS group, you can bring in as much as your POS group allows. See the POS Group Bazaar forum thread for more information about POS groups.
    • Getting into a POS Group can be difficult. Because of the value of ships and modules within each POS, each POS group wants to know you before they will accept you. Expect it to take you 2 to 3 months to be accepted into a POS group. Be active, participate in fleets and the forums and you will become well known.
    • Some ships at the 7-1 POS are named "WHC Defence". DO NOT take these ships without asking.
    • Directors, WHC Staff and ILN Lieutenants, Commanders and Captains can authorize the use of those ships for the express purpose of WHC Home Defence. They are not for site running, normal PVP, or hole rolling.


  • PvE loot is property of the group who agree to rat or run sites together.
  • The campus offers a loot hauling and selling service at a 5% cut which goes to fuel and other operational needs. See below for more info.


  • Announce activations.
  • Don't take ships with a NO in their title.
  • Don't put cans in the CHA - Very important as only a director can take them out!
  • If you blow up someone's ship you have to replace it. Make it a habit to ask first.
  • Announce PvP to the WHC mumble Ready Room.
  • PvP events should be advertised via Slack Pings.
  • Don't run the combat sites located in the home system; these are used as bait for day trippers.


  • Campus communications default to open comms. This may change if something is happening. For instance if there is an imminent threat or a quick response fleet forming, the channel may be closed comms or open command.
  • Unless it's urgent, please wait a minute before speaking when entering the channel. This will allow you to get your bearings and not interrupt something important in progress.
  • You may enter the WHC mumble channel without being a campus member or EVE University Staff. Please keep in mind that campus members may be engaged in other activities and may not be able to answer your questions immediately.
  • Groups of students operating in the W-Space chain may remain in the WHC mumble without making a separate fleet and can join the Roaming WHC mumble sub channel.
  • Operations in K-Space must move to a separate ILN Fleet mumble channel. Moving to a separate fleet from the campus is recommended but not required.
  • We operate on a "built for purpose" foundation. If you're hunting someone in particular, or operating a continuing operation hunting targets, join a separate mumble channel until you accomplish your goal. This helps organize our fleet and keep comms clear for those who need it.
  • Please follow Eve University Community Standards when on comms.

Assembling Ships

  • Ensure that the CHA and the SMA have space for the assembled hull.
  • Drag ship from hauler into accessible tab within the CHA.
  • Right click and select assemble
  • Drag ship from the CHA into the SMA

WHC Alternate Character Rules

  • All alternate character behaviour is subject to EVE University Rules. Any breach of these rules will result in disciplinary action taken on your main.
  • No alt is allowed in the W-Space system if the main character is not an active WHC member. Your main may of course leave the WHC for short periods and return to campus, but if you leave the WHC permanently your alts will be asked to leave also.
  • You may bring multiple alts who are in the Ivy League alliance (e.g. an alt in HALL). However we keep an eye on numbers. If we see pilots abusing this privilege a hard limit may be placed.
  • You may bring only one out-of-alliance alt into the WHC. This alt may be in a NPC Corporation or a personal player-owned corporation.
    • Personal player-owned corporations must be owned and inhabited only by alts of an active WHC member.
    • Personal player-owned corporation standings must be set to +5. Please join the in-game channel Diplomacy.E-UNI for instructions on how to do this. (You can blame CCP's POS mechanics for this one)
    • The alt character itself must be set to +7.5 to the Ivy League Alliance. Please fill in this form to accomplish this. Wait for a confirmation email from the diplomats, then wait at least 24 hours to ensure standings registration.
  • Due to current POS mechanics, your alt that is in the Ivy League Alliance (Ivy League Hall of Residence) will be able to enter the POS shield of the Communal POS. Your alt that is outside of the Alliance will not.
  • Note that POS defences check corp to corp standings, not corp to individual standings. Therefore, your +7.5 alt who is an NPC corp will be shot if it sits just outside the POS shield.
  • Note that although Ivy League Hall of Residence alts can enter the communal POS, they will not have access to the Ship Maintenance Array (SMA). This means that alts can't store, board, assemble, or package ships in the communal POS. If you join a POS group, your alt may be able to access the SMA there.
  • Ivy League Hall of Residence alts do, however, have access to the same 50,000 m3 private storage area as regular EVE University members.
  • No out-of-alliance alts will have access to any of the POS modules, including SMAs and CHAs.

WHC Pings

The WHC now uses Slack for pings

WHC Fleet-Up Group

Fleet-up.com is a powerful online tool for the game EVE-Online that allows you to manage fittings, doctrines, pilots and fleets.
We have our own Fleet-Up group for the WHC. Once you are a campus member, you can request access (you will find instructions in your welcome mail).

Naming Conventions

What Are Bacon, Eggs and Innuendo?

Innuendo is our home system, the one with all our POSes.
Bacon is what we call the C3 static in our wormhole.
Eggs is what we call the Highsec static in our wormhole.

Mapper & Bookmark Naming Scheme

Wormhole space is dynamic. Navigation is challenging. Coordinating an entire campus is more challenging still. To do this we:

Personal Bookmarks

It is also recommended that you make and maintain certain personal bookmarks:

  • Bookmark the K-Space side of wormholes yourself
  • Make safe spots
  • Make tactical bookmarks
    • Double optimal from each POS defense grouping
    • On grid yet outside minimum warp distance (150km) of the POS
    • Just off grid from POS

Living in Wormhole Space

You can use this link for additional information on Living in Wormhole Space.
Useful notes for site running - Wormhole Exploration Sites
Nato Alphabet - We use this to say the sigs that we need to warp to. It just makes it easier to understand if you have an accent for example.


Loot Hauling & Selling

The WHC Campus operates a loot hauling and selling service. We strive to do the hauling and payouts related to the sheet weekly, so your payment is slightly delayed, but you won't have to haul loot through wartarget riddled K-Space. The WHC takes a 5% cut for operational costs and a 2% cut to pay for scanners and distributes the rest based on participation.

Wormhole Ops Unified Loot Sheet

When you see an empty operation sheet, it means we've hauled materials out (or otherwise disbursed it via the trade post) and are in the process of doing payouts. You can expect payment relatively soon at this point; however, there can be short delays depending on the schedules of the people who handle WHC finances.

Newbro advice

As a new player looking to join the WHC, the amount of information can be overwhelming. EVE has existed for over ten years. There is a plethora of links, threads, and videos which sometimes can lead to more questions then they answer.

The good news is that you don't need to have all the answers right now. That's why the Wormhole Campus exists!

As long as you have the required skills to join and have read and understood this page, you are welcome to apply. The WHC community welcomes new campers, and lets them develop inside the WHC. With the guidance of existing campers, you get to make your choices after you've arrived.

While this should lower the threshold to apply for some, you should also be aware that life in a wormhole is diverse and your choices will either enable or disable your participation in the different activities. For example, you can join with a T2 Shield Tank, but a significant majority of all site running and PvP fleets are armor tanked. Guardian logi pilots are highly appreciated in PvP and PvE, but if you can't fly T2 logi, T1 logi is useful as well. Alternatively, if you don't want to fly logi, you don't have to. Some of the popular threads on the WHC forum make it sound like everything revolves around Strategic Cruisers, T2 armor logi, and CovOps, but you will find that almost any ship has some use in wormhole life.

To participate in the most common activities you need an armor tanked battlecruiser with any kind of weapons, plus a scanning frigate. This will get you started and will let you get a grasp of what is going on and what to focus your training on by engaging in a range of different activities. For example a T1 battlecruiser such as a Brutix can participate in both PvP and PvE activities. A CovOps frigate can map out the wormhole chain, act as a picket, scout out wormholes for potential PvP, and even act as hero tackle on occasion.

If you have any further questions, there is a Q&A Thread on the WHC forum where current WHC members will be more than happy to help.